Here you can see our 5-minute demo of SuperOffice CRM Online. SuperOffice is one of the leading CRM solutions in the market with more than 20 years of experience helping users in finding, catching and keeping more customers. You can read more on our SuperOffice CRM Online.

Increased investments in cloud solutions from SuperOffice

After slightly more than 1 year in full operation, we have passed hundreds of new customers on SuperOffice CRM Online. These new customers are companies who primarily have been looking for a highly standardized CRM solution in combination with a short and effective way of buying, getting started and being developed as a customer.

We are very satisfied with what we have accomplished so far, but our goals and ambitions are far larger. In order to enable faster growth and establishing SuperOffice CRM Online as the leading European CRM cloud offering, SuperOffice have made a strategic decision to increase our investments in this area.

The initial goal is to grow this business area from today´s level to the next. In order to reach this we need a team of people who exclusively focus on our SaaS offering and every day take one step in the direction of more scalability through the processes of finding, catching and keeping the “digital” customer.

All European SuperOffice reselling partners who have CRM Online as part of their offering will of course benefit from our increased investment and the improvements delivered by the new international team.