They’ve been promoting Evian for ages, especially Harry. He always keeps the battles facing fully forward in an awkward position in all pics which is a surefire way to know that something is promo if the label always faces front.

Facts about This Loser

I can’t even come up with a lot because Everything about Najwa is a secret to her

1. Her favorite colors are dark purple, gold, and dark forest green.

2. Najwa hates ‘teen bullshit problems’, like acne, worrying about homework, and complaining about having a curfew. She really does. Grumbling about something of this sort around her is a surefire way to make her angry and dismissive of you with no explanation whatsoever.

3. She also….it’s not so much that she dislikes America. It’s more that she dislikes a hefty majority of American PEOPLE - you know the ones.

4. She sort of refuses to eat very much Libyan cuisine anymore. Her favorite snack is deviled eggs.

5. She is a vegetarian, though she’ll occasionally make an exception for fish.

6. Sometimes, when she’s in a really specific bad mood, the only way to cheer her up is to give her something pretty and let her hold it. Her favorite pretty things are flowers, so she usually keeps some flower pens on her desk or in her bag in case of this (because she doesn’t often have time to sit and be in a bad mood).

7. Najwa’s nails are always perfectly manicured and painted - even though she doesn’t take her gloves off that often.

8. She’s good friends with her ex-boyfriend, Mamoru. They became friends very soon after she came to Japan, which was quite a feat considering how little Japanese she spoke and how uninterested she was in making friends at all. They started casually dating when she was sixteen, but due to how busy the both of them were (with the additional news that Najwa had been accepted into HPA), they decided to break it off after a little over a year.

9. The chocolate she made that was designed for him was her best-seller for eight months straight!

10. Her signature chocolates are vodka-infused chocolate covered blueberry clusters, although since opening her storefront her truffles and bonbons have become what she’s known for.

11. As Noelle can attest, she loves jazz music, along with indie and alternative rock.

12. On the other hand, she hates dubstep, but not for the reasons that most people hate dubstep.

13. She also hates psychics and anyone who claims to be able to see the future or read minds!

14. Her favorite designer brands are Michael Kors, Prada, Chanel, and Dior.

15. Though Najwa is rarely awake past 10 PM on nights that she doesn’t go out to clubs, on occasion friends of hers in her contacts list will get a call from her long after she’d be asleep. She doesn’t ever say anything if they pick up, so it can be pretty creepy.