"This is a very superficial job. I sit in a chair for two hours and get hair and makeup done and talk about myself in interviews. That’s a very vain thing to do. And I do get caught up in it sometimes.”

A woman in her thirties came to see me. As she greeted me, I could sense the pain behind her polite and superficial smile. She started telling me her story, and within one second her smile changed into a grimace of pain. Then, she began to sob uncontrollably. She said she felt lonely and unfulfilled.

There was much anger and sadness. As a child she had been abused by a physically violent father. I saw quickly that her pain was not caused by her present life circumstances but by an extraordinarily heavy pain-body. Her pain-body had become the filter through which she viewed her life situation.

She was not yet able to see the link between the emotional pain and her thoughts, being completely identified with both. She could not yet see that she was feeding the pain-body with her thoughts. In other words, she lived with the burden of a deeply unhappy self. At some level, however, she must have realized that her pain originated within herself, that she was a burden to herself. She was ready to awaken, and this is why she had come.

I directed the focus of her attention to what she was feeling inside her body and asked her to sense the emotion directly, instead of through the filter of her unhappy thoughts, her unhappy story. She said she had come expecting me to show her the way out of her unhappiness, not into it.

Reluctantly, however, she did what I asked her to do. Tears were rolling down her face, her whole body was shaking. “At this moment, this is what you feel.” I said. “There is nothing you can do about the fact that at this moment this is what you feel. Now, instead of wanting this moment to be different from the way it is, which adds more pain to the pain that is already there, is it possible for you to completely accept that this is what you feel right now?”

She was quiet for a moment. Suddenly she looked impatient, as if she was about to get up, and said angrily, “No, I don’t want to accept this.” “Who is speaking?” I asked her. “You or the unhappiness in you? Can you see that your unhappiness about being unhappy is just another layer of unhappiness?” She became quiet again. “I am not asking you to do anything. All I’m asking is that you find out whether it is possible for you to allow those feelings to be there. In other words, and this may sound strange, if you don’t mind being unhappy, what happens to the unhappiness? Don’t you want to find out?”

She looked puzzled briefly, and after a minute or so of sitting silently, I suddenly noticed a significant shift in her energy field. She said, “This is weird. I ‘m still unhappy, but now there is space around it. It seems to matter less.”

This was the first time I heard somebody put it like that: There is space around my unhappiness. That space, of course, comes when there is inner acceptance of whatever you are experiencing in the present moment.

I didn’t say much else, allowing her to be with the experience. Later she came to understand that the moment she stopped identifying with the feeling, the old painful emotion that lived in her, the moment she put her attention on it directly without trying to resist it, it could no longer control her thinking and so become mixed up with a mentally constructed story called “The Unhappy Me.” Another dimension had come into her life that transcended her personal past – the dimension of Presence. Since you cannot be unhappy without an unhappy story, this was the end of her unhappiness. It was also the beginning of the end of her pain-body. Emotion in itself is not unhappiness. Only emotion plus an unhappy story is unhappiness.

When our session came to an end, it was fulfilling to know that I had just witnessed the arising of Presence in another human being. The very reason for our existence in human form is to bring that dimension of consciousness into this world. I had also witnessed a diminishment of the pain-body, not through fighting it but through bringing the light of consciousness to it.

—   Eckhart Tolle

Zakki: She must be feeling thrilled right now. “I was waiting with bated breath these past two weeks on episodes 5 and 6 about Mako-chan’s past and Rei’s danger. In the episode 6 scene where Mako-chan says “I can’t do this without you, Haru,” not only did I feel pure jealousy toward Haru-chan but also to the Haru-chans throughout the nation.” 
Tattsun: He did say that… but that wasn’t meant for the Haru-chans throughout the nation, it was meant for Haruka the Haru-chan. He meant it for Nanase Haruka only.

