Dona’m vida ens ajuda a fer realitat allò que volem: Que el vi sigui a taula cada dia. Perquè és un petit plaer que ens podem permetre. Per proximitat, per preu i per gust. Per sentir el vers de Vicent Andrés Estellés:

No podia faltar el vi damunt la taula.
Una solemnitat, un ritu que venia
des de la nit: el vi encenia la taula,
encenia la casa, encenia la vida.
Una vella litúrgia el posava a la taula.
Una vella litúrgia nocturna, inescrutable,
encenia la sang, palpitava en els ulls.
Una solemnitat, un ritu que venia
des de la nit, la nit febril de la caverna.
El vi begut, en casa, a l’hora de menjar.
S’oficiava el vi, lentament i greument.
Parle del vi dels pobres. El vi que ens feia forts.
Un tros de ceba crua, un rosegó de pa,
i un got de vi solemne. Parle del vi dels pobres,
begut solemnement, l’aliment de la còlera,
el vi o sosteniment de l’afany o la ràbia.
El vi de l’esperança, el vi dels sacrificis,
l’esperança rompuda, plantar cara a la vida.

(Imatges de les botigues de Frescuore a Barcelona (c/Nàpols), Moià i Caldes)

Pera - Portugal

We first arrived with no clue how to get anywhere because we had no maps and a woman pointed us in the direction of a shopping mall and the road without tolls. So we headed off on exit 17 and straight to the Vodafone to get a sim (pain in the butt we have to get a new one in each country) so Siri can help us with a little directions. We arrived at our hostel/Hotel which is really nice with a pool and such a nice room. Just minutes away was a nature reserve that is home to so many pink flamingos and a beautiful white sand beach. We went out to find some dinner to cook in the kitchen when Siri lead us down a very dodgy looking street telling us the supermercat is on the left. A dodgy character was larking around our car when we left it so in a rush to get back to it we resulted in cornflakes once again for dinner. Oh well that’ll do. Portugal is very nice with lovely colourful houses, stunning beaches and a perfect temperature. I think I’m going to like it here.