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trulykyungsoo replied to your post “GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP”

(( I’m probably not much of a help but try Abracadabra from BEG, Tell me from Wonder girls, Gee from SNSD, I’ll eat you up from BoA, Sorry sorry sorry or Bonamana from Super Junior, Mirotic from TVXQ, Lucifer from Shinee… Something like that! : D

((These are all good, really! I hadn’t thought of SuJu and now I’m kicking myself on the butt. Thankssss))


15.05.22 D&E cantando Growing pains en el concierto Lotte duty free.

Welcome to my Super Junior 48 Hour Tumblr Awards.


  • you do not have to be following me (you can if you want to)
  • you MUST send me an ask or submission of all your nominations 
  • you must submit nominations for each category
  • 1 winner per category
  • 2 runner ups per category
  • you do not have to be a suju blog to vote
  • only vote for one blog per category
  • reblog this to spread :) don’t spam your dash though

How will it work?

round one: nominations

  • nominate your favourite blogs for each of the categories 
  • send me an ask or a submission with the category and the blog you would like to nominate
  • nomination period will end at 12:00am ET (eastern time) may 25, 2015

round two: polling

  • after all the nomination are collected, I will make a poll
  • I’ll make a post and you’ll just have to vote
  • polling will close at 12:00am ET on june 8th 

main awards 

  • best icon 
  • best url 
  • best theme 
  • best sidebar
  • best posts 
  • best gifs maker
  • best edits maker 
  • best multifandom blog
  • nicest blogger
  • hitsu’s personal favourite (this is for me only)

blog awards

  • best leeteuk blog
  • best heechul blog
  • best yesung blog
  • best kangin blog
  • best shindong blog
  • best sungmin blog
  • best eunhyuk blog
  • best donghae blog
  • best siwon blog
  • best ryeowook blog
  • best kyuhyun blog
  • best haehyuk blog
  • best overall super junior blog


  • two gifsets upon request of your choice; runner ups get one gifset
  • the satisfaction of being a winner
  • lots of love and friendship :)

This is my first time doing these awards and if everything goes well I will do another one. ^^ Send me your favourite nominations now! :D


141023 Evanesce Dance Practice - Eunhyuk

cd: eun praew