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A lot of people that I've talked to about Anora have not liked her. As far as I've seen, she seems callous and self-serving, and she throws you under the bus if things don't go her way. I mean, like, I'm not trying to be rude to you or discredit your opinion of her (please let me know if it comes off that way) and you say she's loyal and clever and I genuinely want to know how her character's traits translated that way to you???

a lot of ppl dislike anora bc the game sets her up in opposition to alistair on a very superficial basis. like, oh, hEAVEN FORBID she wants to keep her crown as a super capable and supremely talented politician and ruler??!? instead of this 20 y/o kid with no experience who doesn’t want the crown???

you should really check out this post here, where the bioware writers themselves talk about anora. see here:

“Anora wants what’s best for Ferelden, which is honestly, Anora. Anora was raised to be a queen, she understands her people, she understands politics. She is not power-hungry. She is afraid that Alistair will run Ferelden into the ground.”

anora is deeply loyal – to her father, whom she loves dearly (and, as we know, was a great man and, arguably, still is in inquisition [remember threnn, the requisition officer? she was a soldier in loghain’s army and swears fealty to him intensely, saying he saved everyone’s lives after cailan fucked up and the beacon wasn’t lit on time. loghain’s treachery is largely a matter of perspective]). 

you can see her talk about him here, and there’s always this brilliant post as well, lol. anora loves her father very much, and yeah, (as the writer’s post says) she “betrays” you if, unbelievably, you say you want to kill her father. gasp!!! so unreasonable!!!

She betrays you if you rat her out to Cauthrien, if you don’t bother talking to her at Arl Eamon’s estate, and if you say you’re going to kill her dad. All good reasons to betray you, in my opinion.

voila, straight from the writers’ mouths. anora’s not some shifty self-serving bitch – she doesn’t want her father to be killed because she loves him, even though she’s willing to stand against him at the landsmeet when she realizes what he’s done??? and yet anora has to deal with her father being executed, right before her, and even gets sprayed with his blood. what the hell????? that is so fucking fucked up??????

again, anora is not self-serving, not really. she is ambitious, but only because she is (rightfully!!!) confident. she knows she’s the best person to rule ferelden, and she loves ferelden. she loves her country and its people very much, and it’s because of that loyalty and love that she wants to rule, that she doesn’t want to hand power over to this rando 20 y/o kid who likes to play with action figures and has the subtlety and political finesse of a herd of stampeding rhinos. 

i repeat: ”she is not power-hungry. she is afraid that alistair will run ferelden into the ground.” !!!! and!!! good point!!!

as anora says, “i simply believe that i am what this country needs. i will fight for what i believe.” !!!

in fact, this one user summed things up really gr8 about the whole “anora is a bitch” phenomenon here when they said:

Many players have had words to say about Anora. “Bitch” is one. “Scheming bitch” are others, also “scheming, backstabbing, manipulative, selfish, power-hungry bitch”. Arl Eamon even calls her “…spirited”, in tones that make it very clear what he actually means. “Spirited” belongs in that category of Victorian-novel style words, along with “feisty”, and “lively” that means (to paraphrase Rebecca West) “woman who differentiates herself from a doormat”, which is to say, “bitch”. As far as I can see, the whole “bitch” thing is because Anora has the temerity to think she’d make a better ruler than Alistair, and says so.

anora is also hilarious (her playful smirk as she says ”perhaps he will bend over more gracefully than i would” & tHIS INCREDIBLE SASS even though she’s afraid for her life lol my queen!!!) and playful. she giggles and laughs, teases the warden (they can be like “ha ha could i get out of this engagement now if i wanted to?” and she grins and giggles and is all “short of throwing yourself into the archdemon’s jaws? probably not.”)

