URL is everything

This probably sounds very superficial, but the simpler your url, the higher chance I might click on yours in a moment of boredom and maybe follow. It’s just that tbh, a URL like i-like-cars123-very-much-also-this-fand0m doesn’t catch my attention.

So, yes, your URL is one of the most important things on tumblr in my opinion

A lesson on how to not be a delusional, superficial and hypocritical gay.

Gays, we need to have a talk. Some people out there that need a good lesson in reality and expectations. Let me tell you a little story…

When in Berlin I met a fellow Australian guy while traveling. I asked him about his travels and discovered that he recently moved countries too. Conversation moved to boys, relationships and “types” (as it does) and some things he said struck a real chord with me.

Now let me give some background; this guy was an above average looking fellow, in average shape in his late 20’s, single and educated. When I asked him about the boys back home he said “they’re all terrible, think they are God’s gift to the world and are really superficial”. I was taken back by his ability to throw an entire group of people in a category and under a bus, however I let him continue talking. As we moved on to his “type” he mentioned that he likes athletic, muscled, toned, tall, “straight-acting” guys. He narrowed it down to professional sports guys, quite specifically.

This is a guy with a severe case of delusion and I feel that I have met many people like this before. First of all, if he was to desire to be in a relationship with someone of extreme health and fitness levels, he should probably aim for the same goal himself. He isn’t model status attractive. I’m not being rude when I say this, this is a reality. Here is someone bashing on other gays saying that they are superficial and self righteous and not only is he doing the exact same thing, but he is worse because he is unaware to how damaging his views are. Hypocrites like this infuriate me. It strengthens the stereotype and increasing problem with modern gay men and the image to be perfect. To always be looking out for the next best thing. THAT’S NOT HOW RELATIONSHIPS WORK, GUYS.

In a perfect world, everyone would be blind to attractiveness based on physical appearance. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and this isn’t Barbie’s Malibu Mansion.

Well, let me give an example. When I’m driving, I sometimes turn on the radio and I find very often that what I’m listening to is a discussion of sports. These are telephone conversations. People call in and have long and intricate discussions, and it’s plain that quite a high degree of thought and analysis is going into that. People know a tremendous amount. They know all sorts of complicated details and enter into far-reaching discussion about whether the coach made the right decision yesterday and so on. These are ordinary people, not professionals, who are applying their intelligence and analytic skills in these areas and accumulating quite a lot of knowledge and, for all I know, understanding. On the other hand, when I hear people talk about, say, international affairs or domestic problems, it’s at a level of superficiality that’s beyond belief.
—  Noam Chomsky, on people and seeing sports as an important factor rather than world issues, in a interview with Alternet.org. 

A preference is superficial; it has the ability to change and to manipulate itself.

A prejudice creates a social hierarchy; where one persons’ representation, safety, and vocalization is superior to another.

"I like short girls" preference

"I don’t date black chicks" prejudice

"I prefer blondes" preference

"I only date women with vaginas" prejudice

See how this works? You are contributing to the societal oppression of these demographics by valuing their privileged counterparts over the oppressed, despite neither of them controlling which side of the fence they fell on.


By Zainab Akhtar

Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey stories are a superb example of the unparalleled story-telling that only the medium of comics can offer, so the announcement of a new book featuring Uncle Gabby, Mr. Crow, and Inches the doll is exciting news. For those unfamiliar with Sock Monkey, it’s a strange but satisfying amalgamation of traditional, old school children’s books (particularly in terms of narrative style), ostensibly following the escapades of a monkey made from a a sock, a stuffed crow, and a creepy porcelain doll, but crossing into darker themes and horror, as the eccentric, superficial innocence of the set-up meets a very human realism.

