Describing the signs in 3 words

From the perspective of a libra

Aries: passive, adventurous, independent.

Taurus. Stubborn, headstrong, loyal

Gemini: impulsive, independent, superficiality

Cancer: sensitive, hard-working, dependable.

Leo: generous, encouraging, pretentious

Virgo: intelligent, hilarious, opinionated

Libra: emotional, indecisive, romantic

Scorpio: you cannot describe these *being nice* …people… In 3 words.

Sagittarius: fun, creative, honest.

Capricorn: friendly, caring, loving.

Aquarius: honest, two-faced, fun

Pisces: accepting, sensitive, devoted.

the signs' weaknesses
  • aries:short-tempered, childish, haughty
  • taurus:self-indulgent, lazy, stubborn
  • gemini:superficial, insensitive, mischievous
  • cancer:manipulative, moody, overly emotional
  • leo:domineering, impatient, self-centred
  • virgo:judgemental, critical, insecurity
  • libra:superficial, vain, indecisive
  • scorpio:possessive, jealous, vengeful
  • sagittarius:unreliable, harsh, carelessness
  • capricorn:cold, pessimistic, controlling
  • aquarius:detached, unemotional, aloof
  • pisces:escapists, wishy-washy, extremely senstive

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Hey, what do you know about the horses in that show 'Medieval Times'? I heard they were treated poorly but I'm not sure. My class went there when I was a kid, and I wanted to know the truth! I just heard an ad for it on Pandora and thought I should ask someone with more knowledge. Thanks!

I haven’t been able to find a whole lot of info on it besides the superficial stuff, but any traveling horse show resembles a lot of a circus to me. Constant travel and introduction to new places is never good on a horse, and it shows through their health, especially the presence of stress-related ulcers which are much more commonly found in performance horses than pleasure horses.

Also just from photos and videos I’ve looked at, they seem to use typical inhumane training tools, such as bits for example. There’s no way traveling shows like that where horses are subject to perform multiple times per day, sometimes every day, is good on their bodies, especially when they’re animals that need extensive daily time to roam outside and forage/socialize in a familiar environment.

If anyone has additional information or conflicting information, please let me know. I’d love to learn more on this subject as well.

(also really sorry it took me so long to answer, I’ve really let my inbox go and I’m trying to get back on track!)

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Who do you like more, Erwin or Levi?


I do like levi more because I find him easier to understand; he’s more emotionally open than erwin is and I enjoy his blunt honesty, terrible attempts at humour, how hard he tries to be encouraging to his comrades and friends with his own warped, indirect brand of affection, and how he’s so fucking quaint and fancy while being so coarse and foul-mouthed. I generally find levi to be a ridiculous disaster of a human being and its really endearing and funny to me for some reason. I think levi is the least cool and charming character in the entire series but I dig that. like I spend more time laughing at levi than is probably reasonable, and I like his character so much because I feel like I understand it so he’s easier to navigate. 

whereas erwin is much more closed off and his charm is, if not superficial, then should be fucking suspected for being superficial most of the time. that being said, one of the reasons he’s become one of my faves is because of him becoming a little more vulnerable and honest in the latest arc, and learning more about him. but for the most part, the appeal of erwin for me is trying to figure him out rather than liking him for his actual character which is still pretty unclear (not due to bad writing on isayama’s part but because he’s written to be more closed off and duplicitous).

so. yah. I like Levi more but the more I learn about Erwin the more I like him so who knows, this could change.

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"Be my lover" (pffft haha)

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Well, nothin’ about your personality, that’s for sure.

