Dylan O'Brien Highlights from The Maze Runner Q&A @ 92 Y (x)

So I wasn’t planning to upload this, but it does saves y’all from having to watch an hour-long panel just to see Dylan’s baby goat impression.

He also confirms his shooting schedule for The Scorch Trials and TW season 5. I GUESS HE’S STILL GONNA BE ON THAT DAMN SHOW.

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Its terribly recorded and edited but its finally up!!!
our english is pretty bad thru the whole thing bc it was kinda late when we recorded it and we were both pretty tired.

(notice how many times Ryan freezes up when theyre ‘thinking’, be careful not to hurt ur brain mannen)

So I caught up on One Piece today and yeah this is my ship but I also just really like them as friends and their teamwork is great and I love them. Long distance fighters for the win!  lol But yeah, I just feel like they’d work really well as a ship I mean, you can’t not find it cute when they’re grabbing each other, screaming in horror as Luffy is about to kill them all. haha

My shitty art “style” doesn’t really do them justice but it’s such an under appreciated pair that I felt I needed to contribute in some way… and I’ll probably contribute more later but this is a start! :)

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berk can deal with cold hands hes basically a giant snuggly space heater. and he likes to be little spoon

Oooooh no he sounds too cute ;v; Also, this is all I can picture because Rorie would be all about a snuggable space heater



Xero going to the wrong side during Top Dog ft. highly amused and “forgiving” hyungs P-Goon and Gohn.

Video:  Idoleemo | Editing allowed with credit)