Tattsun: Since we don’t even have a guest for this week, I’m giving myself superficial burns like always. It’s like touching a hot kettle with your bare hand. Like, “Shit, hot!” Like, is this gonna leave a scar later? (laughs) This next mail from Manager Ando. “What I thought while watching episodes 5 and 6 is that Haruka observes Makoto very closely. Since Makoto was always the one taking care of him up to now, I thought he was too kindhearted for his own good, but in episodes 5 and 6, Haruka did the proper thing of looking out for everyone around him and being worried about Makoto. With this, I realized Haruka’s charm for the first time.”

Zakki: But for me personally, what made me really happy about this episode as I’ve always been saying— of course, Haruka acted of his own accord and there were small details like that, but this was the episode where Makoto, who’s been taking care of him and watching over him this whole time, has Haruka look back at him and worry about him. That made me so happy. It’s like, he’s received so much from Makoto and even though he hasn’t paid it back in full yet— 
Tattsun: That’s right. ( ̄______ ̄)
Zakki: (lol) 
Tattsun: For those who read the novel “High Speed” in particular, I think that scene made an impact for them. Although it’s a bit more compact in comparison to the novel, it was where you could get a glimpse of it. 
Zakki: When Makoto says “I can’t do this without you, Haru,” that was a scene where the words just echo within you and you feel it. It had a lot of feeling in it. Thank you, as Haruka. 
Tattsun: Well, it’s me. (`・∀・´)

Zakki: But as it was written about a bit before, his words when he said he wanted to swim with everyone… For Makoto, “everyone” is his concern. He cares for everyone, he looks at everyone, he’s nice to everyone, and he wants to swim with everyone, but at the same time, he feels strongly for Haruka alone. Within that group of “everyone,” Haru is always there and— how do I say this? His vector involving Haru is a bit more special. 
Tattsun: Yeah. Not only have they always been together but they grew up together in this town. 
Zakki: That’s why it makes me even happier, how Makoto has two faces where one is not just about everyone, and coming from Haruka, I think that is wonderful. 
Tattsun: He’s very all-in. From me, I think of it as circling around and then circling around again. That’s how I felt as I was performing. (sighs) Talking seriously for a change really takes the feel to joke around out of you. 
Zakki: I’m sorry, I just really wanted to talk seriously about this part about Makoto. 
Tattsun: Oh, come ooooonnn… (〃ノωノ)
Zakki: But I mean, as Haruka, I really— They’re telling us to move onto the next joke corner. 
Tattsun: Next, next! Next, next!

Zakki: “Because of that, I’m going “SHIT SHIT SHIT” towards Haru-chan, who is loved by Mako-chan way too much in my opinion. I can’t even listen to “Shiokaze no Friendship” anymore because it reminds me of Haru-chan. I think this is love. Love Master Suzuki-san, what do you think I should do?” 
Tattsun: (lol) That’s not a question you should be asking me. Why are you asking me? No matter what I say, it’s going to be the wrong answer, I just know it. 
Zakki: It’s a little different from the usual field for the Love Master. 
Tattsun: It is different! 
Zakki: This takes a different skill. 
Tattsun: This— This is a different skill. I don’t know this!!! 
Zakki: We’ll need to ask the advice of a 2D Master. 
Tattsun: This is— Seriously?! Hang on a sec… But personally for me… Makoto always has his eyes on Haruka, so… (lol) In any case, I’m really shaken up about this right now and I’m not joking about this and I think it’s a strange answer and it’ll be a really real answer coming from me, but… why not start off by enrolling into Iwatobi High School first?

Translation: great-blaster
Credits: uchi-uchi

From: Iwatobi Channel  2013.9.2

I’m so fucking sick of people saying how they want a specific “type” of person. “I want a fitness chick, I want a girl covered in tattoos, I want a boy who has a beard and lots of piercings and jet black hair” blah blah blah BLAH FUCKING BLAH! People ….. don’t you get that looks change, and fade, and die. How about a boy or girl who treats you right, who looks in your eyes and you can see how much they truly fucking love you… maybe someone who even in their worst moods will do what they can to make YOU smile. Maybe someone who no matter how bad of a fight you’re in that afternoon, you got through it and are cuddling each other at night?! That’s something you should be looking for. That’s something you should be asking for. Stop being so god damn superficial. For real.