So, 2014 was a very challenging year for me. I would say many things that shook me to the core happened since the beginning of the year. I didn’t really voice it out as I kept it in privacy. In September of last year my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. People usually say they sympathize. I think we all believe we sympathize with people’s struggle but truth be told. Some words have a whole new meaning only after they happen to you. To me hearing the word ‘cancer’ went from some superficial response of solemn mourning with any affected person/family by it. To become a single word with the ability to twist my insides and make me lose my cool in a split second. Several months I was unable to even hear the word. The process of fighting against the chronic illness has by no means been easy. Mother undergoing surgery and then recovering, relapsing a couple of months after stopping the chemotherapy needed. I can say my faith was challenged. But there were some individuals who kept me in check or kept me in their prayers.
To Liz who would message me whenever I was crying to have my back in moments of great need.
My brother who has been unflattering by my side through the years to pick me back up when I feel I can’t handle things anymore.
Tyler who was a great source of support during many sleepless night when I was scared. When I struggled with my faith, when I was crying staying by my side the whole process
Nanashi who checks on whenever something’s up.
Vaan who would constantly keep my mother in her thoughts.
Diana who would try to reach out and ask me to focus on my mother.
Candace who would ask how the chemo went and how we were doing.
Lisha who would talk to me to ease my moods whenever I needed it.
Many people who possibly noticed something being off and sent all the good energy my way. To my mothers way.

Today was my mothers last chemo, I honestly can’t stress enough the sensation of waking up knowing the therapy was finally over. We surely kept high spirits. To see people who 8 months before were strangers become somewhat a family who would encourage session after session. The doctor who said this to us 7 months ago, smiled at us and cheered for this one being the last. To be hugged and feel affection from an outsider who helped save my mother’s life. Really I can’t word how grateful I am for the many of you who have kept an eye on me through the years. Thank you.

Today we were able to close a chapter. The treatment is far from over but the hardest part is behind us now. And I can honestly say that my family and my friends were great moral support. Along with and specially God who has put and kept the right people in my life.

I hope you know you hold a special place in my heart for each time I’ve had people supporting me through my struggles across many many years.

Keep your chin up, I send you all of my blessings. April 27th was a good final chapter for my family.

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I was wondering what Loki thought of preserum!Steve. With all the research he did he has to know about Steve before the serum. And I can't help but wonder what he would do/think if Steve was magically changed back momentarily like I can just see Steve worrying that Loki wouldn't find him attractive anymore but I honestly can't think of what Loki would think. Your thoughts?

I’m pretty sure Loki would still very much be attracted to Steve, because while he loves Steve’s body as it is it’s still Steve before the serum. The main change would be a lot more worry because Steve is suddenly a lot more vulnerable and the first time he can’t breathe Loki panics. 

I just don’t think Loki is as attached to physical perfection as a thing? Like, it’s nice, but other things are more important, and especially in a situation where he was already attached to Steve then it’s really a relatively superficial change - I mean, especially for a natural shapeshifter. (And especially for someone who for most of his life was the fragile one in his family and indeed probably on his realm.)

Mostly I think what Loki feels about Steve pre-serum vs. post-serum is that Steve was always Steve but the serum just brought out what he should have been if nature was not cruel. So if he were changed back - Loki’s first priority would just be taking care of Steve. 

And also making sure he knew he was still wanted and desired. Definitely that.

How many times will a white person, thinking they’re acting in solidarity, call indigenous women (or any nonwhite women, honestly) “goddesses” and superficial, fake deep bullshit like “you’re as endless and powerful as the ocean, you’re a being made of light,” before I end up screaming. We only have to be this powerful because your fucking people put in a place where we have to fight to survive? How about your “uwu beautiful” bullshit, you, I don’t know, try to fight actual racism? Take “Ferguson” and “Idle No More” off your blacklist and actually face the facts? We’re not some weird fairytale, we’re real, and we’re suffering? 

#Regrann from @polliniphotography - Superfici femminine

Per nuovi progetti cerco modelle anche alle prime esperienze. Richiesto nudo implicito o seminudo. Cerco anche modelle alternative o con tratti diafani (capelli rossi/ginger, pelle chiara magari con lentiggini). valuto collaborazioni in TF anche con MUA e Stylist.

Per vedere altri miei lavori fate riferimento alla mia pagina



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Truly when someone says how lovely you look, it’s all in the speakers’ perspective. Some people find it more aesthetically appealing if their significant other is fat, and for other people the opposite is true. In the end a person’s weight doesn’t tell you much. Are they funny? What’s their personality like? Some people will always only be superficial. Still others will flock to you for your ideas & character, things that cannot merely be seen with eyes. Those people should matter most. ツ

Good thoughts. I like ‘em.

Oh Tumblr friends..

