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I get goosebumps when i hear him sing this! <3 Please reblog this. This is an amazing the best. rockish. cover. Of this song <3

Hotel Utah & Beyond!

There are only so many ways you can say thank you, so I will do my best. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show last night, and to Sunrunners, Briertone, and Please Do Not Fight for playing with us! It’s great to see good bands getting all your support. Also a big thank you to the sound guy Vince, and the rest of the staff at Hotel Utah who were very kind to us. If anyone has pictures or video of the night, please be sure to send it our way. We love to share.

More to come from Briertone, Picture Atlantic, and Please Do Not Fight later tonight at our super top secret acoustic house show with Rin Tin Tiger. See some of you there!


Artists UnderaWare: Turn Me On Dead, Sunrunners & Wander

Estevan Herrera | At The End Of Radio

         Everyday new bands and artists are popping up everywhere and we know it’s hard to keep up with which one deserve your time.   We’ve decided to make it easier for you.  Every week we’ll introduce you to great up & coming artists from the Bay Area. We do all the hours of listening and searching so you can just sit back and enjoy the talent that is brewing all over the Bay Area. 


        San Jose’s Turn Me On Dead bring an exciting mix of electro/dance and rock that is heavily influenced by 80’s music. Their debut EP, Birth is filled with melodies, hooks and pure fun.  This band not only brings it on their album, but also with their live shows. Singer Rick Alexander brings tons of energy in his live performances and you’re always in for a treat when you see them. If you don’t feel the urge to move to their music you might want to check that you have a pulse. The entire band gives you everything they got and you can’t help but reciprocate that energy with their infectious music. Check out their songs, “Happi Face” & “All Things Fade”. Also check out an interview we did we them last year and get to know them better. You can catch their next show for free at The Blank Club in San Jose on February 12th. For more info click here.


        San Francisco indie rock band, Sunrunners use pop driven pianos, melodic guitar lines and calming vocals to create a musical haze that makes you feel as if you’re dreaming. You know that dream that’s so great that you don’t want to wake up from it. This band has lots of promise and it will be fun to watch them grow. We expect this band to make some noise not only here in the Bay Area but everywhere. Take a listen to their self titled album, and make sure to check out the songs, “The Writer”, “Save Everybody” and “Stars and Colors”. The latter is free for download on their site. Get on the train early and enjoy the ride with these guys because it just may never stop.


        San Leandro’s, Wander are what most post-rock bands strive to be. This band is somehow able to translate the full range of emotions without a single word, just with their instruments. Excitement, fear, pain, anger and love just permeate out of their amps and drums. If our lives were a soundtrack, Wander would be the conductors to it. Feel alive and listen to these guys now. They have a show coming up Feb. 27th in Berkeley and the info is here. You can download their latest album, “Mourning” for free here. Make sure to take in the tracks, “Oblivion”, “Valor” and “Alpha Space”, which is available on their previous EP, “Short Story Collection”. Enjoy the emotional musical roller coaster that is Wander!

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Sunrunners | Jerusalem | Music Video | (by sunrunnersband)

Asariel, Arvion, Elenaris and Lea stood close by as the Lady Eventide had been approached by the man clad in uniform. Kaevia knew not of who he was but the name Sunrunner came pouring out into the conversation.

As usual, the conversation held true and firm to the like of business, though this hardly seemed to phase Kaevia as she quietly took her place along the stairs with her book in hand to study.

The proud smile from Elenaris had been afforded to Kaevia as she began manipulating small shadow orbs into light, each one soon bursting into hundreds of tiny debris of light until they finally fell to her gloved palm of nothingness.

" It has been extremely kind to me, my lady. I’ve spent most of my day training in preparation for a friendly tournament that the men of House Sunrunner will be partaking in. I’m highly excited for it." Arandael spoke.

" Sounds quite exciting indeed. Any specific reason for this tournament or simply a break from the day to day duties?" Elenaris had questioned.

The conversation had peaked Kaevia’s interest as she glanced up to the two, her lips nearly hung open in wonder,  ”D-does it allow guests to watch?”