One of the joys of the Sock Monkey books is seeing Millionaire test the surprising versatility of his material and the range of formats it works within — from the black and white carefully replicated textured style seen in Heaven and Borneo, to the beauty of The Glass Doorknob, a gorgeous full-color, picture-book delight, which saw the toys marvel at the new doorknob’s ability to reflect a rainbow prism via sunlight. Millionaire shows the same dexterity with subject matter, too: The Inches Incident – which contained some of the creepiest, most disturbing visual imagery I’ve come across, despite not being exceptionally graphic — saw Inches mutilated and inhabited by a swarm of ants who controlled her every move, and steadily destroyed piece by piece until only a portion of her shattered head remained, while in A Baby Bird, Uncle Gabby flees, devastated, to the desert to commit suicide after accidentally killing a baby bird, only to discover the paradox of not being alive and therefore incapable of death, left to his despair. They’re weird, engrossing, yet brilliant stories that feature a cast of complex, not always like-able stuffed toys; Fantagraphics released a gorgeous Treasury Edition earlier this year, collecting all the Sock Monkey stories in one volume, which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Written in collaboration with animation director Matt Danners, Into The Woods finds the toys convinced that their human owner, Ann-Louise, has been kidnapped by a vicious monster dubbed the Amarok,  and so they embark on a mission into the Haunted Woods to rescue her and bring her home. “The epic quest that follows takes them by sea, land, and air through many fantastic lands and introduces a cast of fanciful characters and creatures including the Trumbernick (the pixie shaman of the forest), a giant sea monster, the Guardsmen of Bear Town, and a flock of flying harpies.”

Releasing this October, the hardback Into the Woods will run to 80 black and white pages, and is available for pre-order now.


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I can't wait until season 2 starts. I've loved this relationship from the very beginning. I hated that they made Ichabod Katrina's wife. It just seemed too forced. She and Abraham always belonged together.

Yay! Very first anon!  And yes! From the very beginning! He loved her even though she was a poor Quaker girl. How is that not a Cinderella story! I get that Katrina might have felt a little overwhelmed but I never understood why they couldn’t have just talked it out. But maybe they will get to do that in season 2. And I totally hear you about Ichabod and Katrina feeling forced, totes superficial and weird. 

There is no doubt that lot of people seem to have a hard time accepting that someone they know has a disability. This is easily proven by the endless amount of hasty, ignorant, misinformed, uncaring and downright malicious things both said and done to people with disabilites every day. Most of the people I spend my time with nowadays for the most part aren’t like that. However, many of them, even though they seem superficially informed about basic disability issues, seem to belive in thedifference slot.

The basic idea is that each and every person has their difference, and that it should be respected. Note the singular form, however. When they learn of my autism, which is usually the first major difference to come up in conversation, they seem to think “oh, so that’s her difference”. They then proceed to fill in my difference slot in their mental table, and everything is as it should be.

Or, so they think.

Then, a little while later, I happen to mention some other thing that makes me very different from most other people, and their belief system collides head-on with reality. Usually, it’s another one of my disabilities that triggers it. This is when they almost invariably go ”…” for a while, only to finish with “you have that too?” In other words, “your difference slot is already filled, and you can’t have another one”.

(Click on the above link to read elmindreda’s full article on The Difference Slot.)

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Hey man, so I have a question. What's the best way to get girls without them thinking that you're superficial? Sometimes girls just see me for my clothes and I want them to know the real me. What have you done to avoid that?

First, never allow yourself to be defined by any one thing. Especially not your clothes.

Second, avoid acting, looking, being superficial. Strive after depth, beauty, goodness, and truth. Read widely, listen often, talk little. Seek to become a well rounded individual.

Third, be a gentleman. In thought, word, and deed. We all fail at this but it’s a noble goal.

Fourth, don’t try and “get girls”. If you like a girl, pursue her, not to merely obtain her, rather to cherish and respect her.

Hope that helps!


I don’t get why people think that they are entitled to judge my relationship with the Hunter, or the relationship of any godspouse.  I just read a rant someone wrote about godspousing and they referenced a post that I had made about being inspired to make people see why a god loves me.  Yes I wrote a post about wanting to be beautiful enough to seem worthly of a god.  No, you don’t get to judge me and deride me for be “superficial.”  Do you know how much I don’t think I’m good enough for Him?  Do you have any idea how long I have struggled with self esteem issues?  Why did no one seem to understand that that post wasn’t just about appearance?  That in wanting to present my beautiful enough to win a gods love I want learn all of the good qualities that I lack or that I struggle with and have them shine through me?  I want to be good enough, for Him, and for people to see it. I just want to be good enough.

Maybe I expected people to read the subtext too much, but seriously, I’m “sickening” based off of one fucking post.  I think it’ll be easier for me to be good enough for Him than for me to ever be good enough for the fucking pagan tag.  

