Black Panther vs Batman
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This fight was inevitable: Marvel and DC’s two most cunning, intelligent, agile, skilled, and feared men also have some of the biggest fanbases, leading to frequent debates on who-beats-who.

But there honestly isn’t much to debate here.

Sometimes I feel like Marvel developed T’challa to one-up Bruce Wayne in every possible way;  Batman is strong and fast, Black Panther is stronger and faster, Bruce has a genius level IQ with multiple degrees, T’challa has multiple doctorates and is one of the most intelligent minds in the MU, Batman is a multimillionaire and has access to the leading technologies, Black Panther is King of the country that develops the most advanced technologies on Earth, Batman utilizes various gadgets and tech, Black Panther utilizes better gadgets and tech, Batman masters 150+ martial arts, Black Panther masters literally every martial art form, plus every weapon ever used. Batman refrains from taking lives, Black Panther kills without thinking twice about it.

Anything Batman can do, Black Panther can do better.

Black Panther: 10/10

Marvel Versus Season Dos!

Hey everyone, I would just like to get your input on Marvel Versus matchups for this next season. So far I have a good amount of ideas that have come from both you and myself, but I would love more. While all my matchups seem random, there is a method to my madness. For example, I look for characters that have not really met in the universe, won’t meet and haven’t fought one another and will most likely never fight each other. For more examples you can see Marvel Versus Season 1  by clicking the link.

All submissions are welcome, however know that I will only be posting once a week on one matchup, and your submissions are not guaranteed to get in and won’t be shown immediately. I’ll post what I think will be popular match ups first, and go to the least popular afterward. Please do not be discouraged if you don’t see your submissions immediately, but keep on sending me ideas if you have to. Lastly, I only do Marvel matchups. Sadly, I hardly read anything else other than Marvel and I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about series and characters I don’t know about, 

If you need other matchup fixes look and follow superheroshowdowns  who runs an awesome blog and does more frequent postings about superhero matchups that are not just Marvel exclusive. It’s a wonderful blog and you should really show them your love. CHEERS!!! Let me know what you think!

letloosethekraken said:

Batman vs Batman

With prep, Batman could probably take Batman…
but this is Batman we’re talking about,
he’s probably already prepared for Batman to have preptime, and prepped for his preptime.


they never actually leave their batcaves
and die of old age due to too much preparation

Batman: 0/10


Go check them out
or don’t

World Breaker Hulk vs Thor
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 Before the events of World War Hulk, Thor had given his life to protect Asgard from Ragnarok and wasn’t present during the Civil War or the return of The Hulk and his rampage against the Illuminati.  His absence left Marvel’s heroes practically defenseless against Hulk in his most powerful incarnation yet: World Breaker Hulk.

After The Illuminati inadvertently destroyed Hulk’s new found home, killing his queen and the people he had saved and come to rule. The Green Scar rounded up a few of his closest allies and made for Earth to exact his revenge.  The loss of his wife, his people, and his only real time of peace, coupled with his meditation techniques, combat training, and harmony between him and Banner triggered a whole new level of rage well beyond anything previously seen.  His strength was not only higher than it has ever been, but his use of weapons, Banner’s intellect, and focused rage proved him powerful enough to live up to his title of World Breaker, as he almost destroyed the planet with his immense power.

But what if the God of Thunder had been there to intervene?  World Breaker Hulk mowed down some of Marvel’s biggest, from Black Bolt, to Iron Man, and even Juggernaut was crushed by his rage; but there was a reason Marvel planned these events at this point in the timeline: Thor’s absence was the only factor that truly allowed Banner to go as far as he did.

Of all of Earth’s heroes on The Avengers and the X-men, and even the most powerful villains, Thor is on a whole different level.  He may frequently be used as a punching bag, taking the fall when needed, but outside the pages of plot and storyline, Thor’s strength levels are just too much for the raging green man.  Hulk at his most powerful was shown to almost destroy a planet with great effort, something Thor can do casually.  Not to mention light speed, immensely powerful lightning, and a slew of magical powers; Thor when not holding back is a cosmic threat, too much for Hulk on his best day.

Thor: 10/10

Superman vs Sentry
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An epic battle that was inevitable with the creation of this blog: DC’s iconic and unstoppable powerhouse versus Marvel’s golden guardian with seemingly limitless power.

Robert Reynolds is often accused of being Marvel’s answer to Superman, but the only real similarities are their vastly superhuman physiques and long flowing capes. Rather than working for a newspaper company and being raised by kindhearted farmers,  Bob was a former meth addict who broke into a lab and drank a mysterious compound that ultimately lead to his famous “power of a million exploding suns.”  After laboratory experimentation and making a costume based off of a childhood comic, The Sentry was born, although too mentally unstable to be considered a truly iconic superhero like his DC “counterpart”.

It is unclear how much power the Sentry truly wields as his power tends to fluctuate with his emotional stability, but vast is an understatement.  Able to rip Ares the god of war in half with ease, and even defeat a Herald of Galactus without any perceivable effort proves that his strength is beyond compare in the MU.  Superman isn’t exactly a scrub when it comes to power, but there is more than just strength, speed, or even durability in this showdown. In fact, they may never even touch each other at all.

The reason Sentry shuts this fight down isn’t because of superior strength, speed, or durability. Superman may have a wide array of powers, but Sentry’s powerset is beyond anything the Kryptonian can handle. Light absorption, photokinesis, vast telepathic power, molecular manipulation that makes Molecule Man look like a joke; each of these powers is a bullet with Kal-El’s name written on it.

