When a voice had come up behind him questioning if the colors he wore signified an allegiance with House Sunrunner, he had expected a fairly dry conversation regarding politics and requesting meetings. While meetings were requested, the conversation was far from dry for either of the men.

There were no roundabouts taken by Zaelus Umbralflare regarding why he wanted to speak to him and Aeviry, nor did he bother coating his questions regarding what the Sunrunner forces had lost. Remaining honest but vague, the conversation turned quickly toward the magic required to see their comrades home.

"This is something I would like to discuss with you, scholar to scholar." Arandael glanced toward Zaelus. "Now if the destruction of Deathwing brought about the end of the Aspect’s magic, do they still have a monopoly upon the time line or do they even see it anymore at all? If so, who governs it? Is there even a price to pay other than the butterfly effect if you tamper in its uses?"

Zaelus closed his eyes gently. “To answer the first of your questions: I cannot say to what extent the Bronze still maintain their powers, but considering what has come to pass either they are guilty or they lack the power to undo the damage wrought by those who are.

"To answer your other question, though this butterfly effect you mention is well documented, think of this: now that a massive population of temporal ‘natives’ have been snatched away, should we not already have felt the radical effects of their actions in the past?

"Since we have not; there are again two possibilities… One, time is not as linear as we expect and their actions will only manifest in some other dimension of equivalent coordinates, or two, we succeed in the near future of bringing them back through the threshold in the past, thus reversing whatever impact they can make, meaning the lives of all those you have lost are guaranteed to be safe so long as we continue as we naturally would." Zaelus frowned lightly. "This would be easier to illustrate than to explain…" he mused.

Arandael chuckled quietly “If you’d like we can find our way to the library. They never lock their doors and I know they do have parchment that we can make use of. Shall we?”

Zaelus bowed his head. “That sounds like quite a nice place, please lead the way….” he said tapping the tips of his fingers together lightly

The library found them several more hours of debate regarding the magic, the theory, and the repercussions of the current events. As the night waned into morning, the two parted with words of mutual understanding.

Arandael, gave one more glance around the library for he departed to return to the estate and find his sword and shield for his morning training. As always, sleep could wait.

anonymous asked:

What if Damon hadn't returned? Who would Elenaris trust to either run things at her side as her lover, or spouse?

Well, most may expect the answer to be Alexandral, and that’s a possible option.

She stepped away from his courtship not for Damon, but for other personal reasons, however if Damon never had returned and Alexandral had understood her propositions, it’s possible they would have continued as planned.

But, had they not, then…based off current situations and all (once again if Damon had not returned) it is likely Ele would turn very likely turn to aeviry Sunrunner, perhaps even arandael Bladerunner as they are the most obvious options as mates/partners/husbands.

However, Damon did in fact return, so yay! :) 

The letter was penned after Arandael’s morning training and before he sought his bed for however many hours sleep embraced him. He left it on Aeviry’s desk to be sure the man saw it and not to risk that the Bladerunner lord would forget about informing his cousin in the first place.


This note is here on the off chance I don’t manage to catch you. 

One of my insomnia induced walks led to me running into none other than Zaelus Umbralflare. After a fairly lengthy discussion with the man, I understand why you speak highly of him.

Regardless though, he seems intent on gaining your audience. I was noncommital regarding most but I did accept his offer of aid. His mind is useful I discovered after picking at it.

- Aran


I get goosebumps when i hear him sing this! <3 Please reblog this. This is an amazing the best. rockish. cover. Of this song <3

Hotel Utah & Beyond!

There are only so many ways you can say thank you, so I will do my best. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show last night, and to Sunrunners, Briertone, and Please Do Not Fight for playing with us! It’s great to see good bands getting all your support. Also a big thank you to the sound guy Vince, and the rest of the staff at Hotel Utah who were very kind to us. If anyone has pictures or video of the night, please be sure to send it our way. We love to share.

More to come from Briertone, Picture Atlantic, and Please Do Not Fight later tonight at our super top secret acoustic house show with Rin Tin Tiger. See some of you there!



