My friend Thomas Leveritt is enjoying well-earned wild success for his video, “How the sun sees you,” which shows what your face looks like under UV light—and then with sunscreen.

There are consequence to all we do!

Sunscreen Floods Oceans as Warmer Waters Boost Tourism

Researchers have begun to focus on the environmental and health consequences of nanoparticles, tiny shreds of elements used in a range of commercial products. One of them is the impact of titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles used in sunscreens.

David Sánchez-Quiles, a doctoral candidate at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies in Spain, explained that nanoparticles of TiO2 act as ultraviolet light filters in sunscreens, but are often coated with silica or alumina to avoid undesirable reactions on the skin.

Yet in water, this coating can dissolve, releasing the TiO2 and allowing it to react with sunlight and oxygen to form numerous compounds, one being hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2.

Though familiar to humans as an antiseptic, high levels of H2O2 can inhibit the growth of phytoplankton, tiny plants that are the base of many ocean food chains.

Along with a team of scientists, Sánchez-Quiles recently published a study in Environmental Science & Technology. The team found levels of both TiO2 and H2O2 to be high enough in the waterways tested to pose a threat to bacterial and base-level plankton populations.


freshprinceofdorne-deactivated2 asked:

what are your favourite sunscreens?

Love Supergoop, carry it with me everywhere. But I think Shiseido  and its drugstore version from Kose are the best because they’re super absorbent. Asian formulation of sunscreens tend to be more watery and less greasy and generally way better. They care a lot more about skincare than America….my grandma and all my Asian relatives have like, shrines to Shiseido near the beds and they don’t even have freckles because of it. Skinceuticals is also a cult beauty editor favorite and it’s very watery, but I prefer Kose because I’m a snob and I like to have things no one else does.