The current World Tour cast, Singapore stop: 

Phantom: Brad Little 
Christine: Claire Lyon (Kristi Holden) 
Raoul: Anthony Downing 
Carlotta: Andrea Creighton 
Firmin: John O’May 
André: Jason Ralph 
Madame Giry: Tina Walsh 
Meg Giry: Eleanor Waite 
Piangi: Thabiso Masemene 

83 more photos here, huge and hi res and pretty awesome

Lots of good #food tonight but my favourite of the evening. House made chicken liver pâté with tomato herb focaccia. In hind sight, some toasted sourdough would have been even better IMHO but the pâté itself was a winner. @superadrianme and I were practically fighting to lick the ramekin! #GreedyGuts @madamtans @arterial.sg (at Arterial)