Not everyone picks up the weights to get shredded for a contest. many of us start down the path because we need to feel better. I started my journey because i no longer liked who was looking back at me in the mirror. I continue my journey because i want to look and feel like a superhero. I have grown to enjoy cosplay as much as i enjoy parkour and bodybuilding  

How often have you heard throughout your life “that is impossible,you can never do that” #Truth is Impossible is nothing, #belief is everything.

There is a power within you , a power to change your life and the world around you at will. You can unleash the power within, when you believe in yourself and your cause. Just understand there are only two times in your life now and never.

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Building up your strength is one of the main reasons anyone starts a #workout program. P90x2 is no different. I completed one round of strength phase and had some interesting results. If you are looking to get p90x2 or just curious if the strength portion is as good as p90x original have a look at my article on it.