anora is honest – she tells the warden exactly what she wants, she never tries to double-play them. she’s not callous  – the whole reason she can supposedly “betray the warden” is specifically OUT OF LOVE FOR HER FATHER. the problem is, again, just that players forget that truly well-rounded, fleshed out characters… their world doesn’t revolve around the player. anora’s world is completely crafted by herself and at her own disposal; she’s a queen. she’s not going to kiss the ground the warden walks on for no reason.

she’s completely honest, yeah. she even admits to being nervous about marrying a cousland warden – she’s not cold or distant. somehow the fandom has concoted this very weird perception of anora, that she’s a backstabbing power-hungry ice queen, but it’s not true, not at all.

anora is brilliant. there’s 300+ quotes in-game from people saying she’s a brilliant politician, loved by the people of ferelden, does her job beautifully, with grace, and wants to be queen because she loves her country, too. she wants to protect her people and her country; she loves her country, as she loves her father, and she just wants to do what she thinks is right. as she said, she will fight for what she believes.

when most npcs bend over backwards for the player character, anora refusing to be subdued may make her seem callous and self-serving, but she does what she does out of love. not to serve herself, but to serve her country and her people. 


KIM KARDASHIAN AND KANYE WEST. The most supportive of Bruce.
You guys talk so much shit, saying they’re superficial and pathetic, yet they’re are the most understanding on such a sensitive topic.
I know, this whole thing is not about them, but about Bruce, I’m just proving a point.

Unofficial Anthology of Why All of Sasusaku’s New Theories Are Hilariously Idiotic

Sasusaku has always been the most hilarious fandom in Naruto. They have said some truly stupid shit, tried to defend things with said stupidity, and liked this ship on superficial and/or incorrect basis at best.

However, I think, in my two years in the fandom, this has by far been the day when the most ridiculously awful and hilariously sad theories have ever popped out of the Sasusaku fandom. So hilarious that I couldn’t just laugh and move along like usual. It has to be brought to light so that perhaps SS (who, despite this post being properly tagged, will stalk the anti tag and see it) can read it from an outsiders persepctive (as in, someone who doesn’t ship NS/SK), and read how stupid they sound so they can stop making bigger laughing stocks of themselves than they already are. 

These are the most popular and passed around theories I’ve come across

1) Sasuke doesn’t know he has a daughter. 

If you want to argue that Sasuke doesn’t know he has a daughter, fine. But it only makes things more abysmal for Sakura. As, you see, Sasuke couldn’t give enough fucks about Sakura to come see or have any contact with her in over a decade. Further keeping line with him, for the entire manga, treating her like an afterthought at best. It heavily implies that her love not only does not get through to him, but that its not reciprocated nearly as strongly. It also cements Sakura’s pathetic status, because she let Sasuke hit it and quit it, and she is content to be a single mother clinging to her scraps of attention she will always crave in between being made to feel like shit since, consistently, the day she was put on Team 7 with him. 

2) Sasuke is off looking for a cure for Sarada’s eyes! Sakura is healing her eyes in secret because of her sharingan!

Sasuke somehow passed down blurry vision to Salad is canonically impossible, as his swagged out implanted Itachi eyes prevented blindness. Not to mention (I really shouldn’t have to mention) that blurry vision is not something you can genetically pass down as this was due to  something he has done to his body for spamming Mangekyou Sharingan, not a genetic trait for naturally blurry vision/predisposal to blindness (its like the equivalent of saying your kid will have lung cancer because you used to smoke). Also, trying to argue that Salad’s glasses aren’t normal glasses but special ones that prevent her sharingan from activating cause she’s just so OP stronk for some reason that she activated Mangekyou Sharingan as a baby, because, as they seem to be forgetting, base/three tomoe sharingan does not deteriorate vision. Mangekyou Sharingan does.

More than any of that though, apparently Sasuke could not search for a cure without ignoring his family for twelve years and not meeting his daughter for her entire life. 

3) Sakura is fainting because she’s pregnant!

