isn’t it funny how one of the fundamental reasons hijabs and other headcoverings are worn is so that muslim women are not subjected to superficial discernment and judged by their character rather than their beauty, but the western world has subverted that value and objectified millions of muslim women by reducing them to the garment they choose to wear, criticising the loss of their identity and individuality? and by funny I mean not at all???

Lascia che le emozioni affiorino in superficie. La rabbia. La perdita. La tristezza e il senso di vuoto. Non soffocarle. Fermati e fatti travolgere dalla disperazione. Poi alzati e prendi fiato. Un respiro alla volta. Un giorno alla volta. Anche se sei a pezzi. Piangi. Poi asciuga le lacrime e vivi la tua giornata. Magari non stai bene, però sei viva e un bel giorno ti sveglierai e ti accorgerai che non ci sei più dentro.

Some of you have already seen Milo Manara’s cover art for Spider-Woman #1, which generated a great deal of unhappiness across the internet. As io9 pointed out, she basically looks like she’s wearing body paint. One of many complaints raised was that a male superhero would never have been drawn like this.

Au contraire, says some dude on the internet, who heroically stood up to defy the “Social Police,” those “preachy, bloviating, pharisaic shit-heads,” and to explain why everyone who was upset about this cover was wrong, and it’s really a non-issue.

What his point seems to mostly come down to is the fact that J. Scott Campbell did a Spider-Man cover just like Manara’s, and you didn’t hear the Social Police converging on Tumblr for an outrage-fest then! Total double-standard and made-up non-controversy. So there!

Let’s take a look at both covers, shall we?

Yes, there are some superficial similarities here in that…well, they’re both crawling. But where Spider-Man is clinging to a spherical mass of webbing and bad guys, Spider-Woman is perched on the edge of a rooftop, thrusting her ass at the city skyline for no particular reason.

There are some issues with Spider-Man’s artwork. For starters, what the heck is going on with his fingers? And his costume is almost as tight as Spider-Woman’s. You can see a few small wrinkles in his suit, which is a step up from hers, but they’re both wearing some serious butt-huggers.

Internet-dude’s whole rant sounds vaguely similar to the, “What about the Romance Covers?” response I got for pointing out the oversexualization of women on SF/F cover art.

So let’s take another look at these two covers.

Point 1: One of the basic rules of climbing is to keep your body/hips close to the wall. Or if you’re a superhero, to whatever surface you happen to be climbing. Which is exactly what Spider-Man is doing. He’s hugging his climbing surface. Spider-Woman, on the other hand…she’s not climbing. She’s posing.

Point 2: Look at how the two characters are drawn. Both are in skintight costumes. Spider-Man’s costume highlights his muscles. We’re seeing a physically strong character with random extra finger joints. Spider-Woman, on the other hand, is drawn to highlight the curves of her body, sans muscle. It’s not about drawing a character who looks strong or powerful; it’s about drawing boner-bait for young teen boys.

Point 3: Even if both characters were equally sexualized (they aren’t), you have to consider the larger context. I have nothing against sexuality, or against characters being portrayed in sexual ways. But when we’re consistently reducing female characters to sexually appealing/inviting caricatures, regardless of whether or not it’s appropriate to the character or the story, then we have a problem. When women are being drawn time and again in ways that prioritize exaggerated sexuality at the expense of all else, we have a problem.

The problem here isn’t one cover. The problem is one more cover. One more woman reduced to a sexual object. One more woman portrayed in a way that de-emphasizes any strength she might have — because women can only be strong up to a certain point, and only if they’re also sexually submissive to the male reader/viewer.

Are there exceptions? Of course. Are guys sometimes sexualized? Absolutely. But don’t try to pretend that the sexualization of men occurs on the same scale as that of women, or that men are sexualized in ways that rob them of strength and agency the way women so often are.

Or to put it another way? Double standard my ass.


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Shipping hate is stupid.

I’ll make it clear beforehand that this post isn’t anti or pro anything, just a moral statement to both NaruHina and NaruSaku.

Stop bashing the girls just to make your ships look better!

Hinata isn’t some one minded love idiot and Sakura isn’t an abusive whore using Naruto to get Sasuke.

Hinata is a girl who faced several family issues which caused her to retract into a shell of self doubt, Naruto’s determination is what inspired her to break out of that shell and move closer to the person she loved.

She isn’t dumb or selfish, she has undying loyalty towards Naruto and would do everything she can to help him even at the cost of her life.

Sakura is a strong-headed woman with a kind heart, she started out as very superficial but she matured a lot thanks to Naruto and her own efforts.

