Mercury is the bright light in our eye that keenly observes then flitters away to keenly discuss his findings. Mercury is the messenger pixie who’s inquisitive spirit talks a blue streak and demands answers from his surroundings. The winged postal service is thinking, speaking, communication, learning, broadcasting, reading, and, like a journalist he flies from source to source gathering information in a superficial and engaging manner. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, exalts in Virgo and rules Aries esoterically. He is the eternal adolescent archetype and circles the Sun at the speed of voice. Mercury is the article writer, the coffee catch up chat, the gossip, the teacher, the author, the double talking jester and animated informer. Most of your 24 hour news anchors, talk show hosts and bulletin writers are Mercury ruled. Alan Carr, the host of Chatty Man has his natal Sun and Mercury conjunct Gemini, Jimmy Fallon has his Sun and Venus conjunct Virgo, Shaun Macallif and Samantha Armytage have natal Suns in Virgo, Joan Rivers has her Sun, Venus and Mercury conjunct Gemini in the third house and Yumi Stynes and Georgie Gardner have natal Sun in Gemini. Mercury is quick, clever, brilliant, distracted, energetic and mutable and enigmatic. He appears in an instant to inquire his environment than proceeds to vanish just as mysteriously, using rollercoaster words that are filled with three meanings and anecdotal riddles. Everybody has a sign in Mercury and a sign on the third and sixth house cusps respectively. And this is the bright, alert and restless Gemini/Virgo eyes that veil a loud, chaotic cognitive cog network and the most productive of  mind machinery.


Striking Portraits Capture Africa’s Final Generation of Scarification

For Hââbré, The Last Generation, Ivory Coast, Abidjan-based photographer Joana Choumali captures some of the final faces marked by scarification, the ancient custom of superficially cutting the flesh to form permanent signatures along body. With the urbanization and westernization of cities like Abidjan, Hââbré has gone out of fashion and has even been prohibited in certain areas. Here, Choumali traces the legacy of the tradition as it exists within a modernized society, framing her subjects with an objective and compassionate eye that neither condemns nor affirms their personal histories.

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"In many ways, this patient has lived a psychotic life for many years. He has substituted human parts for the companionship of human beings and at the same time has gone through the superficial existence so that in the eyes of people around him he appeared quite rational. This can happen with chronic schizophrenic people." - Dr. Milton Miller on Ed Gein

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Hi. Would you please direct me to Hamlet text written in 'Todays english'? I have been banging my head against the original version and can't understand it all. Problem is that english is not my first language. But I want to read it before 2nd October, a deadline I set up for myself I don't even know why! Please help. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Okay so this exists if you look up no fear shakespeare BUT that translation is awful and often inaccurate so you’ll get a superficial understanding of what goes down without being able to see any nuance. 

I would encourage you to give up on your arbitrary October 2 deadline. Since Hamlet is Shakespeare’s longest work, it’s probably going to take hella time to get through. If you can find a movie version you like in your first language/ with subtitles in your first language that could help you out a lot. It would probably be better for you to read a good translation of Hamlet  in your first language rather than the ‘today’s english’ version. 

If you’re not feeling any of that, the folger version has act/ scene summaries written in/ you can use my summary to keep tabs on what’s going on (in the summaries I wrote at least a sentence about each scene most of the time)/ you can use the plot summary on the Hamlet wikipedia page in your first language.

When I find myself reading and not comprehending I usually backtrack to where I stopped understanding and start writing hella notes to myself about what I think is going on. I also like having the character list separate from the play so I have it as a handy reference when people I don’t remember pop up. 

I wish you all the best in your battle with the moody dane & if anyone else has tips/ tricks please tell me! 

let this not be interpreted as ignorant or anything of the sort but when did tumblr become the news????? like it’s so so great that we’re so aware/spreading the word about all this bad shit in the world don’t get me wrong. but damn sometimes i just want to escape all the negativity for a while and look at some pretty pictures

We are so obsessed with
and sizes
and superficial looks,
that we forget to love people
for what they carry in their hearts
for the scars hiding within the color of their skin
for the brokenness in their fractured souls;
for who they really are.
—  don’t // A.G

I’m getting tired of all these “because black haired guys always win” posts. No… its not a fact that black haired guys always win. There is no thing as stupid shoujo law. If Shizume becomes canon, it’ll be because of the real development that has come from the story, not because of something superficial like the color of Shishio’s hair. Please stop downgrading the beauty that is Shizume.