If she is, then that makes the situation even worse with the implications! It’s one thing to not have seen the father of your child in twelve years, but its another to be fucking the father of your child in secret and being completely okay with him leaving and not even meeting your twelve year old kid for the first time . Or coming pack to get some pussy and ignoring the child you left her with. And will probably go on to ignore the kid you knocked her up with. It only makes Sakura look more desperate, horribly pathetic, and a selfish mother completely lacking in integrity. For Sasuke, it only makes him look like a complete and utter asshole beyond repair. 

4) It’s all a genjutsu! That’s why it was translated one way as “Crimson Moon”! They’re caught in Infinite Tsukiyomi.

…So, what you’re saying is that Madara succeeded, and all of this is a dream. Salad does not actually exist, neither do Bolt, Himawari, Shikadai, Chouchou, or Inojin. None of the things in 699 or 700 ever actually happened. This is not only the way Kishi wanted to end his manga, but he also wants to completely go back and rewrite the ending of his series in a mini series?

Also, remember when you mocked Narusaku for this? Called it desperate, sad, pathetic, and delusional? Yeah…

5) Sasuke wiped Sakura and Salad’s memories to protect them!

 I don’t even know where to start with this. First of all, since when does Sasuke possess the power to erase people’s memories? Secondly, this doesn’t match up at all with the basic shit that was said in the chapter. Salad talks about never having met her father. She knows her father. She is aware of him. Sakura talks of knowing Sasuke. She is aware of him. If Sasuke wanted to erase their memories of him to protect them, why does he only erase the happy memories they, allegedly, have? Why not erase his existence from their memories altogether, if that was his super tragic plan? Also, Sakura seems to remember enough to want to fabricate a happy photo of them together over a picture of Taka, because she doesn’t have any. If she didn’t possess the full awareness of Sasuke not being with her for twelve years and all it’s blunt sadness, she just wouldn’t have bothered. 

Also, this makes no sense on a story structure level. What enemies exist that are so OP stronk that they can defeat the OP powerlevel stronk abilities of Naruto and Sasuke? Or all the K11 who still seem to be powerful? Its not a secret that Salad is an Uchiha, so its not a matter of them hiding her heritage. Considering that there is only one other Uchiha alive, its unanimous that she is Sasuke Uchiha’s daughter, and everyone knows this as well. For fucks sake, Sakura sees no problem in plastering Uchiha paraphenilia all over their house. She and Salad are basically living in an advertisement, yet nothing has happened to them, so “being targeted by Sasuke’s enemies” and Sasuke wanting to protect them from this is blatantly incorrect.  

6) Sasuke is on a super important mission!

Sakura has expressed she has no idea what Sasuke is doing. Given her almost  embarrassed reaction at being questioned about Sasuke, it is made apparent that if she could actually tell her daughter that Sasuke was on a mission and that’s why he isn’t around, she would, rather than have to embarrassedly  admit all this unsureness. Also, Sasuke has been gone on a redemption journey. He has never lived in the Village. He is doing his own thing. 

7) Sasuke was probably around until she was about two or three, then left, and Sarada just can’t remember!

Salad- “I never got to meet him at all. He left when I was a baby.” is one translation. “As far back as I can possibly remember, I have never once met my father.” is another.

Sakura- “Erm, well, your dad was never in the village much when he was younger…” is one translation “Back then your Dad spent so much time away from the village! Just like now, I suppose…”. is another.

So, sure, if you want to cling to things that aren’t really there or meant to be taken away from the narrative, go for it, there’s a tiny window there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t erase the fact that Salad has no recollection of ever meeting her father, they have no relationship, and he has not been to see either of them in 10-11 years, according to this theory.

8) Salad can’t be Karin’s kid! She has Sakura’s eye shape and looks nothing like her!

There is no sense or point in debating this and making long ass “eye shape analysis” posts any longer. The acknowledgment that Salad looks like Karin is made within canon. It was the entire basis for the ending conflict that arose in the chapter. Its what will be pushing the conflict in the future, that Salad looks like this other mystery woman in this picture she always thought was of her mother and Sasuke, but was fabricated. Salad looks like Karin. Whether or not she is Karin’s daughter is irrelevant to the argument.  