She grew a deep bond of understanding and care towards Naruto to the point she is willing to risk her life as much as Hinata in order to protect her preciouss comrade. This also why she wants so hard to save Sasuke, not out of some impossible love wish but to have a comrade important to her safe and sound, she is a good girl.

And just for the record, Sakura is the one who resembles Kushina but that doesn’t make any ship more likely.

Kushina was a tsundere with a short fuse but a soft side she showed to those she cared deeply for, she also first saw Minato as a loser but later grew on him as he risked himself to save her.

The parallels are there and Minato confirmed them so anyone saying Hinata=Kushina while bashing Sakura to deny them is a dull person who can’t admit being wrong.

With that said, Naruto never openly admitted he would follow that particular advice so he could still eventually love Hinata despite she being different from Kushina.

All in all both NaruHina and NaruSaku are possible ships and no one should twist or bash Hinata’s or Sakura’s character just to make any of the ships more likely.

In my own life and experiences, Marxism’s formulations around the split between reproductive and productive labour is incredibly superficial in addressing gender violence. It doesn’t explain why old men pay to have sex with me or watch videos of my sexual labour. It doesn’t account for what investment people outside my family would have in policing my sexuality and gender expression. It doesn’t explain why rape and sexual violence happens to those of us who don’t have the biological capacity to give birth. It definitely doesn’t account for the prevalence of date rape drugs at queer bars and parties, or for our murder at the hands of bashers and police.
—  Against the Gendered Nightmare - baedan

The 4kids dub of the Winx Club is horrible, and made me hate the girls. They felt so bitchy and superficial. I stopped watching when Diaspro was kidnapped because she “made people of Isis hungry because she forced them to spend all their money on outifts”. I mean COME ON. It’s not meant to carry a deep message but still. I’m glad I grew up with the French version of the show (which is almost identical to the RAI version). And truthfully, the music was also a lot better in this version.

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My Daddy cheated on me.. more than once in one year. His apologies and pleas are so sincere and he has let me go through all of his messages everyday. I want to make it work but I feel so foolish and the pain is nearly unbearable. I'm terrified that maybe he doesn't really love me but he doesn't gain anything from being with me superficially or physically so why else would he be with me? I don't know what to do... I can't be little with him anymore more.

AG: If the trust is broken on your part, it’s time to leave. His actions have left you doubting yourself and has harmed your self confidence. Not to mention that his actions could have put you in danger of catching an STD. That does not make him a good daddy for you. You deserve better. Frankly if he has cheated more than once on you he is at a high rate for doing it again. Go and find yourself a daddy who deserves your adoration and submission. The one you have now is undeserving!

"Bill doesn’t respect woman."
“Bill is disrespectful towards woman.”
“Bill objectifies woman’s body.”
“He is so disgusting, gross, disrespectful and eewww.”

Saying those fans getting goosbumps each time they see a photo of Bill.
Saying the fans, and each time there is a close up of billaconda and they do spams and edits about it.
Saying the fans which write stories and do fanarts about Bill and his twin brother Tom, where they fu*k each other hard.
Saying the fans, shipping Bill with every male d*ck around him or in the world, cause he is obviously gay, just for the sake of his looks, style, behaviour, gests, body language and blablabla, and they write stories and writing it all over the place.

Now guess and tell me, who is the one being disgusting… You wanna know the answer… YOU.
And you should shut your dirty, stereotyped, superficial, stupid mouth up, If you don’t have anyhing else to say or If you can’t respect Bill as a person, his feelings and beliefes. Cause trust me, he is so so so so so done with your shits and he would slap you and kick in the face with his hardest Buffalo’s shoes and Tom would follow him, as how you talk about and treat his brother. And probably Georg, Gustav, their parents and friends too, without any doubt. So just hush. Thanks. ;-)

madame—me replied to your post:I know many of us were wondering if the media attention on Niall would keep up after his birthday. I do not know how much of an indication the DailyMail website is but yesterday they had an article on Niall & Usher parting and today they have an article about Niall and Ed Sheeran parting. I have also notice Harry has gone from a daily mention to very infrequent articles on superficial stuff like his hair style or what he wore.…

“mystery blonde” who just happens to be Lou Teasdale?

Oh my God, this article is hilarious. (x)

Niall is not only linked with Lou Teasdale (sound familiar anyone? Too bad he doesn’t have a sister to date), it also includes this absolute gem:

"But it was birthday boy Niall who had everyone talking as he danced and flirted with a number of glamorous women at the afterparty at XS nightclub."

And also (still referring to Niall):

"The multi-millionaire boybander is currently single after being previously linked to models Thalia Heffernan and Zoe Whelan earlier this year."

