All y'all be talking about representation in movies but no one seems to be accepting that DC has more representation than all Marvel movies put together. Like DC and Warner Bros have put faith in casting poc instead of white actors to play usually white characters. If none of y'all go and watch the movies purely because of the petty view that dc is dark and shit or because of how tumblr always shits on DC even though it’s been doing brilliant work then none of you should complain cause it is being given to you but you’re not willing to accept it.

Also DC has a WONDER WOMAN movie planned and after tumblr has been giving that weird comparison to a talking racoon to DC not doing wonder woman I figured y'all will be exctatic about this announcement. But I wasn’t even surprised that people shat on the news and said wonder woman will be shit because DC.

The double standards that’s going out with the criticism of DC is just starting to really annoy me like really get on my nerves.

You use one aspect to hate on DC but you use that same aspect to praise Marvel.

Sorry for the rant but it’s been something that has been bugging me for a while now.