" A little bit of both, truth be told. The men can easily become bored and restless and an idle blade can typically get itself into trouble. While among our ranks it’s always harmless little pranks or brotherly teasing, it’s best to avoid such idleness. It’s a goal to bring ourselves fully out of the reprieve we were given upon returning to the city, as well as name a man House Champion." Arandael’s gaze slipped towards the quiet voice of Kaevia. He fixed her with an amiable smile, "Of course. I’m sure the men would be glad to show off to more than just one another." He laughed lightly," It can be fantastic motivation."

Elenaris smiled,” Well, that is quite nice to hear.” She turned back to Kaevia, "Good idea. I know I personally would enjoy to attend, and of course Kaevia would as well.”

Kaevia smiled sweetly and went back to her book. Simple and to the point Arandael had answered her question and without hesitation, "I would like that Lady Eventide.” Kaevia finally replied but did not pull her hues from her studies this time around.

Sealed Letter to Lord Sunrunner

This letter is written on fine parchment, in response to Aeviry’s missive. The Champion’s handwriting is as impeccable as ever, although her signature seems to be the slightest bit shaky. The letter is otherwise brief.

Lord Sunrunner, 

I’m certain that you have many stories to tell, as I hear you’ve grown into Lord of your very own house, these days. To me, you will always be my younger brother. I am eager to meet with you, although I am leading a field mission into Terokkar Forest tomorrow. If you are feeling adventurous, my men will be stationed in Shattrath City for a night before returning home.

You can find me at the World’s End Tavern. 




There was a clatter of armor and a grunt as another pair of plated feet forced themselves into a run. The Quel’thalas sun, even with it’s mild nature, felt merciless as the men of the Sunrunner guard ran, jumped and dodged.


Another of their number finished the trying course and the next in line took to the stone. The Bladerunner lord watched from his place in line, watched as the guard nearly collided with a bench before managing to jump over the hurdle. Aran’s own breath was labored, sweat beading down his face and stinging his eyes as the salt assaulted them.


The man in front of Aran sprinted forward, though what energy he ran on, the lord wasn’t certain. They neared their tenth turn around the course, and his body was screaming in distress from the effort. He had thought he was keeping himself going well, he had thought his morning training regiment was exactly what he needed.

Leave it to Captain Screamshot to find the area he hadn’t been working on. Agility. Aran’s emerald gaze slide toward the black-haired captain who stood to his left. The lord found himself faced with his captain’s knowing smile and humor glinting in those eyes of his.


Inwardly, Aran cursed.

I colored it, I still have an odd way of coloring. But it works I guess. 
I tried something new with the sword, soo that was different. 

Character: Adiana Sunrunner
Character and Art: xatasha

marky-marxist - DID I DO DAL’S SWORD GOOD?! 


Seeing how I have a few anon hate for the use of the in game model of a  sword. 

(Using Quel’delar’s Model)   The weapon is named Rend’Fin. The very Oathblade of her Husband to his Oathsister: Jaedeen. Adiana has decided that she would bare the weight of the blade upon herself. The Blade would appear on her form wrapped in loose leathers and Cloths around areas of the sword. Refusing to bring it to the Sunwell to purify the saronite. Keeping it just the way it is till the day he would return… she hopes.

From her Wiki page: Adiana Sunrunner

He was Lord Aeviry Sunrunner and as I stood there in the waning light of dusk, I was truly proud to be standing here. These men, whom I’ve learned to call brother, surround me and in this moment; I am happy. My insides swirled with nervousness, though not because of what I was about to do, but because I wanted it to be perfect for him so he knew how truly blessed I am to be here. And as Sairys finished his oath and looked back at me to offer a nod, I stepped around him to kneel in front of Aeviry.  Upon removing my sword, I placed it at his feet and took Kaveen’s advice; I spoke from my heart.

"All that I am, and all that my future holds, will be yours my Lord. My actions, thoughts, and views will be offered in your service until you release me or my heart stops beating. Please accept this as my oath to you, Lord Sunrunner. I am yours."

