surfdivenski uses Instagram to market their brand. They use Instagram in various ways to get their brand image out there. One of their newest inititives is to run competitions. As they are a surf company they market through the sdsroadtrippin campaign in which a blue Kombi Van travels around Australia and parks in various locations, including outside the stores. They give people the opportunity to win prizes such as surfboards, skateboards and vouchers if they take a photo and post it onto their own Instagram account using the hashtag #sdsroadtrippin. This is a clever way to get their brand out there through the use of word of mouth. 


SDS MARINE PARADE - Swimwear Twenty Fifteen Campaign

It’s the weekend & I’m loving this @billabongwomens active range from @surfdivenski 💪 pants & sweat available online & in store at #SurfDiveNSki