18 year olds are not full developed

Watching a documentary on the juvenile correction facilities in Indiana, for kids who have committed serious crimes, and this quote jumped out at me:

"We know their brains aren’t full developed, not until they are 23, 24 are their brains fully developed. Sometimes in talking to the students you realise, they hadn’t thought it through. It seemed like an idea, it didn’t seem real, They thought it was going to turn out somehow differently." -Lori Harshbarger, superintendent of Logansport Juvenile Correction facility

Sounds very much like the mindset of Beth in Coda. And again backs up all the evidence that an 18 year old is NOT a full developed “woman”. She is a girl, who acts impulsive and makes mistakes.

‎”“Thank the Lord”? That sounded like a prayer. A prayer in a public school? God has no place within these walls! Just like facts don’t have a place within an organized religion.”

-Superintendent Chalmers, The Simpsons

a blond, obnoxious, oblivious, stupidly rich “prince of the school” with good intentions, endless charm, and a group of loyal, if bizarre, friends falls in love with an adorable scholarship student who doesn’t put up with his shit

did I just describe a typical Merthur high school/uni AU

or Ouran High School Host Club


An assortment of broadcast radio pioneers, transmitter kits, ham operators, amateur wireless stations, inventors, disc jockeys and local radio personalities (1922-1975).