Oh My Veggies writes:

Powering up on protein at breakfast time is almost always a surefire way to make it through to lunch with nary a tummy growl. That’s why we’re particularly fond of these protein-packed vegetarian breakfast recipes. Eggs, cheese and dairy are highlighted here, but there are also plenty of plant-based proteins for the less lacto-ovo inclined. Meatless and protein-full? Totally possible!

Find the 20 recipes here.

My sixth and final new kitten for a while! She’s Chai’s sister!  
This little sassylass is named Thupthim (pronounced with a hard ‘t’)

And that’s it, no more new kittens unless I find a surefire mate for any one of my current kittens. Six is a good number, so I’ll stop at that and let the babies I have no grow into beautiful adults :D
That makes three Hierodula, two Tenodera, and an Acromantis. I’m such a happy cat lady right now ; u; <3


Heavily modified SCAR 16s:

Vltor Scar tock, Magpul Grip, Magpul Extended Selector, Mbus BUIS, Trijicon SRS solar red dot, Surefire 60 round magazine, Magpul AFG2, PWS Scar rail, Magpul RSA, A2 supressor(?), Surefire m600 & 200 lumen. 

I can’t id the laser, I’m guessing an Aimshot Compact Rifle 5mw green laser.