tbh foggy nelson was one of the most pleasantly surprising things about daredevil???? like 99.999% of the time the “comic relief” person in any given show is the biggest piece of shit character and is super gross but foggy is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. 

i just don’t understand the people in charge of arrow and the flash when it comes to their leading ladies. do they not realize they shit all over them? like, excluding them from the main plot, not giving them enough screen time, making them less capable, and not showing their POVs. 

i’m not that familiar with their comic book counterparts. i’ve only read stuff from the wiki and from fans but these shows are doing a disservice to these remarkable women. 

I feel really bad for DareDevil. It’s an amazing show, showing the more darker side of the MCU and I get that the violence, blood and gore isn’t for everyone, but I’ve seen quite a few posts saying that Marvel has made a huge mistake with it because it’s not as family friendly as the other things currently cirulating the MCU.

Has anyone thought that maybe it’s not supposed to be for everyone. It’s a fifteen for a reason, fokes, and right now it’s not even linking very closly in with the rest of the MCU such as SHIELD - they’ve literally taken a darker and more serious direction and quite frankly I love it. 

I’m not saying your wrong to hate it - hell, I hate half the things that everyone else thinks is super cool, what I’m saying is that it deserves respect because it’s actually a really good concept not to mention it has a blind super-hero in it, and it’s incredibly important to have superheros with disabilities as role-models as it shows that a disability does not define you, and you can still be just as good if not better than everyone else.

So please, please stop saying this show doesn’t deserve a season two or that it’s two dark for the MCU or that it’s poorly written because there’s too much violence. This show is amazing for multiple reasons. 

Claire Temple:
  • Runs to help an injured stranger in a dumpster and takes care of him in her apartment, putting herself in danger.
  • Refuses to give up that stranger’s name to the people who want to kill him even if that meant dying herself.
  • Foggy refers to her kindness/goodness when describing her and Matt confirms it.
  • She refuses to involve herself with someone who puts himself at risk and through questionable moral behavior, even if this is someone she finds herself falling for.
  • Even after that, she goes to patch Matt up and she will always be there for him.
  • Even though she doesn’t have super powers, like Foggy, she does what she can to help the side of good, in her way.

Claire Temple: The Angel of Hell’s Kitchen. I love her so.