supernatural filming locations

Why I'll be a Supernatural fangirl until the end.

Watching Supernatural honestly breaks my heart. See, a lot of it was, if you didn’t know, filmed in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. I grew up in Richmond, which is a tiny subset of Vancouver. When I was sixteen, my mother moved me to New Jersey. I haven’t been back since.
I can’t even explain how beautiful and, at the same time, painful, it is for me to see Jared and Jensen walking through the town I grew up in.

This caption is from 3x11, “Mystery Spot”. They’re in the Steveston area of Richmond. Less than a mile from there is Gary Point Park, one of our little beaches. In the summer, you can smell the sea air for miles. There are wharves with ships docked up hocking fresh seafood (we always bought fresh Ooligan for my grandmother there) and an incredible fish and chips shop where you can eat looking out over the water (Pajo’s, I think). In the summers my mother and I would meet up with her best friend and her children and we’d have bonfires at Gary Point and watch the sunsets. 

This is another Steveston shot. Yes, the front of the Taverna is actually a hollowed out boat. It’s really awesome. When I was fifteen I got very, very drunk, begged to use their bathroom and accidentally got the door stuck (sorry about that).

One of my favorite episodes, 4x5. This bit was filmed inside ‘Fantasy Gardens’, which I hear has since been demolished. Fantasy Gardens, was this amazing replica of what I can only describe as a European village…thing. There was a huge windmill on the front of one of the buildings, and the whole thing looked a bit like a town held inside a castle. By the time I was born it had fallen into disuse. But, adjoined to Fantasy Gardens was Art Knapp Plantland. Big, beautiful garden store that sold everything from petunias to baby apple trees. It had a little pond with a waterfall and bridge inside the store with all these turtles and fish.

This is the Chapel at Minoru, from 7x1. From the time I can remember, it was the place I wanted to get married. The park it adjoins onto remains the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. There are wild ducks and rabbits and so much greenery in the middle of the city. Here are some pictures of the chapel and park:

Behind the chapel is Richmond Hospital. I was born there, and I went through some of the worst experiences of my life there. The whole place was probably a half mile away from my high school, if even. I spent a lot of time here reading and watching the world go by.

From 7x19, this scene was filmed at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, which is now a historical museum. Another location in Steveston. It was a factory that produced canned salmon in the late 1800 until the late 1970s. My grandmother worked there at one point. When I was a child, my class went there on a field trip.

This final shot is from 1x4 and it’s of Vancouver International Airport. This is the last building I was ever in in my hometown.

There are other locations Supernatural has filmed in Richmond, BC, but these were the ones that resonated with me the most.

[If you’re interested in other Supernatural filming locations, check out - they have maps and tons of info. Credit goes to that website for a bunch of the pictures in this post.]