Super Moments in Super Show 5 x

"For me, it’s the South America tour. I heard that ‘Super Show 5’ was the largest South Korean singer concert that’s ever been held in South America. As the first South Korean singer to hold a South America tour, I saw Korean people who lived there personally helping at the venue. With the strength of those people, we were able to prepare more passionately for the South America tour.”
- Hyukjae


Happy 30th Birthday, Kangin! ❤

When I became an E.L.F., you were one of the members that caught my eye. Probably because you’re kind of a studmuffin and you have an amazing voice as well, but your personality didn’t really appeal to me. You can sometimes be annoying and cruel to your hyungs and dongsaengs especially to Yesung, and since you’re one of the sought after members at that time, I thought you were somehow arrogant. But what sucks more than my first impression of you, were the mistakes you’ve done. But let’s not dwell on the past, instead, focus on the present you.

To be honest, I never really expected you to become one of my ultimate biases. Yeah I was ecstatic when you came back, but I was kind of indifferent towards you after a few days. But when you started performing on stage with the rest of the members, and you guys began to banter like you did in the past, that’s when it hit me - Kangin is really back. He’s together with his brothers again. He’s finally home.

Ever since, I unconsciously began to look for you; to watch you; to observe you. You’ve changed a lot, but for the better. Though the mischievous Kangin that we all know and love is still in there. Then I found myself hooked on you. IDK how it happened, it just did. When I thought Yesung would forever be my #1 in my heart, you sneaked your way up and sat beside him.

I hope 2014 would be a good year for you. I wish to see you more on TV as a guest, as an MC, as a participant, or better yet, as an actor. And participating in musicals and having a solo would be hella awesome as well. Also, I hope you take good care of yourself, and that you won’t get too stressed with your activities. Please smile and always be happy, and remember that E.L.F. are here to support and defend you no matter what happens! ʕ⌒ᴥ⌒ʔ


Super Moments in Super Show 5 x

"There were many memories in ‘Super Show 5’ concerts for me, but the most memorable one was the Avengers concept meeting and video filming while preparing for the concert. We had a lot of fun while filming it. Hahaha. The funniest thing was Wong Fei-hung and when Dragon Ball absurdly appeared, it was really fun. I think it was the performance that couldn’t be taken out of ‘Super Show 5’” 
- Shindong

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Starting on March 23rd, 2013 .. ending with 22 February 22, 2014.. that's almost a whole year. 20 cities, 28 shows and our boys gave their best to create amazing performances. Today was the last show, and our boys have worked so hard. Hopefully, SJ and ELFs will create more precious moments at SS6. It's not the END, it's the AND. SJ Fighting!
[VIDEOS] 140128 Super Show 5 Japan DVD

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Credit & Uploaded on youtube by: holic860101, rei066, Anamistica Anelca. I will be updating this post with future links (and subs) when available. :3

SS5 Japan Blu-ray on Vimeo

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Credit & Uploaded on vimeo by RAE (password may be required unfortunately I don’t know it)

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Sapphire Blue

Credit & Uploaded on youtube by jess Lee, Kyu Xing, SXCYELF, RaiBaka and donghae lee

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Credit and Uploaded by Miko Huang