Let’s talk about The Majesty Building in Altamonte Springs, FL
                 ”The Eye Sore of I-4”

So as I was driving down I-4 toward Sanford, I saw this glimmering building on the horizon. It should be noted that I can’t remember the last time I’ve driven down I-4, however seeing this building instantly brought back memories. It was foggy, but I knew I had seen this building before (just not nearly as completed as it seemed to be). As you drive up on it, it truly looks impressive. The glass exterior reflects the sun and sky and seems to rise like a giant wave. It is the tallest building (18 stories) between Orlando and Daytona. However, once you drive by it, you see it for what it really is. The inside is very much undone with the bottom open. It surprised me. Hadn’t this building been under construction for a while?
I rushed to the internets and was quickly brought up to speed. 
Construction started in 2001 through SuperChannel (a Christian TV station reminiscent of the Jim & Tammy types). Their website boasts that the completed building will be the “permanent home” to SuperChannel. You can currently apply to lease office space, straight up donate to the building, or buy one of those paver stones where they print your name on. In case you are wondering, just for ONE 10in stone they are charging $2,000. Disney only charged around $150 for one of their stones AND it’s Disney!
Their haven’t been any recent articles about the progress of the building. The last one being from Feb 2013
What is fascinating is the way this reminds me of the Heritage Park USA history. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, head over to Wikipedia. The building is constantly doing the bare minimum to pass it’s six month inspections, but I can’t help but feel it should have long been completed. The higher ups at SuperChannel are lining their pockets with the money they are getting from people who are being sold a dream.
I would also like to warn anyone who may go by to beware of guards. I went to get some closer pictures of the unfinished inside (without trespassing of course) early the other morning. Before I could even fully get out of my car, a man came out of his little booth informing me that unless I had business there, I needed to leave before he called the police. 
I have yet to find anyone who has posted any Urban exploration videos and I’m guessing they keep a tight guard presence at all times.
It will be interesting to see if it ever gets completed. For now it stands as a giant monument to how people can prey on the weak.

Super Channel Sponsors Vancouver Viscera Film Festival


Usually, Friday the 13th is considered ‘bad luck’, and people are looking over their shoulders to see who or what is following them around.  Not for Curio Media and Viscera Film Festival.  We PLAY in the shadows, and eat creepy for breakfast! That’s why, to us, Friday the 13th is a GOOD day.  

And as of now, it’s even better, because Canada’s premium pay-tv broadcaster, Super Channel, has come onboard to sponsor the 2012 Viscera Film Festival that we are presenting at The Rio Theatre in Vancouver at 8:00 this Friday, January 13th.  All we can say is, “Thank You!”

We are so thrilled about their support, because it shows that they care about the promotion and exhibition of great horror content. As Super Channel’s Head of Creative Development, Marguerite Pigott put it, "Super Channel loves horror films and we love to support women directors, so it’s a unique thrill (and chill) to support the Viscera Film Festival.  We look forward to hearing more female voices in this genre.  Congratulations, and have a terrifying festival."  Super Channel’s Creative Development Team also has a Twitter and a Facebook page, where you can find more information about their mandate and creative programming.

Details about the Vancouver Viscera Film Festival and advance ticket purchases and listings are online, as well as the Facebook event pageGoogle+Twitter, and Yelp. Brought to you by Curio Media and IRL events.