A friendly reminder to focus on the internal, spiritual side of Muharram, and not get getting carried away with focusing only on the superficial expression of your mourning. Though outward mourning is important, it is useless if you do not develop spiritually. 

Fragmento de "Ideales" (trabajo en progreso)

Situaciones imposibles, situaciones improbables, si me pidieran que catalogara el momento en el que me encuentro no sabría en cuál de las dos meterlo. Lo que estoy viviendo es un empalme entre ambas. Si lo pienso es lógico, todo lo que de entrada es sumamente improbable tiene que tener un alto grado de dificultad. A esta altura imagino que se preguntan qué me tiene así. Es el mayor cliché de la vida, mi improbable e imposible historia es una historia de amor, problemas del corazón. Es odioso, ¿no creen? A mí me parece terrible, existiendo tantas variables en mi vida entre las cuales se pudo suscitar un problema, o un dilema interesante y con sustento o una profundidad espiritual e intelectual superior, tuvo que ser algo relacionado con el amor, lo más superficial que existe en mi vida, al menos eso creo, y que, siendo sincera me encanta, me derrite y domina gran parte de mi vida.


A mi favor les digo que tengo la fortuna de poder decir que no es la historia de amor tradicional. Nadie me rompió el corazón, al menos no en este momento porque sí tengo mi buen número de cicatrices. No he lastimado a alguien, que yo sepa, ni necesito resarcir alguna acción pasada que haya alejado a mi gran amor ni nada por el estilo. En resumen, no he perdido a nadie, no hay alguien muriendo, ni hay un hombre que no sabe de mi existencia por el que suspiro esperando que un día me vea y se dé cuenta de que soy lo que le falta a su vida. Mi historia es muy afortunada y al mismo tiempo una tragedia, es una tragedia llena de fortuna sin tanta tragedia y mucho melodrama de mi parte.


No creo en la perfección como algo tangible, creo en ella como un ideal al que todos podemos aspirar. Sí creo en los ideales y en combinaciones que funcionan mejor que otras; creo en conexiones y en fuerzas, en la energía, las vibras y el karma. Soy tan religiosa como la siguiente persona en este país con un catolicismo a la baja que busca su identidad en la modernidad. Me considero inquieta y un poco insegura pero no me gusta mostrarme frágil por lo que pongo cara valiente y encaro las cosas de la mejor forma posible. Lo que hago se confunde con valor y yo no los contradigo, mi secreto es que me tomo mi tiempo antes de hacer algo nuevo; lo analizo, me preparo y reviso lo que tengo ideado o hecho antes de salir al mundo con ello. Mi seguridad viene de la planeación y en eso soy muy buena, mi vida está planeado porque de otra forma caería víctima de mi desidia y como ya les dije, soy inquieta entonces no puedo estar inmóvil y ser feliz. Suficiente sobre mí. Ésta es la razón por la que planeo todo lo que pueda planear, hasta mis momentos de improvisación tienen cierta planeación, porque divago y me pierdo en el hilo de mis ideas más triviales que me permiten procrastinar mi existencia. Soy un alma soñadora con un espíritu determinado y disciplinado que me mantiene con los pies sobre la tierra.


Regresemos a mi historia, no es sobre falta de amor, todo lo contrario, me sobra. Conocí a dos hombres, dos fantásticos hombres casi al mismo tiempo. Conocí a dos ideales mas no perfectos; a mis dos hombres ideales, uno tan diferente del otro pero los dos hermosos a su manera. Aprendí que tenia dos ideales, y que hacía listas sobre ellos de forma inconsciente, el momento en el que los conocí. Parecen diseñados para mí, un producto de mis deseos y necesidades; y los dos me quieren, sí me quieren a mí, esta chica ordinaria a la que la vida le concedió el deseo de encontrar amor y que éste fuera recíproco y me lo concedió dos veces en un mismo momento.

