Is Jongkey real?

Well, I always tried to make myself believe that JongKey is true. But lately I’ve been trying to convince myself they’re not true, because I’m scared I’m hoping for nothing, but I can’t convince myself that they are not true. 

And it’s not only about the fan service, it’s not about Jonghyun laying on top of Key, although that just ads up to the list. It’s about the little touches they share when they are not doing fanservice:

I’m sure you can add more yourself. Definitely the last gif is amazing. The moment Key touches his arm, Jonghyun turns his palm up. They lace their fingers automatically.

Not everyone just laces fingers with their friends, you need to be really good friends or more to feel comfortable about that.  The way they whisper and the way they touch each other, the need to be closer to one another. You can tell me what you want, but not a lot of people are that clingy normally. And neither of them come off as clingy. So I’d say they have feelings towards each other. 

Now the fansercive part. 

First thing, the kiss we saw: 

I did a post about that already and I’ll just say it again, this kiss looked pretty real. And why would they actually hide it, they could say it was fan service –> They’re together, this way you don’t know if they really kissed and can’t be scolded for it? IDK how to explain it.

And then other fan service like Jonghyun on top of Key.

You just don’t do that to people who are just your friend. It would be like quite awkward, even it’s just a friend. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I'de find it normal if my best friend climbed on top of me. Not even for fan service, there are lines you know. It could be that they are extremely aware that this is a popular shipping, but still, would they go that far?

And just other fan services that really makes me doubt if you could do that with out having feelings for each other.


They have feeling for each other (just the way they look at each other tells enough) and I even dare to state more. They’re together. Why? Well, if you have feelings for each other, you just don’t lay on each other. If you’re in love it would make you nervous and you’d be scared that this might be a hint that you love him. So they wouldn’t do that. Since they have feelings for each other ( not really a discussion on that part for me) and they lay on top of each other, I can state that JonKey is real.


Here’s three more of the bogus VHS covers I created for the Last Exit To Springfield show at The Dart Gallery. Full disclosure–the image for The Boatjacking Of Supership ‘79 was based on the amazing one-sheet for the film Juggernaut, the art for Help! My Son Is A Nerd is a takeoff on the poster for the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Jingle All The Way, and The Bloodening artwork was inspired by the poster for movie that the fake horror film was clearly based on, Village Of The Damned



Supership by George “Bad” Benson