Sometimes in my day to day life I feel a bit alone.  There are things going on with my family that I haven’t shared with anyone besides my boyfriend because I don’t really know who to tell or turn to (hence why I’m actually in therapy right now to work through some of them).  I feel disconnected from some of my friends, like I don’t really relate to them anymore.  Some of our conversations seem so superficial - not that there’s anything wrong with having light hearted conversation, but it just seems like I can’t talk to some of them on a deeper level at all anymore.  Today I got a bit of news that is intriguing, possibly a good thing, but I don’t even know where to begin.  I feel like certain ones will be possibly judgmental and/or negative and others just won’t care all that much.

This is not to say that all of my friends are bad or anything.  They’re not.  Our friendships have just evolved.  My very best friend had a child last year and is very busy with that, her husband, and two stepkids, so our one-on-one time talking is limited.  I’ve made some new friends in the past few years through dance that I really enjoy, but I prefer not to show them the crazy side of my life.

That’s where I am at right now.  I’m not sad or anything at the moment, mostly just pensive.  I may have a really big decision in front of me soon to make, and I just wish I had more people to run it by in my day to day life.  I have my boyfriend and I have my dad.  Otherwise, it’s a mixed bag that I’m not sure I want to involve.

ADULTING, am I right?


Real people for human contact. All
conversational topics acceptable if
spoken. Open minds wanted free
from has hashtag mentality. Eyes
to remain firmly on each other or
immediate environment. We like to
kick it old school.
(The superficial and flimsy need not

Anybody still brave enough to come outside?

- Butter will not spread

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I was wondering if you have guesses as to why in RICH "is you happy?" is used? It bothers me whenever I listen to the song; sticks out like a sore thumb. Had it been any other artist, I would think its a spelling mistake but it's Tablo here, its gotta be for a reason. At first I had the idea that perhaps it was a mockery towards asians and their tendencies to treat wealth as happiness (especially the verse with reference to passport & fashion) Or perhaps its emphasis fake monetary happiness?

Whoa, that’s a much deeper, more sophisticated analysis than my own; I simply thought it was just one of those ‘ghetto’ ways of speaking! But that’s an interesting perspective, and food for thought. If the grammatical error was an intentional one, I would have to agree that it alludes to the superficiality of happiness achieved through material means.

Myths About What ABDOMINAL Muscles Need and DO

Everyone talks about having super strong abdominal muscles without really thinking through what that actually means. Striving for the 6-pack super cut abdominal is a goal that many more men strive for than women. This way of achieving strong cut abdominal muscles shortens and tightens all of the abdominal muscles AND it shorten the space between the ribs and the pelvis. This means less space for your lumbar vertebrae! Creating this kind of strength usually means the abdominal are tight and superficial and do not connect to the deeper abdominal muscle called the psoas. So what happens when you go to pick something up that is super heavy and your abdominal muscles are tight and out rather than pulled inward to support the front of your lumbar spine? Pain, back spasms, that in time can lead to chronic lower back problems.

When I speak to people about developing healthy abdominal muscles, I explain that they need to be long and strong to keep as much space as possible between the ribs and pelvis. The longer and stronger they are the healthier your internal organs and lower back will be. The long and stronger they are, the better your picture will be.

Once the abdominal muscles are elongated they need to be able to be strong in several ways. There is never just one way of building strength and tone in a muscle group that is meant to hold and support internal organs and help to keep the lower back decompressed. These muscles need to be able to be strong pressing out, such as the strength developed in martial arts. They need to be able to do the common “crunch”, and they also need to be able to be pulled into the spine to connect to the back without contracting the ribs and pelvis toward each other. There is also a deeper ability that yogis use to pull the abdominal in toward the spine and then upward towards the head. This is probably the strongest and hardest to master.

All the abdominal work taught in Yamuna Body Rolling helps you to learn how to build long, strong, and toned abdominal muscles. Learning the experiential anatomy of these muscles you can really get an appreciation of just how much they are really meant to hold you up and create greater movement for your torso.

The next time you let them hang over your pelvis just remember that they are meant to hold your organs and give them support to function better. Every time you let them just sag, think about what you are doing to the vital organ function!