Sono andata al mare, senza di te.
Il vento batteva forte e scompigliava i miei capelli.
Sentivo il suo canto, e vedevo le sue carezze sulla superficie del mare.
E poi vedevo te.
In ogni onda che si formava, in ogni spiraglio di luce in cielo, in ogni nuvola.
E ho capito che non mi avevi abbandonato, che c’eri ancora.
Che la tua presenza anche se non in carne ed ossa la potevo sentire in ogni piccola cosa.
Ed allora mi sono abbandonata a quelle sensazioni, alle tue immagini, a te.
Non ero senza te alla fine, tu c’eri, tu eri quello spettacolo.
Spirit Categories: Fairies

This is a vast category of Spirits: included are devas and flower fairies (Miniature winged plant spirits), as well as human-sized Fairy Folk, some of whom may or may not actually be human. Unlike orisha or djinn, which refer to specific types of spirits, Fairy has become a somewhat generic category for vast variety of Spirits who may or may not be related.


This category includes: dakini from Tibet, asparas from India, peri from pre-Islamic Iran, Eastern European vila, and Romany keshalyi, urme, and ursitory. 

(Prettier, sweeter female djinn are sometimes classified as fairies too.)

Once upon a time, not too long ago, fairies were perceived as dangerous spirits. Beyond there superficial appearance, what actually connects these diverse spirits are shared associations with nature, Forrest, flowers, love, sex, women’s power, and the birth process- All powerful, potentially dangerous magic. 

To some extent, this category of Spirits serves as judges of human ritual behavior. They reward those who properly conduct rituals and punish those who do not. 

Thus, the vila fairies famously punish cheating, deceitful men, and those who abandoned women waiting at the alter (marriage). They also punish interlopers in the forest- presumably hunters who no longer maintain spiritually correct hunting rituals.

This is of course the darker side of spiritual interaction. The Spirits protect us, and take care of us. They are stronger than us. Once you enter into a mutually acknowledged relationship with them, it’s hard to change the rules and terminate the contract.  

Even the most devoted Spirit workers has been known periodically to mutter against this “Mafia”

Payment, tribute, further interaction is expected on time, with the implicit threat of “or else” 

With the rise of the European Christianity, of course, these payments and tributes for the most part ceased, leaving some disgruntled, hungry Spirits.


Aine, Spirit of the Sun, a powerful, dynamic, versatile Spirit, for instance, becomes considered one of several Queens of Fairy, as does her Compatriot Maeve. These are not Spirits to be Trifled with.

In certain parts of Europe, France in particular, witches were accused of consorting with Fairies rather than the devil. During the French witch craze (basically the period between Joan of Arc and the end of the 17th century), a legal conviction for consorting with fairies automatically earned a sentence of hard labor.

Attempts were made during the trial for heresy to depict Joan of Arc, herself, as a devotee of the Fairy Folk.

Based on frequent descriptions of Fairies as nomadic, wandering folk, dwelling in the wild forest areas in beehive-like structures, some considered that the Romany were understood to be Fairies by sedentary people who observed them.

Both Romany and Fairies have associations with magic and divination and suffer accusations of baby snatching and child stealing. (Sadly, but of course, there was a Stigma about Romany and Fairies at the time).

To complicate matters further, the Romany themselves have a vast, complex, fairy tradition of their own. 

Their fairies are very clear spiritual beings. According to the Romany fairy traditions, for instance, the history of disease as we know is largely caused by a series of tragic, sexual assaults inflicted by the King of Demons on the beautiful, fertile Queen Fairy.


Various other types of spirits are summoned to assist with the casting of magic spells, including elementals (Salamanders, undines, and similar) and mermaids. 


Offerings depend on the type of fairy invoked.

Full-sized ones are said to prefer milk and berries -
According to the Elizabethans, fairies revel in thyme. They love the aroma. Thus the best way to see fairies is to surround yourself in herb: eat it, grow it, and bring it into your home.

Flower fairies, butterfly sized winged nature spirits, the model for all modern sanitized fairies, are easier to summon and propitiate. They can be petitioned to bestow and enhance botanical powers. All you really need is a garden for an invitation to be extended- 

A garden in pots outside may work; flower fairies do not like to venture indoors for extended periods. Fill the garden with birdbaths, a source of water, charms, statues, witch balls and crystals. 

Plant the botanical that they love: berries, chamomile, Corsican mint, forget-me-nots, foxglove, hibiscus, hollyhocks, honeysuckle, lavender, lilac, milkweed, morning glories, pansies, peonies, primroses, vincas, and violets.

