Años le hacían falta para acostumbrarse a aquel encierro. No importaba cuántos años había asistido a aquel campamento, siempre terminaba con la necesidad de golpearse la cabeza contra una superficie plana a las pocas horas de estar allí. Era inexplicable el cómo lograban convencerle de asistir y, mejor dicho, el efecto que los deseos de su madre tenían en él. Si fuese por decisión propia, enviaría a su hermana a la guerra sin municiones y con una sonrisa en el rostro, pero aquella situación no podía arreglarse tan fácilmente—. Me cago en mi puta madre, joder —irónico era que estuviese lanzando mierdas y sapos de su madre, cuando ella era la linda razón por la que soportaba todo aquello. No pasó por alto que su tan elegante vocabulario había llevado a la persona parada cerca de él a girarse a observar el espectáculo—. ¿Y tú qué mierda ves?


Take a good look at yourself.
Poverty and starvation are superficial realities; the poor and the starving are fundamentally noble and sublime. To feel sorry for people based on superficialities is a grave insult to them. We must learn to respect and serve everyone.
Take a good look at yourself.
This age of rampant materialism is harming you. You are the ocean itself, yet you are paying attention only to the spray from the waves. Dwell on the ocean, not on the spray.
Take a good look at yourself.
The Buddha did not appear in this world to save us. He came to teach us that we are already saved, originally saved. What a tremendous joy it is for us to live with this Truth-so let’s all bless everything together!
—  Tong Songchol
I know white people are shit and yet

They make the rules of this place. 

I internalize the list of things I need to do perfectly in order to be counted as human. I keep every receipt. Drive defensively. Perfect student, never drink or drug, dress above target, be generous with money, never talk to men, be unapproachable and irreproachable. And yet

I know the less flawed you are the more they hate you. Be self deprecating but funny. Praise them. Shower love upon them then make your getaway. Pretend you are much much worse. Internalize it enough so you’re being honest. Show competence but not talent. White women like you dim. Dimmer. Even dimmer. Ah, you didn’t realize how low they think your people. It’s not superficial. It’s the only storyline that allows them to be heroines.

Can you keep them fed and still be safe?

Because whatever you may say about being yourself. Speak truth to power. Find your own destiny. You are not the one brown woman who will defeat white supremacy. As long as they’re around, they won’t let you slide. 

Do Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks have anything in common other than the names? Is this a completely arbitrary feud based on this one superficial coincidence?

Thanks to a new cohort of culture warriors, today video-games aren’t just a leisure activity. They are now a battleground of abstract theories and warring ideologies. Critics want games to be viewed as art, replete with as many “cutting edge” political messages about racism and sexism as a New York indie gallery. But the trouble is, they are not art. They are entertainment. They are not made to make a political statement; they are made to turn a profit. McIntosh is like a food critic railing against a packet of skittles because he wants it to be a soufflé. 

At the centre of this new-age cultural war is Mr. McIntosh (@radicalbytes). He is known for co-writing and producing the videos of ‘Feminist Frequency’ (Anita Sarkeesian) who hit the mainstream press this year in the New York Times and Colbert Report. From a superficial perspective, Sarkeesian and McIntosh make reasonable criticisms of video-games. It is obvious to anyone that games are hyper-masculine. And games as well as the gaming community, would benefit from having more female designers representing the female perspective. This is a no-brainer. 

Ultimately, however, the problem with the type of ‘progressive’ thought as spouted by McIntosh, is that it doesn’t lend itself well to real-life circumstances. Everything is ideological; almost nothing is practical. Instead of rolling up his sleeves and creating games himself, McIntosh simply moans from the sidelines.

Claire Lahmann, a liberal-centrist feminist, in her pure gold essay about SJWs and video games.

My Biggest Flaw

My biggest flaw is that I haven’t been able to tell people that I truly care for them. Sure, I tell certain friends and family that I love them, but sometimes I don’t think that’s enough. To love someone is an intangible concept, and it’s nice to hear that you’re loved but not as powerful hearing that someone is there for you and actually following through with that statement. I think deep down inside I’m just afraid of saying “I’m here for you” because I’m afraid that either I won’t be able to be here for them when they most need me or that they don’t feel the same way in return. I’ve lost many friendships and relationships due to this inability to truly connect and be present with someone. I’ve talked before about trying to live more in the moment, and I am getting better at it, but I also realize that being in the moment is not about the situation or the location or any of the superficial crap, but instead it’s about being present with whoever I’m with at that specific moment.

So that’s my biggest flaw, not being able to look someone in the eye and telling them “I’m here for you.” and the thing is that I am there for them, especially my friends and family and previous relationships, but I was never able to express my presence and support in a direct manner. I’ve always vied for indirect methods of expressing that I’m here for someone; through texts, writings on this blog, and subtle hints. However, saying I’m here for someone directly and actually following through with it, that’s the way to be truly present and to truly connect with someone and make them and myself feel better. Alas, at least I’m aware of this flaw and like with any flaw I can overcome it and be a better friend, lover, and overall human being. No more telling people how much I care about them exclusively through texts, letters, and Instagram hashtags. Now I shall express my love, my appreciation for their presence, my being there for them through spoken words. I need to be present, and not cower away behind the safety of smart phones and writing. I need to be there for the ones that I love, truly be there.

Lordfruitloop, your wonderful “ask”of sorts was deleted for some reason from my drafts folder… so anyway, I’ll answer it anyway, though a bit different obviously. (Your asked pertained to my rendition of Vlad’s character quality)

Firstly I am so terribly sorry for the long-ass wait, sweetie!!!
Secondly, thank you from the deepest cesspool of my blood sewer!!!!

