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What's the best advice you can give a highschooler? Xx

  • no one cares as much as you think they do
  • practically all the people will not matter to you in a handful of years
  • do your goddamn homework omfg please
  • bring a snack so your tummy doesnt rumble
  • get gel pens
  • if you have boobs, try going braless sometime 
  • wear what makes you feel good
  • if youre assigned a worksheet, look on the bottom where it says the company and shit and google the answer key
  • forget the inane and superficial shit like cliques and reputation 
  • dont worry about what people think about you, YOU view on yourself is all that matters, not people that are sooo impermanent
  • respect your teacher (unless ya know for obvious reasons, but not bc you think theyre rude of give you homework like damn)
  • smile at people in the halls
  • test the waters and try something new
  • do as much extra curriculum and clubs as you can 
  • take a personal day every once in a while
  • bombing one test isnt a biggie
  • yahoo answers is the bomb diggity
  • make conversation with people who are by themselves
  • we are young and sooo many of the shit we worry about now ownt matter in a short amount of time (-:


Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

The first rule about fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.

Fight Club is Chuck Palahniuk’s first novel and his most coveted. The style of writing is straightforward and simple, which plays on its edges, its raw language and explicit presentation. 

The main character’s name is never revealed. From the beginning, we are told that he hates his life and his job. He is the every man living in a vicious cycle of superficiality, and consumerism, which weigh heavily on his soul. His problem with his reality becomes one of a nihilistic nature. He can’t find meaning in his life or job, even in the material world. His skepticism provides a void, rather than food for thought.

This is where Palahniuk’s writing becomes interesting. He is able to infiltrate your mind and make you question yourself in the most uncomfortable ways. Why am I working here? Why are people devoid of meaning and filled with superficiality? Am I carbon copy of my father? Is this really enough? Am I enough? Am I a useless waste of space? 

When he meets Tyler Durden, his world is literally hit with meaning. Durden’s way of life and philosophy of establishing meaning in pain in an underground cult-world of violence gives the narrator a satisfaction, which eventually turns into a mind-stabbing illusion. He discovers the flaws in Durden’s fundamentals stemming in human nature. 

There is a sense of urgency to rebel against oneself before even rebelling against society. Its mocking and violent nature hit hard, there is no way out of the mind. “Losing all hope was freedom”, and “everything is falling apart.” He finally realizes he is mad.  Palahniuk’s true genius is in full force because he gives one of the most cliche themes, finding beauty in destruction, a multi-dimensional meaning gushing with philosophical satire. Finding meaning in destruction is seductive when poetic justice is achieved, which it is in this case.

Read excerpts from the novel here! Get the book here!

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Do you really think all this is an accident? That we, a group of strangers survived, many of us with just superficial injuries? Do you think we crashed on this place by coincidence, especially this place? We were brought here for a purpose, for a reason, all of us. Each one of us was brought here for a reason.

Literally unfollowing every single girl who reblogs celebrities and models nonstop.

خلاص يا جماعة ترا زهقنا شعليكم بفلانه وعلانه
ارتقوا شوي لو سمحتوا

There’s nothing cool about knowing more about the Kardashians than Khadijah bint Khuwaylid and Aisha bint Abu Bakr.
مع كامل احترامي للكارداشينز يعني…

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youngjae works at a cafe, mark is a frequent customer, which leads youngjae to believe that mark has a thing for one of the employees, not realizing that it's actually him

warnings: excessive fluff

word count: 8k because i don’t know how to write short fics omg T.T

author: angel

a/n: so this is from like ages ago omg and I only just finished it cries. I’m not sure if you’re still around the site anonnie but I hope this is okay! T.T sigh i need to learn how to write shorter fics 

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Throwback Thursday - “Flipped Out Word,” 2011

This was in PUPPYTEETH 2. The comics I’m finishing up now started as a remake of this one. Aside from some superficial similarities, the new one will be a completely different thing.

NY is Killing Me

Instead of deleting this blog and losing the little camaraderie/support I have, I decided a change was needed. And not just here, but in my waking life as well therefore I will be moving in October to the only other city I would ever want to call home, New Orleans.