9) This is all a red herring! Just like Narusaku!

Doesn’t matter. The damage done is irreversible. Sakura is confirmed to be a doormat. Sakura may not have even married Sasuke. Sakura has no photos of Sasuke, and has to photoshop herself onto a photo of Sasuke with Taka and another woman. Sakura hasn’t seen or heard from Sasuke in 12-13 years. Sakura is still angty and miserable.Salad does not know her father. Sasuke has been wandering around on his redemption journey for 12 straight years.The dynamic between Sasuke and Sakura has not grown or changed from when they were 12. Salad finds fault in her mother for letting Sasuke do whatever he wants, even completely neglecting their child, while Sakura just wants to deflect. Sakura is miserably pathetic. Sasuke still makes her feel like shit and she allows him to make their child feel like shit because she is so used to being treated as an afterthought and being happy with his scraps of attention (or nothing, as seems to be the case now) that she is surprised when Salad has more dignity and self respect than her to question this. 

All of this has been cemented. 

Sasusaku, for all their arrogance, for all their mocking of others, ignored the content of 700 (like they always did with the manga in general) and created a perfect SS happy family with pussy whipped Sasuke, feisty Sakura, and doting father to his Uchiha princess, convinced themselves of this, and were ultimately devastated when Kishi blew a cannon through their bubble. Now, in the largest effort at damage control I’ve seen from them so far, they are scrambling to come up with something to salvage this. Trying to be “positive” about the situation and the flaws their ship has always possessed somehow blindsiding them for still being there despite no implication it was ever any different (as well as these same flaws never having bothered them before). Playing the victim and/or lashing out at everyone who is laughing at their fandom, Sakura, and Sasusaku (which is practically the entire Naruto fandom at this point) with the only thing they can ,maybe (because Kishi has done worse), confidently say in their ship’s defense- Salad is not Karin’s child. They cannot combat anything else. Its a trainwreck in slow motion. 

My only hope that Sasusaku gets out of this is to learn how to take your massive L quietly, and perhaps develop better taste in general and actual standards, so liking something like Sasusaku won’t occur in the future.  

If anyone has any new lulzy SS entertainment to add to these theories, let me know so I can add them!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like teenagers today are divided along way less superficial lines. When I was in high school, it was like, “Preps over here, jocks over there, hood niggas on the other side, punk/goth/theatre/band/nerds/weebs/whatever outside the cafeteria, smokers outside around the corner, stoners in the baseball dugout.” But now, probably because the internet, with a few exceptions, the divide seems to be more along ideological lines than aesthetic ones. I noticed it with the freshman class my senior year of college.

Maybe it’s because when I was in high school, you could only really buy clothes (outside of major cities anyway) at the mall, thrift stores, or a small handful of boutiques that sold hippie shit or punk shit or whatever. Now there’s so many pictures online of people with different looks, information on where to get the pieces, knockoffs and lookalikes available everywhere for cheap, and just a ton of stores for any look you want, people can just pick a piece of this and a piece of that and put together whatever suits them. When there’s a near-infinite number of places to shop, it stops being like, “X group shops at Y store.” Or at least that’s what it looks like on the outside.

I love the ocean. I love to surf, not just for the surf, but for the serenity.  There’s no worries when you’re in the water.  You look around you, and you see how small your problems are and how beautiful the world is.  The turtles swimming beneath you, the sun shining above you, the people playing on the beach ahead of you.  Life is happening right in front of you and there’s no way to deny it.  There’s so many beautiful things in this world and we spend too much time on things that don’t matter.  Surfing is my escape.  You’re so alive when you can feel the sun burning your back and the water feels so good and everything seems alright.  Your problems are left on the shore, but you’re not.  That feeling is so liberating.  Leave the superficial behind you, and only look forward.  God created this world for us to enjoy, and the most important thing I’ve learned is that you aren’t going to enjoy it behind a computer screen or on a cell phone.  Find your passion and engulf yourself in it.  That is the definition of success, and that’s freedom.
—  audprater
PSA: My Thoughts

I have decided I will be more on my personal (which is a side blog to this account) where I’ll draw and reblog other fandoms I dig, as well as my OC Blog.