Sunrunners | Jerusalem | Music Video | sunrunners.me (by sunrunnersband)

Artists UnderaWare: Turn Me On Dead, Sunrunners & Wander

Estevan Herrera | At The End Of Radio

         Everyday new bands and artists are popping up everywhere and we know it’s hard to keep up with which one deserve your time.   We’ve decided to make it easier for you.  Every week we’ll introduce you to great up & coming artists from the Bay Area. We do all the hours of listening and searching so you can just sit back and enjoy the talent that is brewing all over the Bay Area. 


        San Jose’s Turn Me On Dead bring an exciting mix of electro/dance and rock that is heavily influenced by 80’s music. Their debut EP, Birth is filled with melodies, hooks and pure fun.  This band not only brings it on their album, but also with their live shows. Singer Rick Alexander brings tons of energy in his live performances and you’re always in for a treat when you see them. If you don’t feel the urge to move to their music you might want to check that you have a pulse. The entire band gives you everything they got and you can’t help but reciprocate that energy with their infectious music. Check out their songs, “Happi Face” & “All Things Fade”. Also check out an interview we did we them last year and get to know them better. You can catch their next show for free at The Blank Club in San Jose on February 12th. For more info click here.


        San Francisco indie rock band, Sunrunners use pop driven pianos, melodic guitar lines and calming vocals to create a musical haze that makes you feel as if you’re dreaming. You know that dream that’s so great that you don’t want to wake up from it. This band has lots of promise and it will be fun to watch them grow. We expect this band to make some noise not only here in the Bay Area but everywhere. Take a listen to their self titled album, and make sure to check out the songs, “The Writer”, “Save Everybody” and “Stars and Colors”. The latter is free for download on their site. Get on the train early and enjoy the ride with these guys because it just may never stop.


        San Leandro’s, Wander are what most post-rock bands strive to be. This band is somehow able to translate the full range of emotions without a single word, just with their instruments. Excitement, fear, pain, anger and love just permeate out of their amps and drums. If our lives were a soundtrack, Wander would be the conductors to it. Feel alive and listen to these guys now. They have a show coming up Feb. 27th in Berkeley and the info is here. You can download their latest album, “Mourning” for free here. Make sure to take in the tracks, “Oblivion”, “Valor” and “Alpha Space”, which is available on their previous EP, “Short Story Collection”. Enjoy the emotional musical roller coaster that is Wander!

Missive to Lord Aeviry Sunrunner

Seven exact letters written in simple and quite Thalassian penmanship were etched and sealed, to be sent off on different routes to reach the ranks of the Sunrunner vanguard. 

Lord Sunrunner, 

I do send hope your men and women are well and have made safe travel through the portal.

As we have taken camp in Frostfire Ridge and continuously check our head count, we have come across as missing one of our ranks. She joined us a the spur of the moment, which makes it even harder to track her whereabouts.

I send word simply for you to aid in keeping a look for any unknown Sin’dorei you may come across. She is Asariel Hawkstream, Magistrix of Silvermoon.

Our search parties are doing their job, so I do not ask that of you. 

If there is any aid you may need, at any point, please contact me and I will deliver what we can.

Light guide and Shadows keep you and yours,

Elenaris Eventide


"Go through!" The Legionnaire shouted. “Push through it! Push through!” 

Horde and Alliance poured into the crater from all sides, the dusty red floor thick with the blood of the fallen. Orcish corpses littered the ground they fought upon. The tide of the battle had turned in their favor, but it seemed that simply securing the area was not on the agenda of the Horde commanders. 

Confusion spread over his features as Aeviry struggled in the fray to get a glimpse of who, exactly, was giving the order. Men and women of many races, different banner flying high, began to surge forward, pushing back the front line of Orcish fighters that still, somehow, remained. 

They would move with them or risk being seen as cowards or worse. Aeviry lifted his blade and gave a cry for his own men to surge as well, and the black-and-gold clad knights were thrown into mix. 

Even then, they knew it would be some hours before the portal was taken proper. Reinforcements continued to pour out of the swirling depths, even as thousands converged upon them. 

It was going to be a long night.

The rays of the sun still hadn’t found licked at the stonework of the training ground when the sounds of exertion and steel against wood rang through the lightly chilled morning air.

The clash of steel against steel filled the air. Screamshot barked drill commands to the armored guard as they went through the motions of morning training. One man made a crude joke as they were released into their groups for spar practice, the nearby men laughed and even Screamshot’s lips tugged into a smirk.