Ya conocen mi afortunada tragedia, la vida no se guardó a estos hombres y no los distribuyó a lo largo de mi vida, me los dio de golpe y ahora tengo que escoger. Tengo que perder a uno. Es una decisión imposible.

Christian D. Guerrero.

The Beast is in the eye of the beholder

(Piggybacking on this convo from earlier today, I figured now was as good a time as any to post this, as it’s been sitting in my Drafts for a while now…)

I keep thinking about the degree of the Hound’s objective “ugliness”. Is it JUST because of the scars? GRRM himself has said that, without the scars, Sandor would just be kinda “average”. But average is certainly not “ugly”, so we have to assume that at least the un-burned side of Sandor’s face isn’t exactly unpleasant to look at. So, it seems as if most of the people in the ASOIAF world judge Sandor’s looks pretty much just based on the scars; this isn’t the most compassionate race of people, after all. As so many other characters know, even the slightest shortcoming or flaw will be picked at relentlessly. (And we think OUR society is superficial!)

But I think of this in relation, of course, to Sansa, who is also guilty of calling him ugly (though not as “ugly” as Tyrion, apparently) and yet doesn’t seem too bothered by inventing a KISS between them. Indeed, she never seems outright REPULSED by him at all. She considers his scars hideous, yes, but more than anything it’s his rage and his eyes that repel Sansa. If fact, it seems as if THOSE qualities are the real deal-breaker here, not his scars.

But in terms of his overall level of attractiveness despite the scars? Yes, she calls him ugly, but compared to what? Well, this is a girl whose idea of handsome and attractive is guys like Joffrey, Loras, and Renly — the obvious ones. If she lived in our world today, she’d probably be a big fan of Justin Bieber or Zac Efron. Yawn! But as her story evolves, so do her tastes, and she becomes more accepting of those “plainer” fellows; obvious good looks don’t hold much meaning for her anymore. She’s been betrayed by the pretty boys but aided by the ugly ones. So, it’s perfectly reasonable to imagine that Sandor could very well look much like he is depicted on the TV show (though a younger version, obvs), in that he’s not “conventionally” good-looking. I can totally imagine a young girl like Sansa seeing show-Sandor and being like “ehhhh no thanks” — even while the rest of us grown-up ladies are constantly fanning ourselves, heheh — so I can see how show-Sandor would be initially seen as unattractive.

(I’ll even go on record and say that I find Rory McCann pretty “average” looking as well; I doubt I would give him a second look if not for the Hound… Let the mass-unfollowing commence!! LOL #noregrets #yolo)

Case in point: the other day, my mother (who does not watch the show but has seen plenty of my fangirly posts on Facebook) referred to the Hound as “that skanky-looking guy you like”. After getting over my initial shock and cancelling those disownment papers, I realized that her reaction was understandable; if you take him just on looks ALONE, yes, I can see where one might not be terribly impressed. But I know that if she got to know his character, she’d swoon over him just as much as I do! (She’s totally in love with Daryl from “The Walking Dead”, so this would not be a stretch, LOL.) And that’s just the point, isn’t it? Looks alone do not define Sandor Clegane — it’s his actions that endear us to him. Or, at least, what endears Sansa to him.

So, my long-winded point is, I think the show got it right in terms of Sandor’s level of attractiveness, even though the naysayers seem to think the show made him “too fuckable”(?!). Considering the Hound is supposed to be a fierce warrior and at the top of his physical game, there is plenty to find attractive about him in spite of the scars. If he’s not getting laid on a regular basis by anyone other than whores, or if nobody loves him, I am sure that’s due more to the wall of douchebaggery he has built around himself. HE is the one who has allowed his disfigurement to define him. Luckily, Sansa can see through all that, where many people wouldn’t care to even try. That’s what makes her different. And that’s why she is able to look past the scars and see the actual (desirable) person underneath.