Amazing! Thank you for this!

Even Caroline’s mom was playing that “Caroline youre wrong, Elena is always right” bullshit. I hate how slack is given to Elena. Caroline has been through a lot of shit too and Elena brushes off her dilemmas as if they’re dumb or superficial but everytime something happens to Elena, everyone goes out of their way to protect her and Caroline still goes to bat for her. Caroline could get hit by a car and Elena could trip on a pebble but everyone would still go see Elenas whiney ass first. So done with this bs and nonchalantness towards Caroline’s problems.

Molto spesso, in modo regolare, con intervalli di qualche mese, la mia stanza mi annoia e mi sa di vecchio. Allora decido che devo cambiare qualcosa, un cambiamento da poter vedere subitissimo. Comincio a spostare il letto al centro della stanza, sposto il comodino, poi il comó, poi ancora cerco qualcosa su cui fare leva con i piedi e sposto l’armadio, in piú fasi, prima spingendo con le braccia, poi con il ginocchio, poi con il fianco, poi la schiena, poi di nuovo braccia. Insomma alla fine lo sposto, e faccio cosí anche con la libreria, da sola perché io le mie cose le faccio da sola. Allora tiro fuori tutti i libri dalla libreria, li riguardo e li rimetto a posto disponendoli in un modo diverso da come stavano prima. Stacco cose dal muro e le sostituisco, cambio cornici e cambio le foto nelle cornici. Faccio sparire i soprammobili che mi annoiano, lascio le superfici vuote e allora tutto mi sembra nuovo. Ripulisco, tiro a lucido e metto in ordine. Se poi mi trovo i lividi non fa niente.

LunesdeLectura 04 //// “¿Dónde está Andrea?” se lee escrito con marcador indeleble negro detrás de la puerta del baño de un bar sucio en Buenos Aires. Al lado izquierdo de esa pregunta están inscritas las letras C + A encerradas dentro de un corazón. Al lado derecho alguien ha usado una llave o cualquier otro objeto de metal para tatuar en la superficie la frase: “Everything you do matters”. Andrea lee la pregunta y piensa en esa constante sensación de búsqueda que no la ha abandonado nunca y que carga consigo desde que tenía siete años, cuando, en una tarde de agosto, descubrió que su casa escondía un pequeño bosque detrás de la pared del patio donde se colgaban las sábanas limpias. Ese bosque siempre había estado ahí, a la espera de ser encontrado. Desde entonces Andrea siente que toda pared esconde algo, que toda historia oculta otra historia, una mejor.  Vuelve a leer la pregunta detrás de la puerta, busca el colorete rosado que tiene guardado en el bolsillo de adelante del jean y escribe: Acá estoy. Acá he estado siempre.

Pariahs, Together

(did someone say no more lonely pariahs??? for actualanders who is a blessing and because i am weak merriders trash) 

The city was now scarred, like the broad line that ran down his chest and the thin criss-crossing reminders on Merrill’s palms. The cut ran deeper than these superficial wounds, and it was more than a superficial blow. Smoke billowed from the scorched, devastated hole in the ground into the sky, blending into the upper reaches of the dusky sky. Whatever stars shone in the sky were dimmed and hazy, veiled by the dingy remnants of the blast. 

Anders once told Merrill that some things were certain. He wasn’t so sure anymore. 

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I went to Israel a year ago in part because I was becoming far too comfortable in New York. My life, at least superficially, was quite easy, yet the plunge into ennui was suffocating. I’m too young, too creative, and too idealistic to be sitting in an overpriced apartment shrouded by the familiar and the convenient.

So I moved to a country to which I had no prior connection. A young country replete with bureaucratic and institutional deficiencies. A paranoid, beautiful, febrile country that hasn’t extricated itself from conflict and trauma. 

A unique country where to begin a life is not easy, especially for someone whose identity does not align with that of the state. But I relished the chaos, the painstaking effort it required of me to get things done; things I could have done with my eyes closed in New York. 

It started working. I grew stronger, more independent. I stayed there, even through the stark loneliness, the cultural frustration, the incapacitating depression.

By early summer I felt, for the first time in years, that I could make something of myself, not just in Israel but in whatever place I chose to settle next. I had rediscovered my self worth. I made friends. I travelled. I excelled in school. I shed myself of a toxic relationship and (literally) stumbled across a new and beautiful one.

However, rockets and sirens soon suffused my psyche. All the work I had done internally felt trite in the face of external circumstances of war. Sometimes, after early morning rocket fire I sat in my bathroom crying for an hour, only to have to drive to class afterward. I knew my physical safety was almost guaranteed. But daily explosions under the aegis of someone who wanted me dead destroyed any sense of existential and ontological safety I had cultivated over the months.