I’ve been sitting on this too long and I came to accept that I am just not that interested in this fandom as a Viktor blog for many reasons with school being a huge cause for my disinterest. I mean I still enjoy playing the game but writing and what not has diminished in that rewarding feeling I get. I feel that my effort is not worth it.

People complain frequently that they don’t get any asks and that’s the same for me, too. I don’t typically receive any unless I’ve been doing art replies and when I do get asks (that I’m grateful for) they’re either non-canon/silly stuff or things I have already answered [it’s in my HCs]/it’s been answered before/it’s “superficial.” Maybe my thoughts and approach is wrong right now since I’ve been in this community for almost 2 years come summer and I’ve had a ton of stress. 

I’m going to be blunt and honest about it, as shallow as it may seem, this is how I feel: 

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1. Make her your phone background. Suck it up when her teeth stain you with teases and taunts. She doesn’t mean it. She swoons over it. Don’t let her change it. When you check it at 3 am with grainy eyes and cloudy pupils, smile because it’s of her.

2. Buy her flowers on Valentine’s Day. It’s not superficiality within the cliche, but the educated base of the thought behind it at the supermarket when you’re scrolling through seven month old texts to find out if she preferred purple or blue orchids. Spare 7 bucks and a pit stop.

3. Watch her favorite movie with her. Love it, hate it, doesn’t matter. But pay attention, and nurse the early sunrises still talking about whether Miranda Priestly was a petty backstabbing witch or an industrial guru  –  just talk about it. Just talk.

4. Spend hours deterring your work, putting it off for some other time, to memorize the lyrics of her favorite song. The next time it comes on her iPod as you lay at the foot of her bed, sing it into her neck. Then make out underneath the sheets and remind yourself why someone else’s CO2 tastes good.

5. Study your French texts across the table from her and dress yourself in a smirk. Teach her how you love to drop her clothes to the floor in a different language, how you love to see her with emphasis on different syllables and all the while listen to the tapping of her pencil aligned with different accents and remind her to kiss you without using Google Translate.

6. Tell her about the way your ribs do more than protect an organ, but how they also hold your breath from midday bursts with things like “I’ve always wanted to have sex with you in the pool.” Then tell her how you’ve never felt like you were doing so much right until you unbuttoned her jeans and pasted your tongue to her collarbone.

7. Stuff her with dinner like you’re stuffing her with each and every single way that exists to express affection. Splurge on five-course meals that neither of you could possibly finish anyways, but remind her that money is money and expenses are important but dates aren’t your AP economics class, and you’re holding your hands out to a queen because her smile is the throne on which sits every aspiration that your ankles quiver to think about.

8. Take her to McDonald’s. Buy McFlurries. Lick the ice cream off her nose after being the one to slather it there. Kiss her like her sweet taste is all the sugar you’ll ever crave.

9. Acquire the habit of leaving her good night and good morning messages - texts, calls, voicemails, scalding coffee on her doorstep at dawn, kisses to her forehead, an envelope on the pillow case. It shows commitment and demonstrates the consistency of her presence in your head.

