Batkids and Their Parents #1: Tim and Jack Drake.

These two had such an interesting relationship. The reboot seems to have… simplified things, a bit, from what I’ve seen. Which seems a pity to me. Jack wasn’t always such a great father to Tim, but it was something he was working on in the later years, and that’s what made things interesting. There was genuine relationship growth, but there was no way to undue the damage he’d already done to Tim by being an absentee father.

Here, however, we have some fluffy/cute moments between the two.

I’m thinking I’ll do a series of these for the various Batkid/Bio-parent relationships. They tend to get ignored far too often.

"I thought I lost you". 


I tried to make a wonderbat fanfic but… ugh… I’m such a lousy writer. So instead, I just doodled a scene that would’ve been included in the story. As you can see, Diana is relieved to see Bats alive (after a battle)… so a hug is a must. lol.

For those who are inspired by this scene, feel free to make a fanfic. And send me the link to your fanfic if you don’t mind ^_^

art (c) annaoi

characters (c) DC