Entonces, de repente, lo vi. Tras una leve agitación que delataba su ascensión a la superficie, la entidad surgió a la vista sobre las aguas oscuras. Inmenso, repugnante, aquella especie de Polifemo saltó hacia el monolito como un monstruo formidable y pesadillesco, y lo rodeó con sus brazos enormes y escamosos, al tiempo que inclinaba la cabeza y profería ciertos gritos acompasados. Creo que enloquecí entonces.

No recuerdo muy bien los detalles de mi frenética subida por la ladera y el acantilado, ni de mi delirante regreso al bote varado… Creo que canté mucho, y que reí insensatamente cuando no podía cantar. Tengo el vago recuerdo de una tormenta, poco después de llegar al bote; en todo caso, sé que oí el estampido de los truenos y demás ruidos que la naturaleza profiere en sus momentos de mayor irritación.

Fragmento Dagón

HP Lovecraft.

Poem: Looking Deeper Within/ Reflection

Mirror mirror on the wall
Im the flyest of them all
My scars helped me obtain the pain
Remembrance of how far i’ve came
As I looked at the mirror…
I saw the true reflection
I won’t be oppressed by superficial worldly demands of how I should look
I will not lock my myself within four corners allowing force, blame and shame to play tricks on my mind I’m Beautifully human
In open nakedness
My soul reveals itself
Not perfect by no means
Flawed and Forgiven
Creation of God
Made with purpose
Designed to make difference
I am who I am
Fuck what society says
The world may turn
Fearful phantoms of prejudice and judgment will haunt
Doubters will linger
At the end of the day
I love me some me
Nobody cant tell me nothing

Oh that note, there is also NO REASON a native nonvenomous snake needs to die. It won’t hurt your dogs, risk of infection is fairly minimal with proper care, and most are so small that any damage they may do to you is superficial compared to what a wild rabbit or squirrel will do.

If you can’t tell whether it’s venomous or not, DON’T MESS WITH IT! Most venomous snake bites occur because people mess with them (to kill them)! Confronting a venomous snake when you don’t know what you’re doing has an incredibly high risk of being hospitalized.

Any look at world history raises the question why inhuman men fare so well and their victims fare so badly. Only on superficial level is ‘world history’ a problem of universal history, by the solution of which a meaningful horizon can be found for the whole of existence. At the deepest level the question of world history is the question of righteousness. And this question extends out into transcendence. The question whether there is a God or not is a speculative question in the face of the cries for righteousness of those who are murdered and gassed, who are hungry and oppressed. If the question of theodicy can be understood as a question of the righteousness of God in the history of the suffering of the world, then all understanding and presentation of world history must be seen within the horizon of the question of theodicy. Or do the executioners ultimately triumph over their innocent victims?

A N D R E J P E J I C.
Runway/Print model.

I was always told that I was a beautiful soul, but I know how superficial this world is. The world knows nothing of beautiful souls, only beautiful faces. Flawless bodies that strut under the flashing bulbs of boys and girls as critics.
But that’s alright.
I paint pictures with poses and garments, my bills are paid and my expensive appetite for material things is fulfilled - I am just as superficial as the world I live in, but there might be more to me. At times I wonder about those beautiful souls. I’ve yet to see one for myself and I’ve begun to think that they aren’t real, at least not in my line of work. Maybe one of you will prove me otherwise.


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gimmie a giant paragraph explaining why you like Scott.

ok ok

well first off hes everything i superficially like in a character based on appearances and general jerkish demeanor i always like the gingers and i always like the jerks so he was like the holy grail of my bad taste

when i first saw tdri he was the first character to make me really laugh like REALLY bust a gut laughing and after watching the show i just related to him a lot and i could pick out things we had in common and i just really felt like i had a serious connection to this character and it was nice

and idk he sort of just snuck his way into being my all time favourite character and i love him a lot and scott is very important. to me