10. This is the most important step I have for you. It’s essential that you listen, okay? Tell her you love her, but only if you mean it, or holy fuck you must just be emptier than a bottle of cough syrup because this is more than a wikiHow. Say the words. “I love you. I’m in love with you. Oh my god, I’m so in love with you that I just can’t think about anything else.” But you cannot expect her to say it back, you can’t. I need you to smile as the words escape you, but don’t treat them like fleeing prisoners locked into your teeth; set them loose like doves riding the waves of the air and kiss her like you meant it and it’s okay that she doesn’t speak this language because one day when you’ve stuck around for enough birthdays she’ll say it back into your shoulder as you’re about to get on the bus. You won’t hear it again for weeks, and she will never echo your I love you’s every time. But there will be cloudy-night picnics under the evergreens and she’ll blink with wine against her tongue and say “I never thought I could ever love someone more than I love Moscato.” There will be unwatched Netflix movies and dirty popcorn and she’ll gasp it into your ear, writhing around your fingertips to the subjunctive of your love and this time she won’t have to say it, you will know, and she will know that you know. And she’ll say it anyway.

—  “How To Make Her Fall In Love With You by WikiHow in 10 easy steps!” | izztstei
Saint-Exupéry è un mulinex nella bara.

Il movimento può anche solo essere fisico, osseo e muscolare, può anche essere solo uno spostarsi da A e B su una mappa geografica, camminare per strada o agitarsi sopra un corpo, ed andrebbe benissimo.
Nessuno chiede al movimento qualcosa di più in fondo, e movimento in fondo in fondo questo vuol dire, “spostarsi”. 
Eppure non è terribilmente divertente quanto questo termine possa essere usato pur rimanendo immobili?
Uno spostato può anche rimanere fermo sul posto, e nello stesso trasmettere un’idea di agitazione, di frenesia, che neanche una corsa per i campi potrebbe dare, e le migliori serate movimentate sono a volte quelle dove si può parlare per ore di tutti i casini che si hanno dentro mentre si cammina con tutta la calma del mondo, senza bisogno di chissà quale passaggio da questi fantomatici A e B.
Il movimento è a strati, quello esteriore gratta solo la superficie, si può correre ridere sorridere avere un caleidoscopio di espressioni in faccia, sembrare sempre in cammino, sempre per strada, sempre in giro, eppure non aver mai mosso davvero un singolo passo dallo stato d’animo da cui vorremmo scappare con tutti noi stessi. 
Ed è il movimento esteriore quello che tutti cercano, il pensare che se si scuote abbastanza la superficie dello stagno si arriverà a toccare il fondale dove si trovano tutti i tesori seppelliti ed i relitti di ogni storia che è affondata nel tempo, quando basterebbe a saperlo fare muoversi dall’interno verso l’esterno.
Agitare questo fondale oceanico di pensieri paure e barriere che si sono costruite col tempo, consapevoli che se anche da fuori non si vedrà niente, che se anche si rimarrà fermi sul posto per giorni, mesi, in realtà si avrà viaggiato più di chiunque altro.
Ma la vita è tutta un lanciare sassi sulla superficie, dimenticandosi di essi una volta che sono scomparsi nell’acqua: se non sono più visibili non esistono più, no?

Part of me may regret airing this publicly, but probably not. It is my ‘journal’ of sorts after all. I spent many years in a relationship that was pretty fucking emotional damaging. I still respect this person a great deal, I will never sit and bash him, he was my best friend and an incredibly important part of my life, but it was really unhealthy and ultimately emotionally abusive. I started dating someone a bit quicker than I would have liked afterwards. He happens to be the polar opposite. I’ve never felt more patience and respect from anyone as I pick up the pieces of what my life became and am actively trying to mend it. At the beginning of our dating (and still on going) we’ve been met with a bunch of negative comments, manipulation/meddling, and rumors. A good deal of them for superficial reasons. And you know what, THANK YOU to those people, its been wonderful knowing exactly who to unfriend. And also, despite not feeling ready to give love to someone else, know I am doing so to someone who is strong, grounded, and willing to communicate/process/weed out all the bullshit. I feel grateful. 

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Quando ti tuffi e vai in tanto profondità e cerchi di risalire e scalci e ti batte forte il cuore e non pensi ad altro che arrivare in superficie e tutto ti pulsa e poi arrivi e prendi una boccata d'aria fresca e ti senti così bene e sollevato. Così quando la vedo.