I honestly can’t tell you what it is, but New York City is toxic for me. I always find myself in a rut here. Although North Carolina wasn’t the most idyllic city to live in, I made more progress there than the 22 years prior living in New York City. I guess I needed to reboot.

I understand the allure and folklore behind living in New York City, but if your emotional sanity is in question, this is not the right place to be. There’s a superficiality here that I’ve never seen elsewhere in America. It’s hidden behind buzzwords like, “fashion capital,” “culture” and “realness,” but that’s a farce. There’s a level of desperation and distraction that doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. I do recommend that any and everyone should come here at least once and stay for a month or two. And if you are a creative that’s deep into your craft, I can see this city working for you. There’s no place like it on Earth, but there’s tons of beautiful cities all over with the right amount of character to assure any disposition.

It’s hard leaving this place and even harder not to come back to, but I know I can’t bare another year here. 



¿Es posible recrear en un laboratorio un acontecimiento evolutivo tan importante como el paso de los animales del agua a la tierra? Un grupo de científicos canadienses piensa que sí y han criado un pez llamado bichir de Senegal sobre condiciones terrestres durante ocho meses. Han descubierto que esta experiencia favorece que los animales desarrollen un esqueleto mejor adaptado a moverse en tierra.

Hace unos 400 millones de años, un grupo de peces comenzó a explorar la superficie terrestre y se convirtieron en los primeros tetrápodos –animales vertebrados con cuatro extremidades como los actuales anfibios, reptiles, mamíferos y aves–. Sin embargo, cómo utilizaban sus cuerpos y sus aletas estos peces primitivos en un ambiente terrestre y qué procesos evolutivos estaban en juego, sigue siendo un misterio para los científicos.

Los peces del experimento que se expusieron a condiciones parecidas a las terrestres aprendieron a caminar con mayor eficacia –colocando sus aletas cerca del cuerpo–, llevaban la cabeza más alta y se movían más rápido

Este es el primer ejemplo que demuestra que la plasticidad pudo haber facilitado una transición evolutiva a gran escala, primero con un acceso a nuevas anatomías y comportamientos, y más tarde consolidándolos genéticamente por selección natural.

The Secret Nanny Mission Pre-Captain America: Winter Soldier and Post-Avengers

So, I somehow got stuck watching the Nanny Diaries earlier this week, and I noticed that both Scarlet Johansson and Chris Evans are in the movie right off the bat.

And, since the movie just…oh glob, it bored me so, the only way I could keep interested in the film was to pretend Black Widow and Captain America were on a secret mission in which they induced amnesia and were placed as sleeper agents in a rich New York neighborhood.

I mean, Freaking Nanny Diaries, how did you make my second love, Anthropology, so stereotypical? Jeez, it’s like you took the superficial layer of what people think anthropologists are.

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ok so explain to me why steve&bucky aren't king/lionheart bc i don't get it? like i read your post and i still don't. i mean, it seems to me like each of them very much thinks the sun rises and sets on the other.

steve’s capacity to love encompasses communities, ideals, nations, and all the people that are encompassed by those things— steve loves casually and simply— not superficially, just easily— because that’s how he’s built.  steve loves bucky best, but he loves him under the same umbrella.  

bucky’s capacity to love is pretty much entirely steve.  it can occasionally open enough to ‘tolerating other people steve likes’, but bucky’s capacity for love is singular and directional. it’s not that steve doesn’t love bucky passionately, or bucky isn’t the top of his list— but he has a list, and there’s not much distance between bucky and say, sam.  bucky loves steve far, far more than steve loves bucky.  it’s not remotely an equal relationship— not in a bad way!! just in a not-king-lionheart way.  

(ftr, this is also a dynamic i love; renly/loras, for example)

characters who need ‘defence squads’: girls who are hated for demonstrating behaviour that would be acceptable or endearing coming from a boy character

Characters who don’t need ‘defence squads’: superficial anime boys who everyone loves