The special guests on Ear Biscuits this week are Elle and Blair Fowler!!

Beauty/Fashion vloggers and real life sisters, Elle and Blair Fowler, who together pioneered the Style vertical on YouTube, join Rhett & Link this week to discuss how they deal with online hate, their struggle to keep their private relationships out of the public eye, the psychology behind their relationship personally and professionally after all of their success, and why they disagree with critics who claim their content is superficial.

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Rider had a scary morning when his BFF playfully (but forcefully) pawed him in the face and caught his right eye. He’s had superficial abrasions to his eyes twice before (because he’s a pug and their eyes are in a vulnerable spot considering they’re basically snout-less and that’s something potential pug owners should be aware of) but the vet’s tone was kind of grim. He basically said if his eye doesn’t improve in the next 48-72 hours, they’d have to shave back a bit of the top layer to give it one more chance at healing. If that doesn’t work…he may lose his eye entirely. Obviously, we’ll love the little man whether he’s a cyclops pirate pug or not but we’re doing the very best we can right now to make sure he gets all the TLC he needs so he’ll be back to his happy, two-eyed self as soon as possible. He’s due back at the vet Tuesday morning so please keep him in your pug loving hearts!

Here my two cents on 'cosplay' for anyone insterested. Fair warning, it's long, it's harsh, and it's the truth.

I’m over it. Plain and simple. I started costuming before the term ‘cosplay’ was a thing. Making costumes was my dream job, and finding out there was a whole community of people out there who shared this interest thrilled me. Cosplay allowed me to do things, and go places I never would have dreamed, so I thank the heavens every day for that opportunity. Despite these high notes, I always felt it was a rat race. Yes, I willingly built up a ‘fan base’ because everyone loves that sort of attention (you’re lying if you say you don’t), but I never thought it would grow into a contest on who had more fans. Quality over quantity was always my feeling on it. My fan base rocks. On that note, I feel like being in the public eye for such a superficial thing has major downsides. I shaved my head for the last three years to portray one of my favorite characters, Asajj Ventress, and really killed it at conventions with that costume. There weren’t many bald cosplayers (at least, ‘well known’ ones) in the scene at the time. Now, shaving your head is just another thing to do for cosplay. Don’t read into that like I’m some hipster ‘I did it first’ sort of thing, it’s just that I had done it for so long that I no longer want to. Plus, when you’re bald, people just assume you’re going to do every bald girl in geek history. No, I dont want to cosplay Jack from Mass Effect because I have never, nor will I ever play that game. No, I don’t want to cosplay Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy, solely because she wasn’t a favorite character of mine. It’s that simple. I cosplay characters that I personally like; I never did it to please anyone but myself.

Yes, I’m selfish like that.
Yes, I’m a person with feelings and likes and dislikes and everything in between. So treat me like it. I’m not a doll to dress up in your fantasy.

I have started to rebel against the community recently due to the insane amount of competition and caddyness amongst it’s members. Plain and simply, I’m tired. I don’t want to sell prints, I don’t have the energy to try and make money at it, and I really don’t like travelling a lot.

It’s not a priority in my life right now. I’m working my ass off so that me and my family can live comfortably. That’s a priority. I want to save my money so we can buy a house, get a car that doesn’t break down every month or so, and have a decent wedding, without going broke or worrying about the money. I can’t do any of those things if I’m buying fabric, taking time off work to go to conventions, and all that jazz.

I want to be able to go to one, maybe two conventions a year, see NEW things, see old friends, and not feel stressed out about any of it.

I want to be able to hang out with my friends, and the basis of conversation doesn’t revolve around cosplay or convention schedules.

I want to be able to see people in public without them asking me what costume I’m working on, and when I tell them I’m not working on anything, they won’t say ‘oh, well you should totally cosplay *blah blah blah*’.

I want a house, where I can create original art, and have friends over to just relax and have fun. No stress of working on projects or anything.

I want to be knowm as an artist, not a cosplayer.

Yes, I will still be a geek. I will still talk about sci fi, and comic books, and movies, and everything else I always have. I’m not going to change. Yes, I will still be rocking my Mando to events when the time comes, but no, I will not be cosplaying Ventress for the foreseeable future. Yes, we will still attend Phoenix Comic Con, but as of right now, that’s the only convention we’re planning on going to (besides Celebration in April…I’ve had those tickets for almost two years now).

So I apologize to those of you who wanted to see me at a convention in your home town, but I really need to step back and focus on the long term goals in my life. Conventions/cosplay just aren’t high priorities for me anymore.

My Tumblr will not change, though. It will stay it’s awesome self, and I’ll be able to focus more on making video posts and other content for you guys who stick with me :)

I love all 4k of you. I really do. Thank you for all the support over the years, and I hope we all get to meet someday


I have never felt betrayed with a football transfer before. These things happen, I usually understand the motivation behind them even if they’re superficial—money, not enough playing time, moving to a “retirement” league.

I’ve never felt betrayed, until today.