As a final note, and I’m sure many of you have already seen this, but here are some pics of the Sandor Clegane bust created several years ago by Valyrian Resin; reportedly, GRRM himself lent his guidance with these creations, and from what I understand he even instructed the artists to make Sandor “more handsome”(!!). So, we can probably safely assume that this comes closest to GRRM’s actual vision of the Hound.



So, yeah, scars aside, not a shabby looking fellow! Not hard for me to imagine Sansa growing to find him appealing, especially after all they have been through together.

I haven’t said anything in the past few days, but after seeing all these articles and posts about Renee Zellweger and her plastic surgery, I want to say this:
Who the hell cares? Let the woman do what she wants! By people making fun of her and criticizing her, they’re literally emphasizing the reason she got reconstructive surgery in the first place. Hollywood is a vain, superficial place and if you don’t look the way they want you to, they make fun of you until you change. And once you do, they judge you and make fun of you even more for caving to the pressure. 
So I say shut the fuck up and let the woman do what she does. Stop perpetuating this hatred towards women doing what they want to do to feel beautiful, because they receive the most pressure out of anyone to be physically pleasing to the eye.

People announcing that they are unfollowing users “who they have followed for years” for liking and defending a certain TV character… And announcing it “proudly”. Lol whut? Like, how can you be so superficial and so intolerant as to be influenced by something as small and subjective as this, specially if you have genuinely liked the user for years before that?

I for my part can announce that I haven’t unfollowed anyone for stating a different opinion than mine, ever. And I don’t intend to. Now that, I think someone can feel proud about. It testifies to willingness to see other points of view and good taste in choosing friends to begin with.


hazelhooves replied to your post: hazelhooves replied to your post: Why…

So he’s very good at it on the off chance that he finds a young ward who doesn’t come with some emotional baggage or just so happens to fall within his prevue of acceptable emotional baggage?

No, silly. I take it you don’t understand who Tech is beyond superficial measures, and have not read his blog. It’s easy to, on a first impression, think Tech is the “rub some dirt in it” type.

Tech is old, he’s gruff, he’s grumpy. If you try to put on airs around him, he’ll cut down to the heart of things before you can finish a sentence. He’ll tell you if you’re being a jerk, and he doesn’t care if you’re trying to impress others.

But Tech is, consummately, compassionate for the people around him, and not afraid to show it. All kinds of people. To the point that his heart is swayed by mercy when perhaps it shouldn’t.

Tech understands pain. Tech has been through all walks of life, and chances are he’s probably walked in someone’s shoes already.

He understands pain, and his goal is to lessen it for others around him.

This feels really awkward explaining this, so I’ll show it.


In an RP with someone, their character had to let go of a cherished childhood item. Not really anything of significance, it was a mundane thing, but it caused great distress to the person who had to let it go.

Tech sat down with them for a long time. And just listened. He listened, asking questions about the item sometimes, about the character’s relationship with it.

The character mentioned that the item had taught them many things. Tech thought for a moment, looking at the item, and asked,

"… What c’n it teach you now?"

They responded with, “… How to let go.” And Tech smiled a little.

"… I know it’s real important t’ you. So it’ll hurt fer a li’l while. It always does. But it don’t last ferever, ‘n it’ll always be there in memory. But there’ll be bigger ‘n greater things t’ follow. And then it won’t hurt no more."


Tech does and has done this kind of thing with many, many different kinds of characters. Of many walks and experiences.

If anyone wants to get a good idea of Tech’s character, these two one-shots are superb for it, as well as this multi-parter story.

anonymous said:

Can you give your opinion on ENFJ/ENTP relationships (romantic or platonic)? It's a pairing I feel like we don't really hear about that often, and I wonder why that is, because it seems like they would make a good pair.

