Young Justice rant: M'Gann

So I had to put some thought into whether or not I would do this or not…

I just need to get some thought out about M’gann. If I feel like it or this gets really popular I’ll do this for some other characters.

… I don’t really like her. I think she’s a “good” character, but I dont like what she does- ESPECIALLY in Invasion. In s1 I thought she was… eh. She wasn’t my favorite. I felt like she was put in so that there would be at least one girl on the team (then Artemis came along \(^w^)/~~~~). I didn’t think too much about her. SuperMartian was alright. I wasn’t gonna complain; she just wasn’t doing anything for me. 

Then season 2 (Invasion) came along. 






{Basically sums up my reaction to what she did to Conner}

If you haven’t seen it, I won’t give any spoilers. If you have, you know exactly of what I speak. 

Did I have a problem she was seeing another guy? Nope, not really. Came as a bit of a shock, but the show did come 5 years into the future, so it’s expected that stuff happened. (not a big fan of La’Gaan either, but eh. not the point)

BUT THEN THEY GET BACK TOGETHER!!!! Zac, I’m gonna call on you, again.




I’m sorry, but Conner, what were you thinking?! When was the last time second chances work after such a SERIOUS breach of trust? EXPLAIN YO SELF!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WARNING! the following content~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                            contains spoilers of the TV show

                            Young Justice: Invasion. Continue

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~reading at your own risk~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If M’Gann really lacks the maturity to handle wrong-doing, or try to make up for said what she did and change, but instead tries to alter you memory DA FUCK ARE YOU DOING DATING HER AGAIN?!

I’m not gonna touch “frying Kaldur’s brain” with a ten-foot-pole. I’ll be honest, that wasn’t her fault. Nightwing should have been honest with the entire team. She thought he’d murdered her best friend. I can’t honestly say that under no circumstances I wouldn’t hurt someone who killed my best friend. 

What really concerns me is the unhealthy relationship that she and Conner have. I really hoped that they could stay friends (I’d be fine with that), but no. Especially since Young Justice is [technically] a kid’s show. It’s important for there to be examples of healthy relationships, AND unhealthy relationships, but in the case of the unhealthy ones, make a point of it, or make it BLATANTLY obvious. Kids need to know what kinds of realtionships (romantic or not) are bad for them.

*gets off soapbox* this actually isn’t as long as I anticpated. So that’s good I guess…?

young justice fanfic couple smut (nsfw)

“can you do a young justice fic where all the couples go on a date? (wonderbeetle, spitfire, supermartian, aqualad/rocket, chalant, and tim/steph)” requested by anon

OK wow will be a challenge but nothin i cant do

kiddies gtfo yall 2 innocent for this sexy time that bout 2 happen


artemis and wally were having sex in the shower when the phone rang and wally ansered
"hey who is this im fuckin my gf right now"
it was tim who called them to remind them of the group date they had today. he asked if they were coming and hoped they didnt forget. artemis orgasmed with wally screamin
they got dresed and went to the park to meet up with the rest.

-at the park-

connor and megan were eating ice cream while raquel was flirtin with aqualad by complimenting his abs. zatanna n dick went to the bathrom for some stuff but said they were comin back soon.
cassie wanted to keep in shape cause she dosnt wanna let wonder woman down so she decided to stretch while jaime was checking her ass out. tim and stephanie were talkin about the politics n shit like who was votin for obama or romney etc.

FINALLY artemis and wally r there and everyone is like “wow finally guise what were u doing movie starts in 30min n we have to wait for popcorn line”
wally replied
"heh sorry guys gotta please my girl first"
artemis blushes and adds
“yup if you want to keep a gf ya need to make her happy that way too”

everyone is in awe like wow that is the wisest words that artemis said ever.
next thing you know everyone hears
from the bathroom.
zatanna and dick come out of the bathrom and join the rest of the group.
wally tells dick “wow did well im proud of you bro”
artemis says “you go gurl ” and winks.

they all walk to the movies n decide to see the new movie “skyfall” with james bond in it. everyone takes their seats n the movie . the group was the only ones ther caus it was like 10am early showin.

the movie starts n they all are sittin next to each others dates.

jaime starts rubbin his hand up n down cassies thigh and she is suprised like
"jaime what are u doing? we are in the movies"
jaime keeps quiet n starts to pull her skirt down and says
"ur ass looks really nice come on you turn me on"
cassie is blushin and nods so they also go to the back of the rows. he sticks his hand in her hoohah n fingers her and cassie moans lik crazy while rubbin his peenis saying
"oh jaime~dont stop"

tim and stephanie are both quietly sittin next to each other. stephanie leans over to get some popcorn and tim starts starin at her clevage and grabs her breastes. stephanie blushes at the feelin of him grabbin her boobies.
"wow tim ur hands are so big it feels good"
tim replies
"yeah guess what else is big"
he whips out his penis and orders steph to ride him. how could she say no? she starts ridin on tim while he watches the movie
(*which is really considerate of her bc they spent money to see the movie)

conner and megan are almost in a shota kind of relashionship with megan bein the cougar and conner the inexperinced one. megan is kinda kinky and into bdsm which is good bc conner is naturaly strong so deals well with chains n whips at home. this time megan brougt a strap on and tells connor to bend over. conner is suprised but turned on at the same time. she then begins to stick it in his butt.

zatanna and dick were also watchin the movie when dick says to zatanna
"ready for round 2?"
zatanna is like “ok babe” and they both go to the back row. zatanna says
"avadra noclothesa"
both their clothes dissapear and dick sticks his dick in zatanna to pleas her and thinks bout the time batman taught him the ways of pleasin women.

raquel and aqualad are very attracted to eachother but raquel knows tula is still on his mind she says
"i will give him the best blowjob ever he will forget about that bitch tula"
and proceds to pull his pants down. aqualad is surprised but knows he cant reject raquel cause shes pretty hot too and wants to forget bout tula. she begins to suck his dick.

artemis and wally are enjoyin the movie when suddenly they are hearing all this noise. they decide to join in the massive orgy happening so again they take their clothes off and go at each other.

everyone orgasms together screaming out their date’s names and skyfall by adele starts to play again.

the end

hope yall enjoyed this one it took forever