141217 Super Junior′s Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Leeteuk Take a Fun Trip to Switzerland for ′One Fine Day′

Through MBC Music′s traveling reality program, One Fine Day, Super Junior′s Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Donghae unveiled their fun trip to Switzerland.

Receiving one vacation a year, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Donghae decided to go to Switzerland, stopping in Bern, Lucerne, and Zermatt and filling the self-camera with their spectacle voyage for One fine Day.

Their trip to Switzerland through One Fine Day allowed a variety of events to happen at every stop, making the trip very special for the three people. Leeteuk and Eunhyuk were especially mistaken as comedians at a ski rental shop, making everyone around laugh.

Putting on their outfits and trying out the equipment at the rental shop, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk were approached by the employee, who asked, “Are you comedians?” causing the two members to be startled. Leeteuk then wittily replied, “No comedian! I′m Super Junior! Do you know Super Junior?” The two then proceeded to dance to their latest song, Mamacity, proving that they weren′t comedians.


On this trip, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Donghae also shared their first impressions of each other in the past.

Leeteuk playfully said, “During the trainee days, I heard there was a kid who looked like H.O.T′s Jang Woo Hyuk and danced really well, and that was Eunhyuk. I thought Eunhyuk wouldn′t last more than a few months, so I had a few thoughts that I shouldn′t be nice to him.”

On Donghae, Leeteuk said, “At the time, the people who ate would clean up after themselves, and the late people would wipe down the tables, but Donghae took the initiative and began cleaning up all the leftover food, and I liked that.”

Leeteuk added that while he was in the army and after he was discharged, the person who gave him the most support and advice was Eunhyuk, as he expressed his gratitude. Leeteuk also said that during his hardest times, he cried the most while reading Donghae′s very affectionate letter.

Super Junior′s touching and hilarious trip to Switzerland will air through One Fine Day on December 31.

Photo Credit: MBC Music

月蝕 (Lunar Eclipse)
  • 月蝕 (Lunar Eclipse)

月蝕 (Lunar Eclipse) Japanese [ Lyrics - English Translation]

English trans

The stars in the sky are not twinkling
Without you, dream is monochrome
The cold north wing is grieving for the dead love
Woo…..the separation is playing(**)

The sorrow is faraway, long way to the moon
Oh the journey of regret

Please me…..
The lover I’m unable to meet forever
Please, help me reflect the vision of my lifetime on the red moonlight
Memories of you
Tears are falling, even for just a brief moment
Oh light me up, miss you…..

The sure thing are memories left in here
Yes, I can’t erase my time with you
I can still hear it close to my ears, the sweet sad song you sang
Woo…’s driving me mad, that flavor

This loneliness is unhealed, long way to the moon
Oh voice is not reaching

Please me…..
The lover I’m unable to meet forever
Show me someday, wrap me up with your smile
Memories of you
The last memory, deep inside my heart quietly oh
I will burn them in and sleep(***)

If you’re the sun, I’ll be the moon
Tonight, I dedicate everything to you

repeat *chorus

(**) the word used here is 奏でる(kanaderu) which means playing with music so idk how to put the right sentence with separation orz
(***) the word used is 眠る(nemuru), it can be either to sleep or to die. up to you to choose which word ><



Sora no hoshi mo koyoi wa matatakanai
Kimi naki yume wa monochrome
Tsumetai kitakaze ga kaeranu ai wo nagekuyouni
Woo…..wakare wo kanadeteru no

Kanashimi wa haruka long way to the moon
Oh koukai no tabiji

Please me…..
Eien ni aenu hito yo
Douka akai tsukikage ni arishihi no maboroshi wo utsushite okure
Memories of you
Namida ga ochiru honno tsuka no ma de ii
Oh boku wo terashite miss you…..

Tashikananowa koko ni nokoru omoi
Sou kimi to ita toki wa kesenai
Mimimoto de ima mo hibiku kimi ga utatteta sweet sad song
Woo…..boku wo kuruwaseru ano flavor

Iyasenai kodoku long way to the moon
Oh koe wa todokanai

Please me…..
Eien ni aenu hito yo
Itsuka misete kureta hohoemi de boku wo tsutsumikonde okure
Memories of you
Saigou no kioku wo sotto mune no oku ni oh
Yakitsukete nemuru yo

Kimi ga taiyou nara boku wa tsuki to natte
Tonight subete wo sasageyou

repeat *chorus

full credit:hyukarmpits


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