"Amor... "

“Os dias estão parecendo séculos, e estão entrando numa rotina perturbadora.
Eu já perdi as esperanças de um amor pra toda vida. Mas sei que sem amor eu nada seria.
O amor é um poço profundo,e as pessoas esquecem, acham que amor é algo superficial. Eu não.Há anos cavo, é até agora só encontrei algumas cartinhas de amor barato que pode se encontrar em qualquer uma dessas esquinas. E o pior é que nem cheguei a ler….
As pessoas vêem o amor feito um abraço curto,sem emoções, com medo.
Eu já amei, sei que o amor de verdade não acaba, mas ele morre, morre e não deixa de existir, e dói. Dói mais saber que a pessoa que você ama está ali, mas você não pode nem sequer chegar perto dela.
Queria um dia viver sem amar, sem amor. Sem essa loucura perturbadora de ser solitário. Sem se importar com o vago sentido da razão…
As vezes eu fico pensando porque eu sou assim, e essas noites quentes de verão vão passando sem sentido, sem graça.
No escuro do meu quarto, nesse vazio de tudo, eu penso que amor é algo complexo, então eu percebo que sou tão complexo quanto ele…”

Disegnare con le dita, pian piano, la linea della sua spina dorsale e risalire. Ricordare ogni particolare di quegli occhi verdi che era stato impossibile non amare da subito. Prendere quelle mani e guardare le vene in superficie, seguirne la via fino alle dita e poi baciarne ogni punta.
Dieci baci, dieci dita, questo le bastava.
Andrea non era una semplice frase su un foglio
—  amamicomeselomeritassi estratto dal suo racconto per #tumblr4theworld 

Why do boys with secret girlfriends want my attention so bad and why do they freak out when they get it. I’m so fucking annoyed at people treating me like a piece of cake. Contrary to popular belief I’m actually a real human with feelings and intellect and passion and goals, not just a pretty face. Imagine if we lived in a world where people were attracted to personality and someone’s genuine being instead of being so consumed by superficial exterior bullshit?????? What a concept.

mainstream media always highlights internal (or superficially external) difficulties that arise from transness. interpersonal issues might be discussed rather than solely intrapersonal issues, and complications that arise in the process of receiving ~gender treatment~ or whatever may be brought to light, but even these discussions do not acknowledge the fact that those Issues are manifestations of systemic oppression that are also manifested in literally every institution and in every person ever??

it is always about dysphoria and never about the fact that the only reason dysphoria exists is because of external “influences” (i.e. white supremacist capitalist patriarchy??????) and these might be things we struggle with “internally” but they are really just small examples of much larger and more terrifying issues (although like i guess transness only exists when gender exists so)


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Taki and Wedy


Kiyomi Takada

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | YET ANOTHER PERSON I NEED TO PUT INTO A SAFE ROOM WHERE NOTHING HURTS AND EVERYTHING IS JOY.

ship with: I think I ship her with Light in no Death Note AUs. In a lot of ways, they’re canonically set up to be with each other. Head boy and head girl of To-Oh, picture perfect couple, stars align and things are superficially nauseatingly perfect. Of course they’d be far from perfect together, but I like their general dynamic of casual chitchat with subtle playfulness. Canonically, i don’t know if I ship her with anyone in particular. I want her to be happy and satisfied, you know?

favorite friendship: Potentially I’d have liked to see Sayu and Kiyomi interact together. I like to imagine them getting manicures together and casually gossiping about Light behind his back, lmao. Nothing serious, just joking around together at his expense – that kind of thing. Plus the idea of Sayu asking Kiyomi for advice is just weirdly cute? I lke it. 