I’ve tried so hard to keep as Vlad as human as possible without the superficial flavoring I grew accustomed to when I first got into Pompous Pep fandom - not saying this sassy sugar daddy ain’t sweetened with splenda sometimes, I just try to use more stevia if I can’t get sugar in the raw!! It makes me so happy that my blank stares at the screen as I figure out Vlad’s next quote/action makes him into such an enjoyable role in my story

Now if only I could draw the bastard to look half as good as the persona :p anyway, have a REALLY detailed Vlad as an apology of sorts v u v

Le paure di Lucrezio

Non mi potrò mai dimenticare della splendida lezione con cui ci fu presentato Lucrezio, nei lieti giorni della terza liceo. Quest’autore latino si affanna per l’intero “De rerum natura” a ripetere che non vi sono motivi per temere la morte, che tutto è materia, ogni credenza superstizione, l’amore un’inutile sofferenza e le passioni da evitare, poichè conducono alla follia. Dopo aver illustrato l’opera con perfetta imparzialità, però, il nostro professore continuando ci chiese di leggerne ogni verso in controluce, senza fermarci alla patina di superficie. Non avremmo faticato - ci disse - a prender coscienza di quanto fosse fragile l’uomo nascosto dietro parole così severe. Se Lucrezio predica serenità, distacco dalle passioni e razionalismo, è semplicemente perchè sa benissimo che ogni atomo del suo corpo, se fosse lasciato in balia della corrente, affogherebbe nelle sue stesse paure. Non è una dimostrazione di forza, ma un’estrema e caparbia difesa, non è zelante intransigenza, ma cieco terrore: aderisce a ciò che gli salva la vita, lo fa con lo stesso ardore con cui un naufrago tenderebbe allo spasimo i muscoli, se una zattera d’insperata fortuna gli promettesse di salvarlo dagli abissi oceanici che sotto di lui si spalancano. Capii quel giorno, e mi bastó, che le parole non solo affermano una verità, ma ne celano spesso un’altra inespressa, fors’anche all’insaputa dello stesso autore. D’altronde chi come Lucrezio si ingegna a colmare le proprie mancanze non prova un dolore minore di chi si sofferma ad analizzarle minutamente.
È un esercizio meraviglioso, coraggioso e destabilizzante al contempo, ricercare quali affanni si nascondono dietro le proclamate convinzioni di molti. La metà dei miei post sembra fatta apposta, tra l’altro.

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What do you think about multiculturalism?

As old as civilization itself. Attempting to handle it by codifying culture as a rigid set of rules that must be adhered to for their own sake (ie. nationalism), or by replacing culture with a bland, superficial “multicultural” pastiche (ie. globalization) does a disservice to oneself and to mankind.

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Honey Lemon or GoGo?

I love both characters a lot, but… I would have to say I like GoGo more just because 

a. she doesn’t take anyone’s shit- like me

b. she’s badass- like I want to be

c. she’s really sweet towards Hiro after his little breakdown, while being a total badass

d. she was the one who succeeded the most in defeating Yokai during their first battle (the only reason she didn’t beat him was because someone else screwed up)

e. she’s short and curvy- like me!!!! I was so freaking excited when I saw her designs, and then when I watched the movie I freaked out even more when she sat down and there was no thigh gap (it sounds superficial, but, come on, representation matters, and there’s barely any of it for girls like me)

Basically, she’s a badass who is secretly sweet and she’s so much like me that I loved her after the first thing she did and said

Make me choose between : two ships, two characters, two fandoms, two anything at all!

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Hi. Please some advice. How do I deal with people constantly insulting my favorite characters? I think you're familiar with this because Jason Todd, for example, gets hated on.

You’ve both come to the right place… and also the wrong place.

Right because you’ve correctly assumed that I deal with this a lot. Wrong in that… I have any helpful advice.

To be completely honest with you, I am fascinated when people hate characters I love, and my irritation and grief with it only truly comes into play when digging into their rationale reveals they’re either misinformed or have chosen very superficial/inconsistent reasons to fuel their hate. It’s not just Jason subjected to this, but I honestly find most of my favorites are always possessing some amount of unreasonable insults and hatred in the fandom for reasons I just could not get.

Like there was a guy for a while who would reblog any post I had where I discussed Cass on a hypothetical team-up or headcanon with other characters with “UGH I hate her” tags or “EVERYTHING’S PERFECT EXCEPT FOR ONE” and when I started calling him out and asking why, I’d get nothing.

Like cool you don’t like her, but explain to me why you feel so strongly you have to reblog a fan with such ire!! Surely you have a REASON behind all that disdain to cause you to go through that much trouble!

… um. I don’t exactly advise my method, though. Obviously it’s not worked out wonderfully for me in the past.

My best advice, actually, is to surround yourself with fellow fans who enjoy your favorites right along with you, and if you have the time and stamina, try finding a fan who dislikes your favorite but is respectful and intelligent about it and read up on their opinion on the matter. Sometimes great points can be made that you never thought of before and can help you either appreciate some of the rougher edges to your character you can acknowledge and deal with as a fan or give you something to base research and argument over for your own satisfaction. But doing step one (finding good posts you agree with) to help your resolve is definitely something you should do first.

Just remember that everyone’s entitled to an opinion. And sometimes those other opinions can be surprisingly revealing and well founded! And then spend hours drowning in canon to feed your argument as to why your favs have value outside of those brought up circumstances anyway. You might learn something and you might end up loving your favorite more and maybe for different reasons.

It’s mad how some boys can be so intelligent in someways and so god damn superficial in others.

It’s like ‘I’m a super functioning actually really intelligent human ooo tits sorry what’s going on..’