Xabi Alonso literally had months to work out this transfer. The Kroos deal was done DURING the World Cup, and announced immediately following it. (Not to mention, I don’t even buy the fact that the Kroos deal pushed him out. Di Maria was the one most effected by the deal, and he understandably left when the club wouldn’t offer him a better contract—that he deserved).

So you’re telling me out of all this time, he waited until the LAST 6 DAYS OF THE TRANSFER WINDOW, knowing we wouldn’t be able to get a replacement in time, and moved to Bayern Munich.

I can’t even wax reflective on this anymore I’m just gonna list the shit I think is dicky about this move:




- The fact that THIS ISN’T A RETIREMENT MOVE in the way he’s playing it off. If Xabi was going back to Real Sociedad, or even LIVERPOOL, I’d be like “okay, he’s 32 he wants to get settled before retiring”. But NO, he’s going to BAYERN MUNICH who in recent years has re surged with a rivalry with Real Madrid in Europe that is one of the fiercest and most sensitive in recent memory.

Xabi was THERE in 2010. HE GOT YELLOW CARDED AND MISSED THE FINAL AGAINST THEM. He knows what they mean.

- What explanation does he have for the move anyways? He’s moving literally to a different club that can offer him NOTHING that Real Madrid can’t offer him, only in a country where he can’t speak the language, and away from his family. Where is the justification? (And don’t give me he’s afraid of not starting because he replaced his alleged “replacement” in Illaramendi when he got off injury).

- He’s going now because he wanted to play for Pep Guardiola? Really? what a slap in the face.

There’s probably more but that’s why Xabi doesn’t get any brownie points. Oh he said nice things about the club in the presser, ACTIONS speak louder than words.

Bye Xabi. IDK, maybe we’ll need you, maybe we won’t. But I won’t miss someone that did us so wrong like that. And that’s a shame because under any other situation, I’d probs be bawling over this.

anonymous said:

Doesn't annoy you a bit when people compare IchiRuki to NaruSaku or IchiHime to NaruHina? Because personally, they're very different (and I ship IR and NH)

annoys me a bit, the similarities between NaruSaku and IchiRuki are superficial, Ichigo and Rukia, Naruto and Hinata has a strong connection. in my opinion NaruSaku and IchiRuki are not alike. and Ichihime definitely does not have half of the feelings and connection that NaruHina has.

I’m just a little bit miserable today. I knew that caring would fuck me up, I knew it right from the start but I let myself do it anyway. I thought it would be worth it, but it’s not and now I’m giving in to stupid purely human and possibly superficial emotions. I feel so basic and just plain dumb.

anonymous said:

Ohmygosh the request box is still open! Yay! [: anyhow, what would luhan/lay do if you got really insecure about yourself since you were really different from their 'ideal type'? Thank you for your hard work, admins! You are very appreciated and loved c:

Thank you so much!

Quite honestly, I think a lot of the “ideal types” that idols mention on TV shows are just for show. And superficial. Luhan and Lay would be quick to remind you of that too. 

Luhan would be sympathetic, at first at least - if it became a regular thing he might not be as cuddly and kind. He’d be quick to assure you that if he reeeally thought his ideal type was the only girl for him, he wouldn’t be stringing you along like this. Besides, it’s not like he knows his ideal girl inside out, her likes and dislikes, the way she sleeps etc like he knows you - and that’s why he’s dating you and why he loves you. Not because you’re a beauty queen or a fantastic dancer that fits a certain visual, but because you can make him laugh and you fit together like puzzle pieces. But like I said earlier, if you had these doubts regularly, he wouldn’t be quite as poetic in dispelling your worries - and if you constantly ignore his assurances that you’re the girl for him and his true ideal type (not some celebrity he’s only spoken to twice), he’d start to think that you didn’t care about him enough to trust him. 

Lay would be exactly the same as Luhan, minus the occasional “why don’t you trust me?!” rant. Instead of getting annoyed with you, he’d list all the reasons that he liked his “ideal” girl, and then all the reasons he liked you - and obviously your list would be around 10 miles long as opposed to a postit note for his “ideal”. He’d do this every time you were feeling insecure, as long as he had time, until he was sure that you were starting to believe him that you’re the only one for him. Like Luhan, he loves you because you’re you. And that’s all there is to it.

I hope this was okay, and thanks for requesting!