general opinions: This fandom needs to stop hating on this poor lady. Yes, she’s flawed, yes she’s a murderer, yes she’s prideful and full of herself, but these are all the same reasons why she’s so fascinating and tragic. She’s so sure that she knows what she’s getting herself into; she convinced that what she does is the right thing to do and yet she doesn’t have a clue. What I love so much about her is how blind she is to her own naivete. And there are just so many good questions to ask about her because she doesn’t actually have a significant history of anything that might account for her beliefs and actions. Canon goes out of its way to provide a backstory for Misa and Teru that does account for their extremist behavior, but Takada is like Light. You don’t get a traumatic backstory, you don’t get anything extraordinary that you can psychoanalyze. So she really is just so intriguing because how do you get a relatively ordinary person to walk down her path? Why are people like this? Seriously guys, Takada is pretty damn interesting. 


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anonymous asked:

Hasn't been much out of Centori like the others about their GM going missing, how's she dealing with it inside and out?

This is actually a really good question that does not have a simple answer.

Centori is an intensely private person when it comes to her emotions. Sure, you’ll see her laugh or be annoyed, but anything past superficial emotions, and you just won’t see it unless you’re somebody she trusts. Even then, it still may not happen because she tends to bottle up her feelings, especially when they are negative.

To sort of understand why that is, you have to look back on when her parents died and the fact that she fell into a bloodrage, slaughtering a village of trolls. It was really after that, that she realized she needed to reign in her emotions, and protect that part of her. She didn’t want it to happen again and she found other ways to let it manifest.

She learned how to be independent and in control of herself and really of others. It’s part of the reason she became an ambassador, to focus on others problems. It didn’t always go well and she certainly at least in the earlier times of this, made mistakes but she got older and became a master at diverting her own emotions.

It’s why she is pretty cool under pressure and able to lead. She doesn’t allow for the emotions to control her. To her, there is no point in acting like a weeping idiot over the loss of someone publicly. It solves nothing at all. Now, that doesn’t mean she is perfect, as she is not processing those emotions, and eventually it will come out in a horrendous way but it will still be something she does on her own.

So the very long answer is to say, she misses Pride a great deal. She blames herself for not taking the meeting or being allowed to take it since she is indeed, a diplomat. She just pushed it all away, and is trying her best to get him back. In doing so, it will have a negative impact here eventually.

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Well today was… eventful…

OB and I were going to have that weekly Friday morning hang out with each other session. Unfortunately, SH relocated her form into the room so OB asked me to walk & talk with her. She had to cut the time short as she knew I couldn’t deal with being exposed to 13 year olds and just a general stressed out OB.

At lunch, there was eco team so I tagged along with whatever they were doing (because OB runs it ayyyyy). Too many kids came along and I lagged behind on their creature hunting adventure. So my social anxiety is quite bad and being around all those hyperactive people got me sick and anxious. Being in the wrong state of mind, one thing led to another and soon enough I had blood all over my hand. The cut was superficial, but it bled out a lot. I should’ve sought out my friend but rational thinking couldn’t occur at that point. Well, it’s not like I could hide it so I discreetly showed OB. She simply said to wash it and then go to the school nurse. I have an aversion to the nurse so I refused. A couple of other staff members rushed past. One of them asked OB to take me to an empty room where they could sort me out.

That commenced the time alone with an anxious Fish (me) and supportive OB. We talked about a few things here and there. The staff member came in a few minutes later, cleaned my hand and patched me up. OB was there the whole time, watching and making conversation. However she left prematurely when I said too many people were in the room (referring to the 2 other teachers who walked in).

After school, I went to find OB because… well… she did leave abruptly. She had obviously been thinking about me as she said, curiously, “Did you try to communicate with me, non-verbally, via your pain?” Turns out, she thought she was the reason behind my anxiety; believing what had happened in the morning stirred me up too much. She promised it’d be less hectic next time. I reassured her that it was just the consequence of social anxiety and poor impulse control. We had an oddly profound conversation.

I’m glad OB is, y'know, OB. :)