In general fairies prefer wild flowers to cultivated blooms. Leave the garden a little wild for them. Attract birds and butterflies and fairies will follow them.

A circle of Ash saplings is a fairies dance ground.

If you don’t pull them up, the fairies will remain. Alternately make circles for them from clear quartz crystals. 

Romany legend says that stinging nettles guard the doorways to fairyland.

Grow some and find out :)

Burn Flower Fairy Incense outside to attract them

equal parts dried hollyhock and rosemary. 


Just to show what a HUGE difference superficial things can make in a photograph. In the first pic, I probably weigh about 15 lbs less than I do now.


And yet this pic from this morning (that I already posted) is just a MUCH more flattering picture.


I guess it just goes to show what the right camera angle/glasses/lighting can do for a face in a picture!

this is such a great image! I have stretch marks and its just a part of losing weight. I don’t know about you but id rather a few ‘tiger stripes’ than be over weight and at risk of chronic disease!!! 
So to anyone stressing over stretch marks, let them tell your story or hard work and success… they are SO normal and a lot of people experience them, and cellulite for that matter…if you are healthy and moving and nourishing your body you have nothing to be ashamed of. Anyone who says otherwise should be ashamed for being so narrow minded, petty and superficial about  beauty. 

Anothen Blue (Awakening the Chaos)
  • Anothen Blue (Awakening the Chaos)


ware wa nanji no itami o tsumi o batsu o dakishimeru mono
ware wa nanji ni rekishi to hikari, kakushin o kizamu mono

kokoro ni aragawazu soe ba sorera wa owari de ari hajimari

aru ga mama no tane nara kyomu
shi o motomeru tane nara mirai

sing out beautiful, sing a hope
sing in dysphoric loneliness
kanade koe ai michi yui
perfect world’s end,only discord
shiboridasu genkai no Voice hakai shite kaisuru wa kimi

ding dong…ring a lasting bell
shuen ga kuru yami yue kagayaki o mashite
let there be light, struggling blue
wake up soul, anothen blue
umi ochi tokeau yorokobi

break it concept, break it heart
break it superficial knowledge
chikae rui inakoumetsu
innocent world, just opinion

megurasete shinmitsu na will tsunagatte furueru watashi
ding dong…ring a lasting bell
kurikaesazu ni nani mochi tadayoioborete

let there be light, struggling blue
open eyes, anothen blue
te nobashi mitsumeau setsuna

nanji, ware no itami o tsumi o batsu o sukuu itoshiki mono
kimi wa watashi no asu zetsubo o wakachiaeru yuiitsu muni

narehibike kane kono nikushimi no kodo ga nemuranai yo ni

ding dong…ring a lasting bell
Shuen ga kuru yami yue kagayaki o mashite
let there be light, struggling blue
wake up soul, anothen blue
Kake ai majiwaru wa digraph

Yasodanandanapranavallabhasana (or ekahasta Taraksvasana or ekahasta hasta Vrschikasana).

There is a lot envy and superficiality in global yoga community. That just reflects our collective level of consciousness. We are not so high level.

Btw. Smile does not necessary have anything to do with happiness.

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I thought I would point this out to any Koreaboos who "want to date their oppars." 1. Korean guys are still guys. Just because your idols have a clean/pure image doesn't mean that ALL Korean guys do, and it doesn't mean your "oppar" won't take advantage of the fact that you're into Korean guys. He'll know if you're being superficial and he'll be superficial right back. 2. Native Koreans will sometimes date non-Koreans for fun, but they won't marry one. ESPECIALLY if they are the oldest male.

(Part 2) A friend of mine was telling me the other day that to him, white girls are a sort of fantasy, but he wouldn’t marry one. Now I know he doesn’t represent ALL Korean guys, but as a culture, this isn’t a rare or exclusive opinion to have. So ask yourselves this Koreaboos - do you really want to be some Korean guy’s temp for him to just play you? To date you of curiosity? If him being Korean affects your opinion of him in any way, you need to take a step back an re-evaluate yourself.

(Part 3) Also, please stop calling any guy older than you “오빠” (oppa). You don’t just address any guy like that, and what’s the point if you’re not speaking Korean to one another? It’s really tacky and distasteful, and most Koreans will (out of politeness) try to avoid you once identifying you as a Koreaboo. Is that really the kind of impression you want to have? If you want to learn about Korean culture, actually learn about Korean CULTURE and LANGUAGE not just K-pop…