¿Nunca les ha pasado que al mirar alguna película o serie se identifican tanto con un personaje, que le quitan mérito o juzgan a otro por ello? A mí me sucedió eso con Chloe.
La primera vez que vi la serie, me identidiqué demasiado con Rae en cuanto al tipo de inseguridades. La vi sólo a ella como alguien vulnerable y juzgué a Chloe como una mala amiga, una chica superficial, egoísta y como una verdadera zorra. Izzy, Chop y Archie me cayeron bien desde siempre, y obvio Finn también apenas se mostró como era realmente. Pero no conseguía entender ni encariñarme con Chloe. De hecho, al final de la temporada me pregunté ¿Por qué se supone que Rae debe sentirse culpable de que se marchara Chloe si ella decidió irse por su cuenta?. Y terminé con una mala impresión de ella al terminar el capítulo 7. Después veía por todas partes comentarios compasivos hacia su personaje y no entendía por qué. Para mí era sólo una chica buscando atención y alguien egoísta.
Pero la segunda vez que vi la serie comprendí mejor. La vi, por así decirlo, de forma objetiva.
Podía ser preciosa, tener buenos amigos y buenos padres, pero su autoestima estaba por los suelos. Creía que, para lo único que servía, era para “satisfacer” a los hombres. Así fue por ejemplo con el profesor, quien obviamente abusó de ello.
Entonces después del aborto -no voy a opinar de ello porque es algo muy complejo-, aparece Finn siendo todo un caballero, notando que algo malo le pasaba, ofreciéndole ayuda. Obviamente iba a fijar sus ojos en él. Pero aunque sabía que él era distinto, cree que de la única forma en que podría gustarle sería a través de su cuerpo… Sexo. No veía nada bueno en ella misma además de eso. ¿Triste, no? Por ello lucha por Finn contra su mejor amiga, porque sabe que Rae es una gran persona, además de ser bonita. Es además muy graciosa y real.
En el rave se acerca y Finn a ella también -claro que sólo por sus celos hacia Rae y Archie-. Entonces Chloe cree que puede finalmente llevarlo a la cama y demostrarle que era buena en algo.
Pero pasa que lee esa hoja del diario de Rae, “que no era suficiente” y vuelve a caer. Una vez más quiere demostrar su utilidad satisfaciendo hombres. Rae sí fue un tanto egoísta, pues vio que Chloe estaba mal. Intentó convencerse de lo contrario,pero lo sabía. En el instituto al llegar a ensayar, quiere pedirle ayuda, pero Rae sólo reacciona retándola porque ella no la apoyó cuando casi abusan de ella. La ironía estaba, en que también estaban abusando de Chloe.
A lo que quiero llegar, es que la segunda y tercera vez que vi la serie, me enamoré de su personaje y de como se supera al final. Stacey la utilizó, pero ella usó la verdad para demostrarle a las demás que la rubia sólo las usaba y se reía de ellas. Además, admiraba de una forma tremenda a Rae y a los demás, lo que me pareció aún más tierno.
Y Jodie es una excelente actriz, tierna y preciosa también.
Es un personaje estupendo.
Qué lástima que no lo notara desde el inicio.

2 years ago today my dad died. he was a pretty awful person. He left my family in a time of need. he left me with my dying mom and he treated me not as if I was his child, but rather I if as if i was some kid that someone dropped off on his porch one day and said “can you take care of them for a few days?” we had no real relationship, all of our conversations were superficial. the only positive thing my dad gave me but the ability to realize my gender identity. when he admitted to me that he was a crossdresser it gave me the ability to explore my own self. without him I would never be the person I am today. but that was it that was the extent of what he gave me. yet , I still miss him. I still find myself constantly thinking about him, wishing that I could ask one more question, know one more thing ,to get deeper and try to find one shred of humanity in him, because I need that for myself. I love my dad I always loved it I don’t know why sometimes I wasn’t even sure if he was my real dad I hope that both of my parents look down on me today and everyday and that they are proud because that is what I want I want to make them proud.

#Sherri was outstanding in this episode #whereas Teri tends to express Stef’s love for Lena #through her eyes #Sherri does it with her whole body#if you watch closely #it’s almost like she’s emanating the love Lena feels #it’s most evident in this episode #but also in 1x15 - the bathroom scene in the beginning #and pretty much every time #Lena is happy around Stef #it’s quite charming to witness (via amonovalis)

Yes! Yes so much to this. Sherri’s face is extremely expressive but she definitely acts from top to bottom. It’s extraordinary. And I think it’s a big reason that both hyadamsfoster and I have had such a hard time with 2a. We’ve really been missing seeing all of Sherri and while part of that is purely superficial, for me at least, I think it feels like Lena has been benched almost, as Sherri had to sit more and more. Because she does use her whole body to convey emotion. She did a great job compensating and I wasn’t sad for all of the close ups but really. Having her sit and be totally covered does a disservice to her acting.

Oh that note, there is also NO REASON a native nonvenomous snake needs to die. It won’t hurt your dogs, risk of infection is fairly minimal with proper care, and most are so small that any damage they may do to you is superficial compared to what a wild rabbit or squirrel will do.

If you can’t tell whether it’s venomous or not, DON’T MESS WITH IT! Most venomous snake bites occur because people mess with them (to kill them)! Confronting a venomous snake when you don’t know what you’re doing has an incredibly high risk of being hospitalized.