Only one man beat ruthlessly against one of the wooden training dummies. Clad in a mix of leather and chainmail, a large shield was strapped to his arm, in the other hand was an arming sword. Without a helm, his thick and unruly strands were tugged into a tight tail. Still some strands managed to escape and clung to his sweat-dampened face.

"You can do better than that, Furseth! Don’t take it easy on them!" Screamshot crossed his arms over his chest as he observed his men with his smirk still firmly in place. "Reshnir! Amberdawn! I want to see a match-up between the two of you next and well done, Nar’kerym."

The blade swung at the wood, catching the training dummy on the side before he rammed his weight forward into the wood. A week of training with the large and lumbering piece of steel and it was only beginning to become easier. His arm and shoulder were screaming in pain, his head foggy and pounding from the hangover that still plagued him.

"Are you going to be alright, my lord?" Reshnir lofted a brow upward and viewed the Bladerunner lord with a touch of concern. "You need to make sure you take it easy. You seem to be stressing out a lot recently."

A yell of frustration pulled past Arandael’s lips as he gave a final push with his shield before he slumped against the training dummy. He stared off toward the rising wall of the estate, the sounds of the birds waking from their slumber giving him some reprieve from only listening to his labored breathing.

"You did well today, men. I expect you to do even better at evening drill. We’re running the obstacle course tonight." The Captain paused and watched as several of the gathered guard restrained their groans. "And we’re running it until you all have it done perfectly. Sunrunner Guard, dismissed!"

The Lord clenched his eyes shut as he pushed his weight off of the training dummy. Using his forearm, he wiped away the sweat and stray strands that stuck to his forehead before he readied himself once more.

"Get Lord Sunrunner out of here!" 

He had no opportunity to slack or opportunity to be haunted by the ghosts of his lost comrades. He had training to do and skills to acquire. There would not be another time when his brothers in arms would be struck down and injured and him incapable of protecting them.

"Aran! Tell her I’ll miss her." 

For much of his youth, he had neglected the war arts his family was known for. He had abandoned the pride of his father in favor of magical proficiency and even later in life, when he had taken to martial combat, he still did not fully embrace what Lord Gilthilas Bladerunner had turned into an art form. 

"Use it as an extension of your body. If you swing with the shield as if it’s a tool, you’ll pull your shoulder or tire yourself out." Lori’s words rang in his head.

Gritting his teeth, Arandael took a few steps backward before charging forward once more. Willpower pushed him past noticing the dull throb of his head or the screaming of his body.

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The Lord’s spine was quivering violently from the sharp chill. Even though he had seated himself so close to the camp fire within the makeshift outpost they managed to establish in the middle of this frozen tundra, the cold refused to leave his bones. The quil was tipped with the juices of berries Kaveen had managed to gather and crush to supplement ink. He was writing on the same scrap of paper that he had been scrawling mixed words upon for the last week, and was beginning to run out of space…

I’m a dead man. His newest addition was just as grim as the other phrases and thoughts he managed to put to paper.

He leaned back in his seat, licking his lips before pinching them together between his teeth. He didn’t deserve this; this cruel fate. To devote his whole self to a noble cause for the majority of his life, always calculating his decisions to keep his companions in mind. To further them before himself.

This is my sentence.

With that last bit of bloody ink scratched into the parchment, he lifted the note, eyed it briefly and then turned to allow the flames to claim his written word. A long, seemingly soothing breath was drawn between his lips and left his nostrils slowly, he would sleep on a cold floor once again tonight, while once more fully equipped in his heaviest armor to keep warm. He did not relish in the idea of rest either, for if sleep crept upon him, as did the inevitable night terrors of this nightmarish world.

Those dreams were unkind to the Lord’s already crumbling psyche; surely he would see his Father tonight, Lord Moonbane, and Vannesia. He’d once more imagine the battle in which is father and eldest brother fell to gruesome fates upon the snow banks of Icecrown, he’d watch Aelassar die again, and bear his poll, he’d feel the unforgettable pang of heartbreak when his wife was slain, and every single screaming nerve when his eye was destroyed by his former Lord.

"Whatever fresh hell awaits me beyond this ground-spikes of out camp tomorrow will surely be a reprieve from this." He muttered softly, every shivering word twisted behind a plume of frozen breath.