The Science of Pureblood Prejudice

The wizarding world has many inherent prejudices, the most notable of which is pureblood prejudice against muggleborns and squibs. On a superficial level these view appear only to be a product of the nasty personalities of people like the Malfoys.However this prejudice runs deep within wizarding society, so deep that pureblood families would rather breed themselves in complete degeneracy than broaden their gene pool with non-purebloods. 

Whilst we can write this off as pure pig-headed dedication to ideology. I believe that there is a much deeper, rational reason behind pureblood prejuidice. 

I explore:

  • Why pureblood families continued to inbreed to the point of degeneracy.
  • Where pureblood prejudice came from and how it developed
  • The effects of seclusion on wizarding culture and stigma
  • The genetics behind squibs/muggleborns and why they are hated by the pureblood supremists.

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It pisses me off so much (and perhaps I don’t have the right to be angry and judge my brothers and sisters in Islam, but still) when people start getting religious and the first quality they pick up isn’t manners or calmness but the ability to spot everyone’s flaws. The obsession with short pants, beards, eyebrows, hijab, music, and interactions between men and women. It’s such superficial crap. It angers me that they opened the Quran and what they saw wasn’t mercy and kindness but guilt tripping people into being religious. They start debates not to gain or impart wisdom but to win. They become obsessed with the physical hijab and dismiss anyone who doesn’t fit their standards. I see so many of them at my university and I don’t even like being around them. There’s something wrong with your Islam if people are avoiding you.


When Imam Malik embarked on the study of Islamic sciences with a teacher, his mother advised him to “learn from your teacher his manners before you learn from him his knowledge.”

Los chicos viven con la idea que estar exageradamente musculosos es mejor porque le gusta a las mujeres, a todas las mujeres conocidas que yo tengo me han dicho que ese tipo de hombres no le gustan, las mujeres viven obsesionadas con que estar demasiado delgada y plana es mejor que porque así les gustan a los hombres e igual pregunté a hombres que conozco y dicen que no les gusta ese tipo de mujeres. Conclusión: no hagas caso a qué es lo que le gusta a los demás o lo que crees que les gusta, aquí lo que importa es que te gustes y seas feliz, vivimos en un mundo superficial donde todos se enloquecen con su físico, y si te pones a hacer caso a todo lo que la gente dice tan sólo vas a desperdiciar y amargar tu vida.

In 2009, when the sci-fi breakthrough District 9 premiered, it didn’t seem likely, but now it’s looking like a sad, frustrating reality: Neill Blomkamp is basically the new Richard Kelly, the only difference being that Blomkamp works with gargantuan budgets and continues to land big-studio projects. With that comparison in mind, District 9 is the South African filmmaker’s Donnie Darko. His spellbinding debut turned heads and transformed the previously unknown director into an industry star—not to mention, the film gave sci-fi a much-needed shot of independent swagger, made its $30 million budget look like a Michael Bay production, and charged its way into a well-deserved Best Picture nomination. But, like Kelly again, Blomkamp has failed to live up to his debut’s potential in the years since, bricking heavily with the overly plotted yet dull Elysium and once again missing the mark with his third feature, Chappie, a tonally bi-polar disappointment that dilutes an intriguing concept with silliness disguised as superficially “thought-provoking” genre storytelling.

Co-written by Blomkamp and his District 9 collaborator Terri Tatchell, Chappie imagines a fictionalized near-future version of Johannesburg, South Africa, where advanced engineering practices have pushed robotic technology to a new frontier: the fuzz. Robots are mobilized into a seemingly unstoppable army of police droids, with whiz-kid programmer Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) receiving the credit for designing the officers, known as “Scouts.” Working for the mega conglomerate Tetravaal, Deon is the star employee in the eyes of all of his colleagues, except for one: ex-soldier Vincent Moore (Hugh Jackman), an idealist who equates thinking robots with mankind’s doom and has made his own answer to the Scouts: the “MOOSE,” a much larger bot that’s controlled by humans through a sort of virtual reality simulation. Vincent’s fears amplify once one of the Scouts gets stolen by a gang of desperate thugs (led by Die Antwoord members Ninja and Yolandi Visser), who take advantage of Deon’s ability to give the bot consciousness and train it to rob, wear more gold chains than a 1980s-era Slick Rick, and pull of a massive heist.

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cara eu odeio gente que se acha superficial que os outros, gente que acha que tem direitos maiores e que pode fazer qualquer coisa que ninguem vai falar nada. vontade de mandar td mundo assim pra casa do caralho
How to date a Millionaire.

Did I ever tell you all about the very wealthy man that found me?

Bruh. Like, baby was so stacked. He was trying to really make it rain on a bitch. He was super attentive. The conversation was great. He actually was a great kisser. Just lips, no tongue. 🙊 an older white guy. Very supportive… very nice. The only problem was…

The plastic surgery. 🙊 he was so snatched I just couldn’t do it bitch. Like, I tried but he had had one too many face lifts for me to look past. I’m sorry if this is fucked up. I feel fucked up about it still. It’s like he was handsome but he was desperately trying to stay handsome and that wasn’t working out.

