Supernatural Obsession Confession

It bothers me. It does and it doesn’t. I don’t really know.

People think I’m weird. I get obsessed with things, with people, and they think I’m weird.

When I saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I fell in love with Johnny Depp. When I watched Supernatural for the first time, I fell in love with Jensen Ackles. Over time, I’ve grown to love franchises, the actors, the actresses, and most of all, the characters, and nobody I know seems to understand why.

I don’t usually blog, I reblog until I’m blue in the face, but I don’t blog. I need to vent my true feelings, so I suppose this is the place.

I get obsessed… too obsessed, some might say. But it helps me, it helps me relate with myself.

I’m an introvert, you see. In primary school, I was bullied for being a redhead, and I was forever self-conscious once my “supermodel body” my mum told me I had disappeared. I prefer to work alone, I prefer things done my way, or I freak out. I know how I like things done, and that settles me. I run day by day on a schedule. Not one that I lay out every night, or monthly. No, I just wake up at the same time, and my body says “you’ve been awake for an hour now, go have a shower”. It just happens, and I can’t stop it.

I love that I’m this way, I truly, truly do. But then somebody comes along and delays it by 5 minutes. I’m gone. I don’t freak out in front of people because I think that its rude. So, naturally, I hide in my room and cry.

In my time of need, I turned to Supernatural. It aired in Australia in 2005, and I haven’t turned back. It helped me through the hardest time of my life, my parents’ divorce, it taught me things I never thought I’d learn, and opened my eyes to a wide variety of issues.

"You’re obsessed", "you have a problem", "you need help". That may be true. But I also needed help with MY issues, MY problems, MY life. This is exactly what Supernatural has done for me. Two boys at school yesterday asked me “why do you still like Supernatural? It was only good up until season 4. I bet you still like it because, presumably, the guys are hot”. Yes, Jared and Jensen are so hot, I can’t even put it into words, but I’ve fallen in love with the characters, the story, the show.

The reason I have kept by Supernatural’s side for 8 years - regardless of writers’ strikes, and regardless of the move from Channel 10 to 11 - is that it was there when nobody else was. It was there when dad and mum fought, it was there when dad had cancer, and it was there the second time. The reason it “was good up until season 4” was because that was it’s changing point, and people don’t understand that. It was when we met good, where we found out that there wasn’t only bad in the world, but good too, it was where the true battle of Good vs. Evil truly began.

I stick with Supernatural and other things I’m "obsessed" with because it was there, and it helped me. It kept me alive, and did things nobody else could, it made me happy. And I owe it to the actors, to the writers, to the producer, and to the show to stick by it’s side, through thick and thin.

Supernatural Season Finale

So tonight is the night; no more pretending that’s it’s coming later. Tonight is the night where EVERY SINGLE SUPERNATURAL FAN will have an attack of emotions.
They will play their infamous song “Carry on my wayward son” as they do in every season finale episode; then the beginning of the end will happen…. Not sure if I’m emotionally ready for this

Bring Bobby Back

I have absolutely no idea how the writers would do it, but Bobby needs to come back. His boys are so lost. Dean’s self-destructive spiral is worse than ever, and poor Sam looks like he’s about to fall apart. Their relationship is so strained. That brotherly love looks to be just about gone. We haven’t heard them do their bitch and jerk routine in probably two seasons!

Those boys don’t need Jesus. They need Bobby.

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