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I’m entering recent work from Year of the Glitch:

Forest for the Trees (series) - Exploring the aesthetics of disappearance through intentional perturbations of High Definition media formats used to record natural scenes.

The series was prompted by recent visits to Colorado this year where the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation is evidenced by numerous bonfire-like structures formed from Beetle Kill Wood.  Mild summers and warm winters are blamed for the persistence and severity of the outbreak.  Many of the unlit pyres await abundant winter snow before they can be safely ignited, another thing lacking in recent seasons.

Here it is: The notice that Occupy DC is getting evicted. After months where McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza stood strong as other encampments across the country went down, on Friday, Occupy DC movement got its notice from the National Park Service, which faced Congressional pressure to shut the camps down. Monday will be an interesting day. “Many of us will be likely to defend the park with the passion anyone would show defending their home,” said high-profile protester Sam Jewler. “We are fighting for the betterment of D.C., America and the world, and we intend to continue using our First Amendment rights to do so.” (photo via Twitter user @aeidinger)

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Introducing PATCH:
Patch, well named for the adorable suqare spot on his head, is such a sweet heart. He’s a curious little boy, and loves to have fun! His brindle coat is a little bit darker and covered in large black spots. But nothing could be bigger than his heart. He’s so incredibly loving. He’s CKC registered and updated on his vaccinations and worming. This pure bred little boy is looking for his forever family to love! ♡ http://ift.tt/1pfuEUQ