Zodiac bad friend traits

Aries:  Insecure Friend

Taurus: Stubborn Friend

Gemini: Anxious Friend

Cancer:  Clingy Friend

Leo: Possessive Friend

Virgo: Harsh Friend

Libra: Superficial Friend

Scorpio: Jealous Friend

Sagittarius: Impatient Friend

Capricorn: Pessimistic Friend

Aquarius: Extremist Friend

Pisces: Over-Sensitive Friend

1. Make her your phone background. Suck it up when her teeth stain you with teases and taunts. She doesn’t mean it. She swoons over it. Don’t let her change it. When you check it at 3 am with grainy eyes and cloudy pupils, smile because it’s of her.

2. Buy her flowers on Valentine’s Day. It’s not superficiality within the cliche, but the educated base of the thought behind it at the supermarket when you’re scrolling through seven month old texts to find out if she preferred purple or blue orchids. Spare 7 bucks and a pit stop.

3. Watch her favorite movie with her. Love it, hate it, doesn’t matter. But pay attention, and nurse the early sunrises still talking about whether Miranda Priestly was a petty backstabbing witch or an industrial guru  –  just talk about it. Just talk.

4. Spend hours deterring your work, putting it off for some other time, to memorize the lyrics of her favorite song. The next time it comes on her iPod as you lay at the foot of her bed, sing it into her neck. Then make out underneath the sheets and remind yourself why someone else’s CO2 tastes good.

5. Study your French texts across the table from her and dress yourself in a smirk. Teach her how you love to drop her clothes to the floor in a different language, how you love to see her with emphasis on different syllables and all the while listen to the tapping of her pencil aligned with different accents and remind her to kiss you without using Google Translate.

6. Tell her about the way your ribs do more than protect an organ, but how they also hold your breath from midday bursts with things like “I’ve always wanted to have sex with you in the pool.” Then tell her how you’ve never felt like you were doing so much right until you unbuttoned her jeans and pasted your tongue to her collarbone.

7. Stuff her with dinner like you’re stuffing her with each and every single way that exists to express affection. Splurge on five-course meals that neither of you could possibly finish anyways, but remind her that money is money and expenses are important but dates aren’t your AP economics class, and you’re holding your hands out to a queen because her smile is the throne on which sits every aspiration that your ankles quiver to think about.

8. Take her to McDonald’s. Buy McFlurries. Lick the ice cream off her nose after being the one to slather it there. Kiss her like her sweet taste is all the sugar you’ll ever crave.

9. Acquire the habit of leaving her good night and good morning messages - texts, calls, voicemails, scalding coffee on her doorstep at dawn, kisses to her forehead, an envelope on the pillow case. It shows commitment and demonstrates the consistency of her presence in your head.

10. This is the most important step I have for you. It’s essential that you listen, okay? Tell her you love her, but only if you mean it, or holy fuck you must just be emptier than a bottle of cough syrup because this is more than a wikiHow. Say the words. “I love you. I’m in love with you. Oh my god, I’m so in love with you that I just can’t think about anything else.” But you cannot expect her to say it back, you can’t. I need you to smile as the words escape you, but don’t treat them like fleeing prisoners locked into your teeth; set them loose like doves riding the waves of the air and kiss her like you meant it and it’s okay that she doesn’t speak this language because one day when you’ve stuck around for enough birthdays she’ll say it back into your shoulder as you’re about to get on the bus. You won’t hear it again for weeks, and she will never echo your I love you’s every time. But there will be cloudy-night picnics under the evergreens and she’ll blink with wine against her tongue and say “I never thought I could ever love someone more than I love Moscato.” There will be unwatched Netflix movies and dirty popcorn and she’ll gasp it into your ear, writhing around your fingertips to the subjunctive of your love and this time she won’t have to say it, you will know, and she will know that you know. And she’ll say it anyway.

—  “How To Make Her Fall In Love With You by WikiHow in 10 easy steps!” | izztstei
Unofficial Anthology of Why All of Sasusaku’s New Theories Are Hilariously Idiotic

Sasusaku has always been the most hilarious fandom in Naruto. They have said some truly stupid shit, tried to defend things with said stupidity, and liked this ship on superficial and/or incorrect basis at best.

