Just some Karen/Matt/Foggy things:

Sandwich hug with Matt in the middle because he is sad and emotionally hurt and tired.

A sneak-selfie of Foggy and Matt each kissing one of Karen’s cheeks that Foggy took and Karen is blushing and smiling super hard

Matt holding Foggy’s too tight because he came close to losing him once and sometimes feels like if he lets go he’ll lose him for good.

Karen braiding Foggy’s hair.

Karen and Foggy ganging up on Matt and tickling him because he’s ticklish as hell.

Me crying because I love this ship.

matt murdock. he has super-hearing. he can hear the tiniest noise in a room from hundreds of feet away. you could never fart comfortably while anywhere near matt murdock. not even discreet ones. cuz he’s gunna hear you gassin’ up the place. check yourself before you crop-dust around that guy.

autumn-sweet-fae asked:

Oh my god, tiny little babbu Foggy being bounced on granny Angie's knee while Nanna Peggy looks on smiling.... LITTLE FOGGY AND SHARON GETTING INTO A FIGHT IN THE SANDBOX AT A FAMILY REUNION!! (Sharon won and Foggy cried)

Little Foggy growing up surrounded by SHIELD agents and never realizing that they were super spies.

Little Foggy hearing stories about Captain America from Peggy and wanting to be just like Cap.

Little Foggy discovering that he could avoid getting walloped by Sharon by talking his way out of it.  Sharon discovering she preferred walloping people than trying to out-debate Foggy.