December 6

Dean/Cas snow angels or Dean/Cas cutting down the christmas tree

For allthingsmisha

YESTERDAY’S PICTURE IS FINALLY DONE WOOEEEO gjhgjgk i chose the snow angels idea and castiel is doing a face-down-in-the-snow angel ‘cause he doesn’t know how to do things okay and dean is like CASS YOU LITTLE SHIT LOL jghgjkghgj UHMMMM YEH I THINK THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT ENJOY!


oh snap

yeh so i really liked the guy who played ezekiel (even though his acting/voice made me think of olan rogers and i laughed every time he spoke) so i felt like drawing a picture of him hEH i guess it turned out quite alright. 8—)

also; the wings were actually drawn on a different paper than the lineart just in case it would mess everything up yo

December 1

Non-cheesy/porny Destiel

For 59-14xdaniel

AND SO IT BEGINS. This one was a tiny bit rushed ‘cause it’s rather late here, and I hadn’t had time to draw anything earlier today. XD BUT YEH, I’m kinda satisfied, it didn’t really turn out like I wanted it to, and I haven’t really decided on the finished style for this year’s calendar… Anywayssssssss it’s done. 8) I HOPE YOU LIKE IT, DANIEL.

Also; as you might notice the numbers this year is not as sneaky as last year. XD I wanted to try something different. Yep.

gjhgjkgl OKAY, HERE’S THE “AWESOME” CROSSOVER I CAME UP WITH YESTERDAY NIGHT it didn’t turn out at all like I wanted (I’m no good with styles like these and this was pretty fastly made ghhjg), but WHATEVS 8—)

I’ll probably make something more serious with this idea some other time, when I’ve figured out…….everything ghgjk XD

December 12

Castiel and Spock dressed in eachother’s clothes.

For medicatedmaniac

I’M ONE DAY BEHIND ON THIS NOW. I’M SORRY. And I actually cheated a little and made this be the picture on my birthday ‘cause I really wanted to draw it ‘cause it was an awesome request and I loved it, yes good. I don’t know how well it turned out, ‘cause I felt a bit stressed with it, but….yeh. Now it’s done. And I’m pretty satisfied. And I hope you’ll like it. And yeh.

December 15

Lucifer reading a story to Younger!Gabriel and Little!Cas

For pandalianxx

AH YES. I am still three days behind on this shit dkfhjkffhf OH WELL. I miiiiight have exaggerated the age differences a little HEH. I hope that’s fine. 8) and yes, lucifer’s ring is on the wrong hand but I don’t caaarrreeee also, gabe is totally touching lucy’s butt jfhjf CASTIEL IS SERIOUS FACE. GABRIEL IS BORED TO DEATH. AND THIS IS THE BOOK LUCIFER IS READING THEM. YES. GOOD. IHOPEYOULIKEIT. GOODNIGHT.

December 8

Castiel + Snow

For ammosart

WOOP! I’ve been feeling like drawing mental patient!Castiel for a while now, and I thought this was a good chance to do so HERP DERP. 8—-) It’s pretty simple, but I quite like it. AND I’M OUT IN GOOD TIME FOR ONCE, WOW. Maybe because I actually started working on it EARLY today, heh. I guess we can all thank Daniel for that HMMMMMMM.


REMEMBER WHEN i was working on this fan comic for supernatural ahahghagha i just found these old concept arts i did and i guess i’ll never finish this project (even though i still like the idea and stuff) so here you can get to see tHE MONSTER YO

it was gonna take place on a ship called “Sirenia” and the monsters were gonna be mermaids (the original idea was sirens, but then i remembered sirens had already been on the show) and yeeeeh i was gonna do these titanic and shutter island quotes and stuff (like the namesssss look at thee nammeeesssss and aliasessss), hah. was gonna be good. and i had planned one fanservice scene with dean and castiel for all the shippers out there. and i was gonna be printing it out and selling it. but I GUESS THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN i dunno it was supposed to be innnn season 5 i think?? it just feels like the show has gone way ahead now, no one would be interested in this.