So I got tagged by monotonethoughts for this, I’ll do it. Put your iPhone, iPod, Andriod, etc on shuffle and write down the first 20 songs. Apparently you can tell a lot about a person by doing this, so here I go:

1. Stay Away - Nirvana

2. It Ain’t Your Sign, It’s Your Mind - Roy Ayers

3. Uncle Al - Earl Sweatshirt

4. Brave Heart (ft. Poo Bear) - Lupe Fiasco

5. How Dare You (ft. Bilal) - Lupe Fiasco

6. Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love) - Jay-Z

7. Sunshine - Lupe Fiasco

8. Dextrous - Nightmares on Wax

9. Untitled #7 - Flying Lotus

10. Odd Toddlers (ft. Casey Veggies) - Tyler the Creator

11. Good Night - Kanye West

12. Lightworks - MF Doom

13. Guild (ft. Mac Miller) - Earl Sweatshirt

14. Iron Maiden (ft. Raekwon and Cappadonna) - Ghostface Killah

15. Ricardo’s Dilemma - Roy Ayers

16. Exclusively - Jill Scott

17. World’s An Addiction (ft. Anthony Hamilton) - Nas

18. Who Will Survive in America - Kanye West

19. Overture - The Who

20. Hot 4 U - A Tribe Called Quest

So here’s who I tag: jaybyrd429 supamuthafuckinvillain theparadoxofmymind trvnzverse king-dobbo nothingisenoughformerestardust pigoutmind just-alil-curious rayode la-fierte afrothunder40

Question Tag


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I was tagged by bjornsonhooper

  1. Define your music taste. Anything i can relate to or see myself relating to
  2. What is your dream job in life and why? Playing video games for money cuz that’s all i do
  3. What do you consider your passions? Being creative and making a difference
  4. Would you like to travel the world? If so, name your top places that you just HAVE to visit. Yes. Tokyo, Paris, LA, Egypt.
  5. Would you be around people that don’t give good vibes? Not ever
  6. Do you like jazz? If so, favorite musician? I like jazz but i have no favs
  7. Do you like Taylor Swift? *leaves question alone*
  8. Do you worry about your fit/fashion? Every once in a while
  9. What’s your opinion on secondary education? Necessary but shouldn’t be
  10. Have you ever been to the West Coast? If so,what are your  thoughts about it? No Sir Ree Bob and Jospeh
  11. Favorite food? Lasagna, Pizza, Hamburger, Fries, Nachos, Burritos, etc.

My questions:

  1. iPhone or Android or other(s)?
  2. Things you do for fun?
  3. One person (DeadOrAlive) you would like to meet?
  4. Should music be quiet or loud?
  5. Proudest moment?
  6. Favorite color?
  7. Favorite time of the year?
  8. Nickname?
  9. Funniest joke you know/heard?
  10. Favorite/best video games?
  11. Favorite genre of music?

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