I like this pairing! It’s a rare-er pairing because ENTPs and ENFJs don’t generally interact with each other on a more than superficial level, unless they are forced to by circumstance. Think Emma Stone (ENTP) and Andrew Garfield (ENFJ) or the Bachelorette, Jillian Harris and Reid Rosenthal. They make great friends, make each other laugh, and respect each other’s integrity to pieces. I think that this pairing mostly stays platonic, but can see that with the right people, it would be a stellar match!

I love the ENTPs I know, and consider them to be some of the kindest, funniest, best people-people around. Side note: all the ENTPs that I respect the socks off of, I’ve met through work projects or team sports. Forced interaction, I tell you. ENTPs live to be the center of attention, which is generally an ENFJ turn-off (and they probably think we’re super reserved until they know us).

In popular discourse, some phrases signal the speaker’s or writer’s political views. Interpreted literally, the phrases convey agreeable sentiments. But the real meanings of these phrases come less from their words than from the fact that people with certain political beliefs habitually use these phrases to justify their favorite government policies.

A familiar “progressive” phrase today is “we want an economy of shared prosperity.” Superficially, this phrase is unobjectionable. Who, after all, wants an economy in which prosperity is hogged by a tiny fraction of the population? The problem is that, while everyone agrees with the goal expressed by this phrase, there’s much disagreement over the best means to achieve this goal.

“Progressives” today deploy the term “shared prosperity” as code for “government must redistribute wealth and otherwise intervene actively into the economy.”

Consider the simple market exchange of Ms. Jones buying tomatoes at Wal-Mart. Ms. Jones gains (otherwise she wouldn’t have chosen to buy the tomatoes at Wal-Mart); Wal-Mart’s shareholders gain (otherwise Wal-Mart wouldn’t have chosen to build a store and employ workers to sell the tomatoes); Wal-Mart’s workers gain (otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen to work for Wal-Mart); farmers gain (otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen to sell their tomatoes to Wal-Mart).

Wal-Mart’s entrepreneurial moves to build stores, to sell groceries and to innovatively manage its inventories undoubtedly enrich investors who stake some of their money on Wal-Mart. These investors, however, earn money only because Wal-Mart enables workers and consumers to gain.

If too few workers choose to work for Wal-Mart or if too few consumers choose to shop at Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart’s investors would lose, not gain, prosperity.

In short, Wal-Mart’s success at increasing its profits causes prosperity to be shared by many others. Some individuals might enjoy larger increases in their well-being than are enjoyed by others, but nearly everyone gains. In the market, an investor, producer or corporation that attempts to gain wealth without at the same time improving the well-being of others will fail.

The logic of how markets necessarily cause prosperity to be shared is plain. And evidence that markets create and share prosperity is all around us. If you doubt this claim, examine the clothes you’re wearing now. Did you make them? Could you make them? Consider also the food you recently ate. Did you grow it? Ditto for nearly everything else you consume on a daily basis.

This logic of how markets create prosperity and cause it to be shared widely is backed also by academic evidence. Yale University economist William Nordhaus finds that innovators capture a mere 2.2 percent of the total social value of their innovations.

For many innovations, of course, the absolute dollar value of this tiny percentage is huge. If, for instance, the total social value of a new smartphone app is $1 billion, its creator will likely pocket $22 million. That’s a lot of money. But it’s a pittance compared to the full value of the app. Its creator — for a fee of only 2.2 percent — shared $988 million worth of prosperity with countless strangers.


In this world of random dark events,
Where neither love nor loyalty live long
And darkness creeps into the brightest thought
To silence sound that could have turned to song–
Here superficial happiness descends
Into a swirl of sadness in a day,
When those we trust with who we are become
Uninterested and turn their thoughts away.
No brightness of the sun or stars can warm,
At such a time, in such a world as this,
The heart turned cold, the mind indifferent,
The lover’s lips forgetting how to kiss.
Yet in this same world, your strong heart stays true,
So all I am finds its true home in you.