Superman’s only hope is that the Sentry is in a volatile emotional state which has shown to be his only true vulnerability, but even that isn’t enough to truly give him an edge.

Superman loses to a guy named Bob.

Sentry: 9/10

Captain Marvel(Carol Danvers) vs Captain Marvel(Billy Batson)
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This is the perfect example of the difference between Marvel and DC’s heavy hitters.

Both of these Captain Marvels were gifted their powers from an external source, Carol’s powers were a product of Kree alien technology, giving her super strength, speed, flight, and energy absorption/projection. At a young age, Billy was found to be worthy of becoming the champion of the great wizard Shazam, and was bestowed with the powers of six Elders, including flight, super strength, wisdom, magic, speed, and many others.

Carol Danvers is an iconic  Avenger, known to be one of the most powerful and versatile heroes.  Her immense power as well as her technological aptitude makes her a great asset to the team.

Billy Batson, better known by his superpowered form Captain Marvel, is the youngest human to ever be on the Justice League.  His vast strength puts him in the same class as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter, and although he is young and naive, he is a very capable combatant.  He has been shown to take down some of DC’s biggest superpowers, and Carol Danvers is no exception.

Although their powers are similar: super strength, super speed, flight, energy projection, and although they are among the top heavy hitters on their teams, Billy has vastly higher power levels, meaning Marvel’s Captain Marvel is no match for DC’s.  With enough strength to go toe-to-toe with Superman and fly faster than the speed of light, Billy Batson earns the title of most powerful Capt. Marvel.

Captain Marvel(Billy Batson): 10/10

There was a pretty big debate here on tumblr about who wins between these two, and I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of it had to do with a lack of people’s understanding of just how powerful Magneto is.

let me put it this way:

if Tony Stark was wearing his latest, greatest non-magnetic battle suit, lined up all of his other suits to back him up, and had satellite lasers pointed at Magneto, and Magneto was buck naked, blindfolded, and in a wooden coffin with his hands tied behind his back,

Stark wouldn’t last five seconds.

the funny thing about that is I’m not exaggerating at all.

There are a dozen ways for Magneto to kill Iron Man without even moving and from virtually any distance, and a dozen more that would actually involve effort.

"but but but, Iron Man’s suit isn’t magnetic!!!11!!"
read a comic

"what about prep-time?"
not only does Magneto also have a genius-level intellect, but by the time Stark thought of something that would actually work, he’d die of old age.

"I DO read comics you belligerent  oaf! in AvX Tony defeated Magneto!”
nah son. read the context.

Magneto 11/10

it just. doesn’t. happen.

Superman vs Thor
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Thor and Superman are the most powerful of the forefront teams in their respective universes.  Their vast amounts of power allow these guardians of Earth to face off with even sub-cosmic beings.

Thor Odinson is the strongest of the Asgardian gods, and his power over lightning and his enchanted hammer Mjolnir make him one of the most powerful forces in the Marvel Universe; and Kal-El, having spent the vast majority of his life under the rays of a yellow sun is considerably stronger than the average Kryptonian, and has mastered his powers well beyond the average Kryptonian level.

Although Thor is considered to have incalculable amounts of power, it is Superman who is stronger “right out of the box”. Thor is most powerful once his Warrior’s Madness increases his strength tenfold, but even then Superman would still have a slight edge in terms of strength.

The most common argument would be that Superman’s weakness is magic, but magic isn’t necessarily his weakness per se; while magical attacks are harmful to him, it does take a considerable amount of power due to his Kryptonian physiology and healing factor.

The image of Capt. Marvel shouting “Shazam!” to call down his lighting bolt at Clark Kent comes to mind.  Although it does take several of Capt. Marvel’s bolts, it’s no mystery that Thor’s lightning is superior to that of Capt. Marvel’s.  Superman may be stronger, and possibly even faster than Thor, but as the God of thunder, Thor has a very distinct advantage over the Man of Steel.  It is very plausible that Supes still takes down the Asgardian, being faster than lightning and having a wider variety of powers to implement, but Thor’s magical powers are too immense for him to break even.

Thor: 7/10

Raven vs Starfire
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Raven and Starfire, widely known from their time on the television adaptation of Teen Titans, are as opposite as opposites can be; while Rachel Roth is quiet and reserved, Koriand’r is outspoken and enthusiastic, and their appearances express their personas as well as their powers.

Starfire’s powers are typical of a Tamaranean: super strength, super speed, flight, durability, and the ability to emit destructive “starbolts” from her hands and eyes. She is physically superior to humans in every way, and her powers are driven by her emotions; her passion is what fuels the power behind her abilities.
Raven on the other hand, has darker, more arcane power.  Along with telekinesis, Rachel can teleport, manipulate shadow, heal herself, and most importantly, rob the emotions of other beings.

With her emotions drained to nothing, Kori would be a sitting duck waiting to get roasted, but it’s not so easy for the half-demon. As a Tamaranean, Starfire’s reaction time would be much faster than Raven’s meaning she could essentially speedblitz her with a devastating eye-blast. IF Raven somehow dodged/blocked/survived Starfire’s initial attack, the fight would be over. At that point Raven’s demon-half would engage and drag her teammate into crippling emotional depths and snuff out her life with ease. If she survived the first strike.

Starfire: 8/10