1 all aвoυт υѕ (x)

2 ι wanт тo нold yoυr нand (x)

3 ι don'т wanт тo вe a вrιde (x)

4 paypнone (x)

5 вrιgнтer тнan ѕυnѕнιne (x)

6 yoυng and вeaυтιғυl (x)

7 all тнιѕ and нeaven тoo (x)

8 calιғornιa ĸιng вed (x)

9 нalo (x)

10 ғallιn’ ғor yoυ (x)

11 dιe yoυng (x)

12 noтнιng on yoυ (x)

13 ѕυnвυrn (x)

14 paradιѕe  (x)

15  ғallιng ιn love aт a coғғee ѕнop (x)

16 long вrown нaιr (x)

17 lover oғ тнe lιgнт (x)

18 coѕмιc love (x)

19 ѕтay (x)

20 daylιgнт (x)


art: superdiduper (x)

putting this playlist together: lexie (x) & emily (x)

(if requested, we can and will do playlists for other pairings)

superdiduper asked:



sinnoh OT3 is too perfect and of course i’m frantic trash but we could have a cute dynamic that’s similar to frantic only a hell lot less angstier and they’re both interested in battles and girls dating each other is always a good idea

50,000th post - favorite blogs i want to be mutuals with

so for my 50,000th post i’m putting together “my favorite blogs and people who i look up to who i want to be mutuals or even friends with” and i was hoping to put it into one special post, my 50,000th. they’re in no particular order

ectoqueenwecansexy, totallynottheilluminati, superdiduper, shaggy2hope

i really dont have anything to say to you guys other than that you people are just like me, hilarious, amazing inspirations and i look through your blogs to lift my spirits whenever i need it. so thank you guys for posting such amazing stuff and i hope we can become mutuals, friends, or even really tight buds