However, I think, in my two years in the fandom, this has by far been the day when the most ridiculously awful and hilariously sad theories have ever popped out of the Sasusaku fandom. So hilarious that I couldn’t just laugh and move along like usual. It has to be brought to light so that perhaps SS (who, despite this post being properly tagged, will stalk the anti tag and see it) can read it from an outsiders persepctive (as in, someone who doesn’t ship NS/SK), and read how stupid they sound so they can stop making bigger laughing stocks of themselves than they already are. 

These are the most popular and passed around theories I’ve come across

1) Sasuke doesn’t know he has a daughter. 

If you want to argue that Sasuke doesn’t know he has a daughter, fine. But it only makes things more abysmal for Sakura. As, you see, Sasuke couldn’t give enough fucks about Sakura to come see or have any contact with her in over a decade. Further keeping line with him, for the entire manga, treating her like an afterthought at best. It heavily implies that her love not only does not get through to him, but that its not reciprocated nearly as strongly. It also cements Sakura’s pathetic status, because she let Sasuke hit it and quit it, and she is content to be a single mother clinging to her scraps of attention she will always crave in between being made to feel like shit since, consistently, the day she was put on Team 7 with him. 

2) Sasuke is off looking for a cure for Sarada’s eyes! Sakura is healing her eyes in secret because of her sharingan!

Sasuke somehow passed down blurry vision to Salad is canonically impossible, as his swagged out implanted Itachi eyes prevented blindness. Not to mention (I really shouldn’t have to mention) that blurry vision is not something you can genetically pass down as this was due to  something he has done to his body for spamming Mangekyou Sharingan, not a genetic trait for naturally blurry vision/predisposal to blindness (its like the equivalent of saying your kid will have lung cancer because you used to smoke). Also, trying to argue that Salad’s glasses aren’t normal glasses but special ones that prevent her sharingan from activating cause she’s just so OP stronk for some reason that she activated Mangekyou Sharingan as a baby, because, as they seem to be forgetting, base/three tomoe sharingan does not deteriorate vision. Mangekyou Sharingan does.

More than any of that though, apparently Sasuke could not search for a cure without ignoring his family for twelve years and not meeting his daughter for her entire life. 

3) Sakura is fainting because she’s pregnant!

If she is, then that makes the situation even worse with the implications! It’s one thing to not have seen the father of your child in twelve years, but its another to be fucking the father of your child in secret and being completely okay with him leaving and not even meeting your twelve year old kid for the first time . Or coming pack to get some pussy and ignoring the child you left her with. And will probably go on to ignore the kid you knocked her up with. It only makes Sakura look more desperate, horribly pathetic, and a selfish mother completely lacking in integrity. For Sasuke, it only makes him look like a complete and utter asshole beyond repair. 

4) It’s all a genjutsu! That’s why it was translated one way as “Crimson Moon”! They’re caught in Infinite Tsukiyomi.

…So, what you’re saying is that Madara succeeded, and all of this is a dream. Salad does not actually exist, neither do Bolt, Himawari, Shikadai, Chouchou, or Inojin. None of the things in 699 or 700 ever actually happened. This is not only the way Kishi wanted to end his manga, but he also wants to completely go back and rewrite the ending of his series in a mini series?

Also, remember when you mocked Narusaku for this? Called it desperate, sad, pathetic, and delusional? Yeah…

5) Sasuke wiped Sakura and Salad’s memories to protect them!

 I don’t even know where to start with this. First of all, since when does Sasuke possess the power to erase people’s memories? Secondly, this doesn’t match up at all with the basic shit that was said in the chapter. Salad talks about never having met her father. She knows her father. She is aware of him. Sakura talks of knowing Sasuke. She is aware of him. If Sasuke wanted to erase their memories of him to protect them, why does he only erase the happy memories they, allegedly, have? Why not erase his existence from their memories altogether, if that was his super tragic plan? Also, Sakura seems to remember enough to want to fabricate a happy photo of them together over a picture of Taka, because she doesn’t have any. If she didn’t possess the full awareness of Sasuke not being with her for twelve years and all it’s blunt sadness, she just wouldn’t have bothered. 