I felt so superficial and weird when I casually allowed myself to fade into the distance. My friends thought I was crazy for waking away from somebody who could have really put me on. He owns radio stations and all kinds of shit. I just couldn’t lead him on and allow him to fall in love with me knowing there was a bit of me that wasn’t really attracted to him for real for real. As broke as I am sometimes I still don’t want money or things or comfort that badly. My soul has to feel good. So with my karma still in the green I moved on but I still think about him from time to time. He was so excited and happy to spend time with me. I hope he has found love and I hope she’s amazing.


No money no problems. 😕

E’ un periodo in cui galleggio, me ne sto sdraiata inerte trascinata dalla corrente in superficie muovendo appena le mani per non lasciarmi affondare.
Ho mollato tutto, il mio futuro, i miei sogni.
Vado avanti per inerzia spinta dallo scorrere del tempo
—  Sonounnumeroprimo

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this is so superficial but YOUR FACE IS UNREAL AND I AM CRYING.

*slowly pats you on the back and wipes off your tears*

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jehan, r, and eponine who are basically all the parents of gavroche. they all take care of him and go to his parent meetings (most of the teachers are afraid of grantaire but the ones who know are afraid of all of them because eponine and jehan are both forces to be reckoned with), his musicals, his games, everything. they shop for him, they all own their apartment together and have a strange plantonic harmony amount them. gavroche also brags to all of his friends that he has three parents.

(I’m going with the idea that they haven’t met Les Amis yet :))

Awww so Grantaire looks a lot older than he is, and his once-broken nose, bruised eyes and tattoos scare everyone who sees him. Of course, Grantaire is an adorable sleepy kitten with a big heart, but he would argue people are superficial and judge him.


"Why is Gav’s grade low in maths? Is extra tutoring not an option here? Why not?!"

"You’ve downgraded him in English. He can quote Yeats ad verbatim. Go on Gavroche, show him!"

And R just occasionally throws in a comment with a sardonic sleepy grin.

Gavroche gets the lead in the school show as Peter Pan and he can hardly wait so he practises intensely at home and Jehan helps him with his projection and vocal technique, R with the dance routine, Eponine with acting technique itself. And when the show comes round they film it and Ep gets a bit teary though she’d never admit it and they end up clapping the loudest and giving him a standing ovation.

The apartment is just this amazing bohemian centre with books lining the walls and murals painted in the walls. It’s just stunning and they love it and everyone loves coming round Gav’s house because it always smells like cookies and his guardians are the coolest and aaaaawwwww uwu


Certe volte è come affogare. Tutto diventa denso e buio e non riesci a respirare. Non capisci dove sei e da che parte devi andare e perciò rimani bloccato, tremante. Ti rannicchi per ritrovare te stesso, che è la prima cosa da fare, ma anche quello è difficile. Speri in una mano benefattrice che ti salvi ma sai bene che nessuno ti può salvare, non perché sei solo o non tengono a te, ma semplicemente perché non si può. La solitudine si acuisce e ti pungola le orecchie, i polmoni, lo stomaco, proprio come quando affoghi. Lotti, non ti arrendi, ti dimeni. Urli, scalpiti, ti disperi, fin quando ti abbandoni e ti lasci andare. Sei affogato e adesso sei tranquillo, niente è più denso, tutto ti accarezza. Torni in superficie, adesso puoi

Sei salvo. Per ora.


"Emma & Regina" Holding On And Letting Go (SwanQueen)

THAT’s why #swanqueen is so shippable. i swear anybody would’ve been able to see/feel the connection between these two! And even if it doesn’t happen in the show, one thing’s for sure, their relationship isn’t one that’s superficial and it takes extra special effort to maintain✨ #vivalaswanqueen !!! 

Cuando se mezcla la superficie porosa de los Mentos, su gelatina y goma fusible árabe con el benzoato de potasio, aspartame y el CO2 y se le añade Coca Cola, el CO2 se libera tan rápidamente que produce espuma. Una reacción parecida a la del volcán que hiciste en el colegio.

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You aren't going to have Ami brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom are you? When that happened in Crystal nit was kinda upsetting cause it's like they had to force Ami to be weaker instead of showing her strength.

No, I  won’t do that. They cut the most important moment about Ami in that episode… But Toei made the same with all the girls. All of them are weaker in their debut episodes just in favour of Usagi. 

Ami was brainwashed like everybody else because she had to wake up thanks to Usagi’s “friendship”. Rei was unable to defend herself from the allegations of abduction and Usagi had to defend her with the most irritating and lame defense( Rei can’t be guilty because she’s pretty. The manga Rei would be so angry because of that superficial defense). Makoto can’t react and defend herself from the youma(as in the manga) until Usagi gave another speech about love and friendship. Minako looked like she would have a glorious moment against Kunzite… and finally they both had a ridiculous and senseless”fight” before Usagi came one more time to save the day with her speech about “eternal friendship in just a minute”.

You know, I have always liked Martin Freeman, but can I just say, I appreciate him even more now? What a contrast to BC, who I think is, and maybe always has been, a fame hungry, superficial twat.  I don’t know if he has started believing his own press or if he was always this was and just did a better job of covering it. Ambition is one thing, famewhorey hypocrite, however, is quite another. All I know is, I used to think he was so quirky & gorgeous, but now I’m just turned off. I will say, I think he & SH are well matched. They both apparently love the limelight.