We covered SuperHot a while ago on ABG, it’s an über-stylish FPS where time only moves when you move.  Since they have just started a kickstarter campaign, we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone just how awesome this game is.

Visually the game is stunning, especially in the footage of the latest builds, but it’s the time-only-moves-when-you-do mechanic that really makes the game a must play.  You’re effectively playing the whole game in bullet time, planning your movement and dodging between bullets and taking out the enemy.

The prototype is fully worth checking out, and the full version looks amazing, with shards of glass floating/flying through the air, Oculus rift support and the ability to slice bullets in half with a sword.  SuperHot is very cool, SuperCool.

Play the Free Prototype and check out the Kickstarter

Watch on sourcefed.tumblr.com

Superhot: A Game That Only Moves When You Do!

Superhot is an FPS in which time moves only when the player does! 

The game’s concept is simple and yet brilliant! If a player stops, so does time, and through that comes on of the most innovative FPS’s in which you can dodge a bullet that’s seconds from hitting you.

Even better, you can play it online right now since the game is embedded on the developer’s site or support it in the Steam store.

After trying it in the browser I know this is going to make a great addition to my Steam account.


Would you support a game even if it’s available free to play in browser?


Originally released for the 7DFPS gamejam, SUPERHOT is a FPS where time moves when you do. It’s initial release created such a buzz throughout the web that the creators decided to rebuild it into a full blown game. 

It’s such a simple concept that time is still when you are but I feel that in the wrong hands this could have been executed terribly. Lucky for us that this team know what they’re doing and turns this concept into a very satisfying experience. As someone who is horrid at first-person shooters, and I mean HORRID, I appreciate that I can actually stop and take in what I’m seeing to quickly take down the enemies as soon as I can. But this doesn’t make the game easy. You will find yourself in a bullet hell, having to weave through bullets which creates a fun but challenging puzzle dynamic. I’m very excited to see what new elements the full game will bring. It’s shaping up to be a refreshing and unique twist of the genre.

SUPERHOT is currently on Kickstarter until June 14 and you can play the Prototype on their website.

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Well well well… Look who I ran into today. We are shooting some new shots for Candice’s (@beautycat29) new app coming out early 2014. For now you will just have to be teased with a few sneak peeks. #mimp #meinmyplace #superhot.