After I was finished, I took a deep breath, certain that he could hear the echo of my pounding heart. I never took my eyes from him, because truth must only be spoken when looking someone in the eye. And the smile he presented me with was one I hadn’t seen in some time. It was genuine and filled with fondness and I couldn’t help the smile I gave in response. One filled with joy and acceptance. And when he finally spoke, his tones were much lower than they had been with the other men, but his words were strong.

 ”I would have it no other way, Saphrael. Rise, and know that for as long as you have my back, I’ll have yours.”

There was no sound except the gentle ticking of the clock in his solar as the ebon-haired lord shut the door to his private quarters. Arandael’s emerald gaze slowly lighted upon the familiar surroundings, his lips turned into a faint smile as he reveled in these silent moments.

Ever since returning, he had been constantly moving, and working. Even given those days of rest, Aran couldn’t bring himself to relax. Too much needed doing, too much to think on, too much to worry about.

He promised himself each night since the return that he would spare the next day to reflect, to relax, to indulge in the pleasures of home. It took the night the templar and the guard was returned active duty for Aran to do as he had promised himself.

The man’s eyes closed for a several moments before he began to move into the room. The clang and rustle of armor, chain, and clasps disturbed the peace of the chambers as the elf tugged and unlatched the separate pieces of black and gold plate. The pauldrons were the first to fall, and the man groaned as they clattered onto the stonework.

Turning, his brow arched as he stared down at where the armor rested, as if this act would make them rise up and move to where they belonged. His pauldrons, Aran thought in resignation after nearly a minute had passed, held no such magic and power.

Heaving a sigh, the lord bent and picked up his fallen armor. Striding toward the armor stand at the far side of the room, he began to appropriately disrobe. Armor was placed in its meticulous place, his attention slipping away from the monotonous task at hand.

He found himself at a road that he would have never seen himself in not even two years ago. Only a few hours ago he had willingly, and eagerly bended knee to his cousin. Aran had claimed his birthright to the Bladerunner name and with it, his former bond and fealty to House Sunrunner.

Moments ago, he had been freed of that oath, of those bindings. Yet still, his thoughts fell not to ideas of autonomy, or a hunger for power. His thoughts instead turned to a need to serve this man he once hated to call kin.

Setting the last piece of armor onto the stand, the man stripped off his rash-guard and underclothes while turning toward his bedchamber. The man’s eyes closed in pleasure as the cool night air gently whispered over his bared flesh when he stepped into the chamber. The silk curtains across the room danced lightly from the breeze that slipped through the opened window.

Arandael’s steps took him to the small table next to the window. Atop it rested a decanter of his favorite whiskey. His head buzzed from his drink earlier, but his musings of indulgence took over. Throwing himself into his chair, the man poured the amber liquid into the glass that rested next to the crystal bottle. His green gaze locked upon the glass. As he placed the decanter lightly back upon the wooden table, he stared at the glass for several long moments with his thoughts continuing to linger.

That moment as he looked into the eyes of his cousin and swore himself as vassal, was not only a moment of loyalty, and familial love, but it also was the most freeing moment that Aran had ever experienced. As the lord picked up his glass and lightly sloshed the whiskey around within, a smile pulled at the corners of his lips. He released himself from the ambition that was driving him to self-destruction. He was released from the clawing desperation to prove himself.

Here he sat. A lord, a sworn templar, a friend to some, and a man that he knew Aeviry was glad to call kin. What more did he have to prove to anyone? He needed no ones validation, no ones approval. He would rise from where he stood. He would become great, and he wouldn’t allow self-doubt to cripple him anymore.

Letting a sigh billow gently pass his lips, the man lifted his glass to his lips and drained it of its contents. “Long live Aeviry Sunrunner. The man who saved me from myself.” He murmured to himself before laughter bubbled in his chest and shook his form. “Light save me. I’m glad I didn’t say that in my oath.” Arandael shook his head as he leaned back in his chair and swung his feet up onto the tabletop. “I’d never live it down.”