Feeling Of Love
  • Feeling Of Love
  • Best Coast
  • Make You Mine

Oh, oh, baby I want you to know
How good it feels to be with you
But I’ll never let it show
Because the moment that I tell you
You turn right around
And then I’ll never see you again
As my heart’s pulled out

Oh, oh, baby I want you to know
Just how much I like you
But I’ll never let it show
Because the moment that it happens
You’ll disappear
And then I’ll feel real stupid
And I’ll go back to sleep

Talking Backwards
  • Talking Backwards
  • Real Estate
  • Atlas

we can talk for hours
when the line is still engaged
we’re not getting any closer
you’re too many miles away

and i might as well be talking backwards
am i making any sense to you
and the only thing that really matters
is the one thing i can’t seem to do

My music might be garbage but I’m the trash can by AgentCrabCake.

1. Chinese Foundation by The Growlers // 2. Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen // 3. Gentlewoman by Coma Cinema // 4. don’t mean jack by The Aquadolls // 5. Black Water by Timber Timbre // 6. Chamber of Reflection by Mac Demarco // 7. Money by The Drums // 8. The Bear by Danielle Fricke // 9. Somebody’s Watching Me by Anna Waronker // 10. Ode To Viceroy by Mac Demarco // 11. Unf*cktheworld (Angel Olsen) by Gia Margaret // 12. One Million Lovers by The Growlers // 13. Funnel Of Love by Wanda Jackson // 14. Lost My Mind by Froth // 15. Other Voices by The Orwells // 16. Self Esteem by Andrew Jackson Jihad // 17. Generational Synthetic by Beach Fossils // 18. Rock Bottom by King Krule // 19. Earthboy by DIIV // 20. Bongo Bong by Manu Chao