Scorch Cannons are shoulder-mounted heavy impact weapons used by the Fallen for hull-puncturing in ship-to-ship raiding parties.

The Scorch Cannon uses a compressed Solar “furnace” to focus and direct superheated rods of solar energy. Each burst is mapped to the Cannon’s firing matrix, allowing the wielder to hold a fired rod’s charge. Release of the firing actuator triggers detonation. The longer the actuator is held the greater the rod’s explosive impact. 

Lateral blast

These photos were taken by photographer John V. Christiansen at 8:32 a.m. local time on May 18, 1980. They were later featured in a 1981 edition of National Geographic magazine.

The shots were taken from Mount Adams, looking across at Mt. St. Helens just over 50 kilometers away.

They capture perfectly the beginning of the lateral blast eruption. Pressure had been building for weeks inside of Mt. St. Helens, deforming the north side of the volcano into a bulge. An earthquake and an avalanche on the morning of May 18th ripped open that bulge and released the pressure on one side of the mountain. The mountain exploded; not upwards like most volcanoes, but sideways, sending an enormous cloud of superheated rock, gases, and large pieces of the mountain out sideways, sandblasting everything in their path.


Image credit: National Geographic

“The only thing that’s lighter than hydrogen is hot hydrogen. Let’s say you could make a balloon, and fill it with superheated hydrogen and float around the cloud tops of Jupiter suffering the crushing gravity. Is there anything else that might kill you?

"Did you leave Earth? Then of course there is. Everything is going to kill you, always. You might want to write that on the brass plaque next to your ship’s wheel with the carving of Shiva in the center there, Captain Baron Cogsworth Copperglass.” getting snarky in its old age


Just as long as I’ve got you….

with reality failing to ground me,
superheated dreams arise,
and this heart continues to pound me
deeper and deeper into her weightlessness.
and lifted by her eyes,
my wants are wondrously inflated,
soaring as if these lungs were breathing helium,
feeling untethered from heart’s fissures,
as her smiles keep busy healing them.


[gif of a cup of superheated water and someone pours some powder to it and it explodes] thats my brain