super size

5sos dick predictions

michael: decent size, super thick, HUGE balls
ashton: BIG dick, BIG balls, BIG heart
luke: long and skinny, just like him
calum: ………….yall seen that snapchat


‘Excess’ is a series of five photographs by Icelandic visual artist Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir

“Employing real large-scale food sculptures and props. She spent nearly an entire summer experimenting, baking and cooking up massively-sized portions of food for a photographic series about the overabundance of food readily available to those who often need it the least. The glasses are large vases from IKEA, and her metalsmith brother created the utensils. The ice cubes in the giant glass of soda were made by freezing water in large yogurt containers.” via

Cake - Cookie - Pasta - Burger - Cheerios; prints available for purchase

signs as people you probably knew in high school

Aries- that one guy/girl who was always ready to fight somebody. really protective of their friends, cheated off everyone else’s papers.

Taurus- cute, quiet kid who is really secretly talented at art. wears over sized things, super sweet and shy.

Gemini- always talked during class, never got in trouble for it. laughs super loud. needs to be involved in every thing, gets straight A’s. 

Cancer- obsessed with a foreign language class. says “actually” a lot. super into saving the environment and likes theatre. 

Leo- drifts between cliques. knows everyone, intimidates most people but is usually very nice. never seems to be in a relationship, cant be tied down.

Virgo- class clown. never just says ‘here’ when their name is called. really likes history class and is passionate about their friends.

Libra- hung out in the parking lots during and after school. side-eye game is always strong. quiet but a fun person once you get to know them.

Scorpio- teachers favorite. the president of every club imaginable and always seems slightly twitchy. constantly walking too fast.

Sagittarius- the most popular. opens up to people very easily, and sometimes says too much. likes to party but thinks no one knows, when everybody actually knows. 

Capricorn- in every talent show, is very talented. talks a lot and tries to involve everyone in everything. great at planning events.

Aquarius- low-key hot kid that isnt very popular but very well liked. gets good grades but might smoke pot. 

Pisces- sleeps in almost every class. takes pictures for the annual. is constantly trying to get out of class. always has food. 

Leo Rant

I’m sorry but why hate on Leo Valdez? Besides his mother, he was never ever fully loved or accepted by another human being, including his friends. Even Piper and Jason, his two BEST friends, went on and on about how Leo could be so annoying sometimes. The poor boy craved affection, as he had the right to. So when he finally sees a spark of kindling love from Calypso (even though she hates him at first) he gets a little obsessed and embraces it fully. So what? I agree their relationship was sort of hastily and poorly thrown into the book, but if you were Leo, a misunderstood outcast who was told he never had a place among his friends, wouldn’t you cling to the love and comfort that you did receive? Plus, I don’t think Leo truly “prioritized” Calypso over his friends. His dragon was SET for Ogygia. He knew the war was over and his friends were safe. If he stopped to talk to them, Calypso could be waiting another thousand years. Plus, don’t you think his friends, after they gave him hugs, would be like “What are you doing man?! Go save her now!” So what if he loves Calypso and doesn’t stop talking about her? Let’s be real, isn’t that what WE all do when it comes to our favorite characters?