This past weekend, Alex from @gemtechsilencer joined the Sidecar Club with a rig in light grey to accommodate his Glock with the X300. And yes, I’m sure he carries the suppressor in his back pocket when he needs to deal with “things” discreetly. :) Can’t wait to get a 9mm suppressor for my Glocks. #Gemtech #sidecar #sidecarclub #sidecarlife #sidecarholster #nfa #suppressor #pistolsuppressor #edc #ccw #glock #surefire #x300

my sister just came up with a reeeeally weird theory that i’m actually digging.

she said (after watching next week’s previews and the foreshadowing):
“what if, somehow, ross and chrissie do sleep together later on down the line whenever (they’re both sad over the people they love yada yada comfort sex) and chrissie gets pregnant, finds out that its ross’, but plays it in her favour and tells robert that its his, and she keeps robert with her that way? but then it comes out that its actually ross’ kid and there’s fued between everyone anyway, and this cranks it up to the next level? that’d be a surefire way for robert to leave chrissie?”