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Love is in the air...

The big drug switcheroo happens in the kitchen, as Khala mixes bhaang into Aahil’s apple pudding/pie. Meanwhile, Razia puts whatever Tanveer concocted into a glass of juice for Dilshaad. I sincerely hope that juice is for herself !! LoL!! 

   Sanam walks back to her room with a tray of Aahil’s favourite food. She encounters an excited Aahil, all dressed up in red, hiding a surprise in the room. She is puzzled, Why have you suddenly changed? 

Aahil looks back, Why, don’t you like red? He knows she loves red ! He feels bad that she feels bad and wants to do something to make her feel better. So he decorates the room, disco lights are on with the tables laid out for a cosy dinner. All romantic…

   He makes her close her eyes, Don’t cheat ! he says. and gently leads her into their ‘love nest’.

<I dunno about you guys, but it really looked like Aahil miyan was setting the mood to tell his wife how he felt about her…!! *screams* How cute!!>


So Sanam offers him her surprise, he guesses all the stuff that she likes, and she cutely says But those are my favourites! This is yours… and unveils a cute little apple pie, just enough for one… He loves it and gushes about it. He requests that she make something she likes and can try it. And gives her a gift in red, that he would very much love to see her in…


Oho, naughty Aahil !! She goes happily to the kitchen. Realizing their mistake, Khala-Khalu go to swipe the apple pie. 

What ensues is hilarious. Khala-Khalu try to take the pie away, and Aahil absolutely refuses to share.!! You have to watch it to appreciate it. KV was hilarious ! Godddd! What’s wrong with you people?? After plucking the pie out with a small tug of bowls competition… LoL !!


Special mention. KV was awesome in a comedic role today. So happy he had another type of scene to show his mettle. His expressions were to die for hilarious !! Keeping his apple pie away and eating it quickly so they can’t grab it away, soooo cute !!!

   Meanwhile, Haya falls most tragically into Rahat’s arms. Rahat takes one look at the Phuphi, and put two and two together. He grasps Haya’s hand and marches her back into the house.

Sunehri finds herself stuck between her conniving guardians and unsuspecting Rehan. They are forced to go out for dinner, leaving behind the crooks to are going to loot Rehan’s safe. Sunehri looks gorgeous in her black salwar suit, and Rehan is so yummy in his black bling shirt. How cute? Going on a date and all…Looks like they have a part of the song too…

The song sequence is tomorrow. That gorgeous red sari looks amazing on Sanam… So now he’s dressing her is he, hmmm?? hahah…

Can’t wait !! 

anonymous said:

I'm interested in DST and so is a really close friend of mine. we were both supposed to pledge this spring (our junior year) but due to financial reasons I cannot do it until next spring, but she still plans to do it this spring. My question is, if she crosses this year would it be inappropriate to ask her to write my letter of recommendation next year when I pledge? P.S. I know for a fact that despite the moratorium my school will be having a line this spring.

Sure she would know you best but you both can possibly still pledge together.

The moratorium would not end till middle of next year so the earliest pledging could resume without an exemption is fall 2015. Which gives you now and ALL summer to get things together. Fill out extra scholarship, get multiple jobs, sell things you don’t need, surb your spending.




we did a few exercises that related to aboriginal history one of the most memorable was the balloon exercise that we did. We were put into pairs and someone was A and the other was B. A had the responsibility to keep person B no matter what they had to make sure that there was no collision between them and the other pairs. Person B had to close their eyes and hold a balloon with them, the pair would then walk around the room and avoid colliding with any other pairs in the room. Before we started the activity Surbs hyped us up and created a scenario for person B. I was person B in this activity and I was paired up with Emily Principe  

Imagine the balloon as something that is extremely precious hold it against yourself as tightly as you can.  Imagine something that means everything to you inside the balloon, imagine it as the balloon. Think of the most important thing in your life and put it in the balloon something that you can’t lose. 

Now after this everyone would get into their pairs and A would lead B around while B had her eyes closed. We walked around the space for a certain amount of time when suddenly i heard a loud pop noise and i thought to myself who let their balloon drop? Someone was silly enough to let go of this thing that was so precious to them and they stepped on it and popped it? and I was very confused as to what happened and to why it happened however we continued with the task. I was very uncomfortable through the whole task due to the fact that I have a fear of the unknown and closing my eyes and putting my trust into someone else while i was walking around the room was very uncomfortable. However after walking around for a while I felt a very tense energy in the air that made me fear for my balloon so I held it tighter then normal when suddenly i heard several more pops in the room after continuously walking around the room in fear of not knowing what was going on due to us being blind folded we were all confused and frightened about what was going to happen and while all of this person A was also trying to figure out exactly what was going on while keeping control of person B. After a while of walking around in fear I was told by Emily that Surbs was going around popping balloons after this realization I was confused and even more scared because it was this kind of sinking feeling of the inevitable that eventually my balloon would be the one to be popped and I didn’t want it to be it was something that was precious, something was held dear to me and I wouldn’t even be able to protect it. I knew that eventually it would be taken away from me without my say and I wouldn’t be able to do anything it was a kind of dreading moment of hopelessness. Emily would ever now and then tell me to walk faster or to turn into a certain direction so I would be able to avoid Surbs and I would always be in fear of what was to come because i knew it would eventually happen. 

After walking around at different speeds eventually I was stopped by Surbs and in the moment I was so worried as to what she would do how did she pop the balloons and i didn’t want to hear it or feel it. And when it happened I was in a sense of disbelief I felt so empty I felt so cheated and I didn’t know what to do. After everyone’s balloon had been popped we did an evaluation of how it went, how everyone felt and what it was like in that moment. At first I didn’t really understand the exercise I felt like it was just something that made us sad however after the exercise was over you can see the relation it has to the stolen generation and it was a very emotional exercise that imitated how the parents must have felt very well. It turned me speechless in a way I was able to finally understand the ‘stolen generation’ despite how much I had learnt  about it I was never able to connect to it in anyway besides academically however this exercise really opened my eyes in a way and showed everyone how it must have felt to have something to precious taken away from you so easily. 

Another very emotional exercise was an exercise that I didn’t really expect. We were told to find our own space away from other people and we were all given a piece of paper we were told to draw a family portrait in anyway we wanted we could reflect on our family members personalities with our drawings and we were given quite a bit of time to finish these drawings I didn’t put much effort into my drawing i kind of just drew whoever was in my family as they were and left it at that I kept it simple and left it alone. After our time was up Surbs then collected all the family portraits and put them all on the table she then spoke to us and was able to kind of divert our attention away from the fact that our drawings were just sitting on her table. I thought to myself at some point that this exercise was very strange and pointless as we simply drew something and left it on a desk however what happened next shocked us all. Surbs picked up several pages of our family portraits and she continued to rip they apart picking up 4-5 sheets at a time during this there were no words said. The whole room was filled with the noise of ripped paper everyone was silent with disbelief with shock of what had happened. She relentlessly ripped up every last piece of paper until they were all in a pile of shreds no longer were they our family portraits but instead they were ripped up drawing that we drew. 

We then discussed the activity again and it made me realize just how much pain aborigines went through despite the fact that they had done nothing wrong. All the exercises had quite a dark theme to them, they were targeted to make you feel something and to imitate how aborigines felt during this time and how unfair all these things were to them. 

A more calm activity was one in which Surbs read to us a snippet of the book the rabbits. It was a book that I had studied in English and actually made a painting off the art style in the book. The story was one that was similar to what happened to the aboriginals and British colonization that occurred in Australia. The art style really enhanced the story and the way it was illustrated added to the story and really made a connection to the audience.