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have i told you guys how much i hate animating

well i do

but here you go, 15% effort 70% bullshit 15% tears


Ship Persona Askblogs Round-Up +Scarlet! [I had to split it because of Tumblr :c]
Also, I apologize if I got any outfits wrong |D It was 12AM and I didn’t wanna deal.

First Row | ask-kid-ssunlox-and-deadee | ask-betty-the-kid | wings-of-scarlet-light | askbashdil40 | kid-skylar | ask-daughter-of-mu
Second Row | askkidssetosolace | kid-enderlox | ask-butter-the-kid | askkidskylox
Third Row | ask-kid-merome | askkids-subthan-zexydil | askskylarthekid

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WARNING: Screamo at the beginning, yo!

my sense of humor is whack. sorry.

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the coloring scheme is forever weird what went wrong

Just thinking ‘bout you, as I sing this song: ‘Cause when you’re right round I can do no wrong
I’m never too sharp, never flat; girl imagine that you always know how to bring it right back
When my pitch is off; you make it all right when it’s all so wrong!
Autotune~ Would you be my autotune?
-Autotune, Jason Chen

I got lazy on Sky + I forgot his shades but you can tell who he is right

Based on their sing-off or something i don’t know