Also, this makes no sense on a story structure level. What enemies exist that are so OP stronk that they can defeat the OP powerlevel stronk abilities of Naruto and Sasuke? Or all the K11 who still seem to be powerful? Its not a secret that Salad is an Uchiha, so its not a matter of them hiding her heritage. Considering that there is only one other Uchiha alive, its unanimous that she is Sasuke Uchiha’s daughter, and everyone knows this as well. For fucks sake, Sakura sees no problem in plastering Uchiha paraphenilia all over their house. She and Salad are basically living in an advertisement, yet nothing has happened to them, so “being targeted by Sasuke’s enemies” and Sasuke wanting to protect them from this is blatantly incorrect.  

6) Sasuke is on a super important mission!

Sakura has expressed she has no idea what Sasuke is doing. Given her almost  embarrassed reaction at being questioned about Sasuke, it is made apparent that if she could actually tell her daughter that Sasuke was on a mission and that’s why he isn’t around, she would, rather than have to embarrassedly  admit all this unsureness. Also, Sasuke has been gone on a redemption journey. He has never lived in the Village. He is doing his own thing. 

7) Sasuke was probably around until she was about two or three, then left, and Sarada just can’t remember!

Salad- “I never got to meet him at all. He left when I was a baby.” is one translation. “As far back as I can possibly remember, I have never once met my father.” is another.

Sakura- “Erm, well, your dad was never in the village much when he was younger…” is one translation “Back then your Dad spent so much time away from the village! Just like now, I suppose…”. is another.

So, sure, if you want to cling to things that aren’t really there or meant to be taken away from the narrative, go for it, there’s a tiny window there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t erase the fact that Salad has no recollection of ever meeting her father, they have no relationship, and he has not been to see either of them in 10-11 years, according to this theory.

8) Salad can’t be Karin’s kid! She has Sakura’s eye shape and looks nothing like her!

There is no sense or point in debating this and making long ass “eye shape analysis” posts any longer. The acknowledgment that Salad looks like Karin is made within canon. It was the entire basis for the ending conflict that arose in the chapter. Its what will be pushing the conflict in the future, that Salad looks like this other mystery woman in this picture she always thought was of her mother and Sasuke, but was fabricated. Salad looks like Karin. Whether or not she is Karin’s daughter is irrelevant to the argument.  

9) This is all a red herring! Just like Narusaku!

Doesn’t matter. The damage done is irreversible. Sakura is confirmed to be a doormat. Sakura may not have even married Sasuke. Sakura has no photos of Sasuke, and has to photoshop herself onto a photo of Sasuke with Taka and another woman. Sakura hasn’t seen or heard from Sasuke in 12-13 years. Sakura is still angty and miserable.Salad does not know her father. Sasuke has been wandering around on his redemption journey for 12 straight years.The dynamic between Sasuke and Sakura has not grown or changed from when they were 12. Salad finds fault in her mother for letting Sasuke do whatever he wants, even completely neglecting their child, while Sakura just wants to deflect. Sakura is miserably pathetic. Sasuke still makes her feel like shit and she allows him to make their child feel like shit because she is so used to being treated as an afterthought and being happy with his scraps of attention (or nothing, as seems to be the case now) that she is surprised when Salad has more dignity and self respect than her to question this. 

All of this has been cemented. 

Sasusaku, for all their arrogance, for all their mocking of others, ignored the content of 700 (like they always did with the manga in general) and created a perfect SS happy family with pussy whipped Sasuke, feisty Sakura, and doting father to his Uchiha princess, convinced themselves of this, and were ultimately devastated when Kishi blew a cannon through their bubble. Now, in the largest effort at damage control I’ve seen from them so far, they are scrambling to come up with something to salvage this. Trying to be “positive” about the situation and the flaws their ship has always possessed somehow blindsiding them for still being there despite no implication it was ever any different (as well as these same flaws never having bothered them before). Playing the victim and/or lashing out at everyone who is laughing at their fandom, Sakura, and Sasusaku (which is practically the entire Naruto fandom at this point) with the only thing they can ,maybe (because Kishi has done worse), confidently say in their ship’s defense- Salad is not Karin’s child. They cannot combat anything else. Its a trainwreck in slow motion. 

My only hope that Sasusaku gets out of this is to learn how to take your massive L quietly, and perhaps develop better taste in general and actual standards, so liking something like Sasusaku won’t occur in the future.  

If anyone has any new lulzy SS entertainment to add to these theories, let me know so I can add them!