The war ended. I shook it off. I fell in love. I thought I could purge myself of the the rockets and sirens and red alerts. But now back in the US, I jump at the sound of someone knocking at the door too loudly. I sob during a thunderstorm. An apartment buzzer sends my heart racing. The privilege that I, and most Americans, have by living in a nation that is not under attack by its neighbors is all the more salient. I am trying to learn from it. I know one day I will make sense of it all and the memories will be sacred. But at this very moment, I am spiraling. 

Home, while fraught with emotional baggage, has provided stability and comfort. The people I love and the places I love surround me. I can breathe again, knowing it’s all still here. I feel utterly disconnected from my life in Israel now that I am back in the arms of everything I know so intimately.

I love Israel, I will always love Israel. But I am still processing what happened to me in that tiny, confused country.

And that’s why the prospect of returning, although I can intuit I have a great deal of unfinished business there, is so daunting. The comfort and convenience that drove me away from home has coaxed me back in, simply because I feel safe again.

It could be a matter of time, of many more hours of therapy. Once I go back I could feel re-energized by all I accomplished there. By everything I pushed myself through in spite of the isolation, the emotional battles, the cultural confusion, the war.

But there are so many potential triggers upon return that may render me paralyzed. The same paralysis that left me on the bathroom floor for hours of summer, hands buried in my face, wondering if it would ever end.

And now I’m back in the genesis of my comfort zone. I am safe, secure. I am home. I don’t want to be here forever, but I do want to be able to sleep again.

i just want to find someone i can have deep meaningful conversations with??? not stupid superficial questions or a conversation of compliments. thats not what i want!!! i want to know how your day went and what youre thinking about. I want someone i can talk to everyday and not get bored

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I know many of us were wondering if the media attention on Niall would keep up after his birthday. I do not know how much of an indication the DailyMail website is but yesterday they had an article on Niall & Usher parting and today they have an article about Niall and Ed Sheeran parting. I have also notice Harry has gone from a daily mention to very infrequent articles on superficial stuff like his hair style or what he wore.

Niall definitely got a LOT of coverage and play at iTunes and the afterparties.

I talked about the article on him partying with Usher here.

Indeed we have the Daily Mail, Unreality TV, and Sugarscape all publishing articles about Niall partying with Ed (along with several other celebrity gossip sites). (x/x/x) The UTV and Sugarscape articles were really just trolling for clicks, but the Daily Mail article was a bit more interesting.


Summary: Big emphasis on all the different celebrities that Niall was hanging out with, and some nice Four promo. A pretty good article, all around, if I’m honest.

I didn’t take the time to check Harry’s Daily Mail mentions, but from this article and the Usher one it does look like they are on board with the Niall the frontman image change.

I know that the Sun is HJPR’s mouthpiece. Is the Daily Mail as well?


"Hi anon, my apologies for misinterpreting the intent of your previous ask. In my defense the limited characters did cause it to come off as offensive. To answer your question, I have been diligently writing and rewriting Chapter 20 for the past two months. There is no time frame for an update because I am not sure when it will be. Hopefully this clears things up for other anons with similar questions."

This message has been provided to you courtesy of a friend, because this author cannot be trusted to not respond with a gif that could be construed as either superficially comedic or potentially sarcastic.

So not 2 seconds after the crate training post cyndi attacked the cat.

Attacked may not be the right word but it wasn’t playing. Basically he chased her and caught her. This is second time this happened. We think maybe she is trying to show dominance over the cat. Either way it’s not a safe situation.

Marceline (the cat) is ok. Her eye is kind of red but the vet said it was just some irritation and the cuts on her ear and tail are very superficial. However I think at this point Cyndi needs a home that doesn’t have a cat because we can’t have her tethered to us every second of the day and we think it’s instinctual.

I know that taking her back is all we can do because this way our cat is safe and cyndi should find a new home quickly being such a young dog and in every single other way she is well behaved. I wish there was something else we can do. We just don’t know how to keep our cat safe while we are at work.

 I probably won’t be posting much today or tomorrow. I know this is one of those life things that happen sometimes but it’s such a shitty feeling. 


10782 Not true at all. You see, not everyone thinks she’s a mediocre vocalist. I’m kind of insulted that someone would actually most fans would like a singer for such a superficial reason. I think its the other way around; a handful like her for her looks, most fans like her talent and/or personality. I remember when I first heard Amaranthine; I thought it was so beautiful, I was drawn right in. I can’t speak for everyone, but I love her voice, the fact that she is pretty is just a bonus.