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*walks in, obscured by boxes* I COME BEARING GIFTS! *drops the boxes and makes a pillow fort around it* *steps back* Hmm, one last thing *makes sign* There, perfect. [sign reads "No Naomi's allowed] *waves at gang* Well what are you waiting for, come on!

YES!*Jumps in the pillow fort*-Doctor

what do i look like I-… where’s sherlock-Dean

*from the depths of the pillow fort* Reading, dean. It’s what people do.-SH


For everyone of my followers..ooh, look a title!

I’d just like to thank all my followers for following me and reblogging the things that I reblog from other people that reblogged them from someone else. It might just be a number, but it’s nice to think that many people share the same interests as I do! Right now I’m at 42 followers, and while that might not be as many as my friend Dragonajammydodger’s 235230520398502983 followers, it means just the same to me!

I have come to the point where I reblog enough that if someone reblogs from me, I might not see if they’ve added something as a means of discussion. If you have and I ignore you, it isn’t on purpose! Send me a message and let me know and I’ll find the post and discuss it with you! I love discussion! 

I’ve been going through a lot in these last six months after my father’s passing. I’m still going through a lot. I have no job, and cannot pay my bills. It’s been through the kindness of strangers and friends that I was able to survive as long as I have. I don’t know what the future holds for me and the only time I get to get online is when I’m at someone else’s house now because they have power and wifi. 

But seriously, to all of my followers, even if you’ll never see this because it’s just one huge thing in the tons of things I reblog and just tons of stuff you see on your dash:


Thank you for following me, for being my friends, or just for looking at the things I post. This is probably the most any will hear from me, and it’ll probably be unheard in the myriad of posts and reblogs. I hope that one day I’ll be something special, someone that you can point at and say “I know him!” But even if that never happens, thank you :)

When people talk about Superwholock does it only refer to the crossover stuff or people who are fans of all three shows or each individual fandom or what? Because I’m only familiar with Doctor Who so I dunno if I count. 

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*there's a loud bang and a flash of light* HOLY SHIT. *has scratches all over and clothes are ripped* WRONG DIMENSION. *stumbles over and slings a shoulder over Mason* Went to a dimension full of cannibals. Imagine what happened when I tried kissing other-dimension you, M. Not pretty. Well, looks like whatever I read on the instruction manual was pure shit. Sorry to come invading in on whatever you all are doing. ~Jason

Jason?!no, no it’s aright really. Doctor?-Mod mason

-hmm? JASON!*Runs and hugs him* what brings you back?-Doctor

deceitful instructions.-Cas!john

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Doctor, how do you feel about Castiel being an angel? Does the rest of the gang know about Weeping Angels? Castiel, how do you feel about Weeping Angels?

 He’s a bit … stolid for an Angel.-Doctor

Yea we meet the Weeping Angels. Not fun at all.-Sam

Nope, it was not.-Dean

They are rude. They sent me back in time.-Cas

After he tried to get them to “join a nobler cause”-John

Needless to say,  this “gang” knows about them-SH