My friend just uploaded this one to facebook. I never know what to do with my hands which ultimately makes my face turn all awkward. I can’t help looking a mess. I feel I need this disclaimer on any picture where I am aware my picture is being taken. :/

SOOOOOOO*breath*OOOOOO excited for today! Finished my 3hr test this morning, all of my laundry, & got my hurrs cutted.

I’m starting my longest time off since Christmas break today by:

  • heading to Savannah after I finish packing to see my grandma!
  • Tybee Island with friends fri-sun
  • drive back to Gwinnett/ATL sun night
  • Peachtree (10k) monday morning!!
  • fun family 4th of julytimes!!
  • possible kayaking adventuretimes wed

7 days off… that is why I am so happy (this is my (LAST) summer vacation)

I just want to

lie in with you tangled on the couch reading separate books with the TV on mute.  I want my head to count your breaths as it rises and falls on your chest. I want you to make me wait until you finish the page you’re reading for me to steal a kiss.  When you are excitedly telling me the fascinating story from your day, I will make you repeat it because I got distracted merely by your presence. I want to wake up 4 hrs later in the same position with tingly extremities from a lack of circulation. I smile when you smile at me knowing it is endless.


So I am pretty excited about the following new album releases:

  • Own the Night Lady A (09.13.11)
  • Sweeter Gavin DeGraw (09.20.11)
  • The Night the Sun Came Up Dev (09.20.11)
  • Evanescence Evanescence (10.11.11)
  • Mylo Xyloto Coldplay (10.24.11)
  • At Your Inconvenience Professor Green (10.31.11)
  • TBA Florence + the Machine (10.31.11)
  • Four the Record Miranda Lambert (11.01.11) 

With TBA release dates for Mraz’s 4th, some new Ting Ting’s, AAR’s 4th, and MIKA keeps pushing his release date back damnit.