Our store is back with some changes!

Plushies are $23, and we will donate $10 to a cat shelter or rescue group.
These brand new kitties are so so soft, and have little tails!
Will ship in approximately 3 weeks.

Our standard plush kitties are now $16
$8 will be donated! We also have Strawberry available in the 10″ size! So far, she’s only been sold at CatConLA!

Pin Set & Iron-on Patches
An adorable set of 4 pin-back buttons and 3 cute iron-on embroidered patches are available for $6! $2 of each sale will be donated.

Tote Bags
These natural canvas totes feature the popular Pepperoni eating his favorite food to steal! They are 15″ x 16″ and perfect for carrying your super cool stuff!
$6.50 will be donated.

Our cat toys & keychains aren’t back yet, but they will be soon!

Thank you everyone for your continued support!
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I love making graphics and icons and the like. Since I’m currently home, I thought ‘why not do a giveaway’ because I’m super cool and stuff and I love making everyone happy. Okay so this is my first time making a giveaway thing so… bear with me!


  1. Reblog to enter! Only reblogs count!
  2. There will be three winners!
  3. You have to be following me!
  4. Do not follow and then unfollow after the giveaway (it’s really rude + you’ll ruin your chances).
  5. You must have a roleplaying account!
  6. OC’s are definitely welcome but there must be an animated FC of some sort.


  • First place - 50 icons + 1 promo + one theme
  • Second place - 50 icons + 1 promo + one theme
  • Third place - 10 icons + 1 promo + one theme

Theme examples:


Icon examples:

[x][x] (only two I know. lame lol)

Promo examples:


The deadline is July 15th, 2015. I’ll be selecting the winners via random number generator. If I select a winner and there is no response within 48 hours of being selected, I’ll pick a new winner via the generator. GOOD LUCK!! 

thequeenmothershat asked:


The first British one was!! [Wiki article]

It was done by a person named James Barry (Margaret Bulkley) who was born female in 1789 and disguised themself as a male around the age of 14 to go to medical school and become a military surgeon. Either Barry was female or trans; we don’t really know since people only found out after they died and were being prepared for burial.

They performed the supposedly first recorded C-section in the British Empire (it was in South Africa) and was extremely well-known, brilliant, and revolutionary in their medical techniques.


Luminol fountain

The chemiluminescence of luminol is a popular demonstration. This reaction can be displayed even more dramatically by using a fountain apparatus to mix the liquids. 

Meredy - Tales of Eternia

In honor of the new Tales game that just came out, me and a bunch of other amazing artists came together to do an art tribute! This is just my take on one of the characters, you should totally go check out the other works here:

And stayed tuned for more updates! There will be more posted each day!

The ancestor of all creatures with jaws and a backbone was not a sleek, shark-like beast but a toothless, armoured fish.

Dr Brian Choo, from the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology in Beijing, and colleagues report their findings today in the journal Nature

The researchers report their discovery of a 419-million-year-old fish fossil in China, which they say disproves the long-held theory that modern animals with bony skeletons (osteichthyans) evolved from a shark-like creature with a frame made of cartilage.

“The implications are clear: ostheichthyans did not independently acquire their bony skeletons, they simply inherited them” from their ancestors – heavily-armoured fish known as placoderms that are accepted to be the most primitive members of the jawed vertebrate family.

The newly discovered creature, dubbed Entelognathus primordialis (meaning primordial complete jaw) was a type of placoderm that lived in the seas of China in the Late Silurian period from about 423 million to 416 million years ago.

Read more: Scientists make jaw dropping discovery › News in Science (ABC Science)

  • me:hey so I've been really depressed for the last few months and I'm doing really badly in school as a result and I'm just really not doing well right now and I was thinking about starting therapy again
  • mom:oh that's not good, hey can you do me a favor and keep an eye on the pasta on the stove?