-Admin M

Credo che superficiale sia la parola più offensiva prima di grasso, idiota o stronzo.
Se mi dessero della superficiale ci soffrire molto, credo che starei a pensarci per giorni interi.
Superficiale, dio, ma sapete cosa vuol dire essere superficiale?
Qualcuno che si ferma in superficie, allo strato più esterno, qualcuno che non approfondisce, qualcuno che non va oltre. Qualcuno fermo lì, limitato nei suoi limiti. Qualcuno che ha le vedute bloccate e non riesce a superare lo strato esterno. Qualcuno che si perde nell’approfondire un qualcosa perchè non ha idea di che fare, non ha idea di come approfondire. Qualcuno che da un’occhiata veloce al mondo, alle persone e già crede di sapere tutto di quelle. Superficiale è qualcuno che non coglie i particolari del profondo, qualcuno che non percepisce l’interiorità di qualcosa o di qualcuno. Superficiale è quella persona che si fissa sull’aspetto di una cosa o di una persona. Superficiale è qualcuno che giudica un libro dalla copertina, qualcuno che parla senza sapere. Superficiale è quello che guarda senza vedere. Superficiale è quello che vive senza assaporarla la vita.
Non è più offensivo un “sei superficiale” di un “sei grasso”?

anonymous said:

you cant deny that majority of frat guys are assholes. like they would act cool and better than everyone else. salmon is no exception. i bet he is only nice onlin but acts like a jerk in person.

But I can deny that, actually.  Because I know a good many frat guys.  They don’t act cool and better than everyone else.  They act like normal people.  Their interests and attitudes are no different than those of GDI’s.  Trust me, sweetie.  Greek life has a reputation.  It’s not a true one.  Tell me exactly what is wrong with a bunch of guys coming together to promote charity and academic excellence and have a good time on the weekends.

It seems to me that you think you’re better than us.

And for all you know, I may be a total bitch in real life.  Because sorority girls are reportedly superficial whores.  What’s your point?

anonymous said:

hi so i've been dating my boyfriend who just turned 17 and literally today is our 5month anniversary. and we've already had sex two months ago. i'm 15. and i really love him, but i went on a vacation for 2 months and i just got back home 3 nights ago.. seeing him doesn't feel the same. he kinda got chubby and his hair grew a bit long? i dont know if im superficial but i know im usually never like this. i love him i do, but i dont feel attracted anymore and i dont want to kiss him now? help:(

You should try convincing him to get a haircut and taking him to the gym with you. It’s hard to tell your partner to change because it shouldn’t be about the physical appearance, but it’s sometimes important when your young. If things don’t change then just try to respect the fact that there’s a lot more to him than his hair and body x

the thing is they cast wicked extremely superficially and like i guess people dont watch wicked the way i watch it which is extremely critically cos like honestly g[a]linda DOES need to be played just so and it’s really obvious that no one seems to get that. that she has actual objectives. she doesn’t just sing popular and is all funny. like most of the g[a]lindas that are cast take the comedic acting too far and don’t use it correctly. or there are ones that arent good comedic actors and their populars are p boring and even if they do the serious stuff well they lack a certain essence that g[a]linda needs to have. like

and elphabas are so boring like all the fuckin time like cOME THE FUCK ON. like they so rarely have something that makes them really special…… like i love wilemijn i do but idk if i feel much personality from her performance whereas eden played elphie so incredibly interestingly and idk

a lot of this is personaly opinion but i think y’all will understand what i mean when i say that wicked is cast very superficially. it’s like they don’t cast thinking about the story and the characters. they think only about how well they’ll sing it. and i know it’s musical theatre but jesus christ you’re allowed to sound fucking ugly who gives a shit how good you sound when you act the shit out of it. that’s why meghils and eden are my favourite. they both sounded phenomenal and could play all the levels of their characters. GODDAMN IT.

Often girls seem to wish to
fall in love with the boys who
can do marvelous things
such as sing or play an
instrument or write poetry.

Some may long for a football
athlete who will sweep them
off their feet or perhaps a
quiet bookworm who will
have deep philosophical
discussions with all night long.

Some sorts of those things
sound attractive to me,
however they wouldn’t matter
in my searching mind.

I do not long for those things,
but a kind and good heart is
what I would like.

A heart to love me in a way
that is more than just these
superficial feelings but a heart
who will choose to love me even
when it may seem difficult,
a heart who will not give up
on me so easily but who will
fight for me.

I am not expecting any
certain qualities or personality
type from you except
someone who will be kind
and enjoy talking to me because
I am a fragile soul and you
might be one too but you
might not be.

I will share my fragile soul
with you and together we
will bring each other up,
even more than that we
will lead each other to our
Heavenly Father.

That is all that I seek.

anonymous said:

I've noticed that when someboby tells you they are not pretty enough to find a boyfriend or they are insecure about their appearance you always say that's not the most important thing and what really matters is what kind of person you are and i just think this is total bullshit. I mean come on let's face it! Life is hell of a lot easier if a person is pretty and not just in terms of relationships but in pretty much anything else.

Of course it always counts the appearance first cause that’s the first thing we see when we meet someone. And I would also say that we live in a superficial world. But for me it would never work to be with someone who looks super perfect but has a bad personality. 

And there are definitely days when I feel ugly too. Especially in my youth it was a huge problem for me. But everyone has a different taste in men and so there will always be someone who thinks you’re the most beautiful guy in the world. 

I’ve just read an article about what gay men like in their partners and you would never believe what kind of guys they like. Definitely not the model one. ;)