Teen Titans Prom

Why hadn’t I ever seen this before? Creds to whoever did this cause it’s incredible 

Okay, I found the person who made this.. her name is SugarKandi and she has a Teen Titans prom imagine of 6 chapters.

asa butterfield is an 18 year old boy who doesnt deserve hate because hes probably our new peter parker. sure, marvel missed a good opportunity to add diversity to its cast, but keep in mind they arent white washing anyone this time. they just arent choosing to cast a poc for spiderman. 

So before I dive into all the posts I need to gush over/respond to and hammer out some writing and generally just nerd out, I have to share this story from the daycare. 

All the boys at the daycare are hardcore into superheroes, and one little guy just adores the Avengers, especially Iron Man and the Hulk. So I love to encourage him to talk to me about this stuff. But yesterday I was telling him about how much I loved Black Widow, and he had no idea who she was! 

So I basically told him everything about her, about how strong and smart and brave she was, and how she could help turn the Hulk back into Bruce Banner, and his eyes kept growing larger and larger. 

Today at playtime, he came up to me and told me he was the Hulk, and that he wanted me to be the wizard guy

“The…wizard guy? Do you mean Thor, honey?” 

“No! The wizard guy! The one who helps turn the Hulk back into Bruce Banner!”  

“Oh! Oh honey, that’s Black Widow! She’s, uh, not a wizard -” 

“But she can turn the Hulk back into Bruce Banner!” 

“Well, yes, she does this special thing called the Lullaby -”

“So can you be Black Widow? And turn me into Bruce Banner when I need you to?” 

So I was Black Widow and the Hulk and I ran around fighting bad guys. 

And now he’s completely enchanted with how she uses the Widow’s Bite (“Widow’s Bike?!” “No, honey, bite”) and now is convinced he can use his own “lolly-bee” which turns me from Miss Suzanne into Black Widow, which mostly involves rubbing a dandelion across my nose and cheeks.

So, all in all, a good day =)