The reconnaissance mission only seemed to give Arandael more questions than answers in regards to the enemy that they faced. A small contingent of the Sunrunner Guard rode carefully through the humid swamp, eyes open 

A small contingent of the Sunrunner Guard rode carefully through the humid swamp, eyes open for any signs of the enemy or any of their allies. The slow trek through the swamp uneventful, the conversation was somber and limited, most of their attention focused on their environment.

It was when they split off at the abandoned village of Surwich that some fruit was discovered for their labor. Sairys’ keen eye caught the glint of metal amidst the red ground of the Blasted Lands. Speculated to be a piece of armor off of one of the invading orcs, a thin piece of expensive red fabric and a thick chain were discovered nearby. 

Questions remained unanswered as they tried and failed to place the metal that they found, and the cloth itself had no telltale insignia to tell them who it could possibly belong to.

Pleased to return with something that might give them some clue to their enemy, the scouting group turned back toward Maldraz.

Download/Stream Wiretap: Connected Volume 1. Digital Sampler


Head over to the Wiretap Bandcamp site to download or stream 13 tracks from 13 bands/artists we think you need to hear. We miss the days you would walk out of a show and get handed a free sampler with 15 tracks of your new favorite bands. We’ve compiled some pretty great tracks from bands/artists all across the country and genres. Go give it a listen and give each band a Follow/Like on all their social sites. All of them are all worth a listen. 

Wiretap: Connected Volume 1. Digital Sampler

Track Listing:

1. Watch For Horses (Norwalk, CA) - “Open Sea”

2. Living Room (Brooklyn, NY) - “Moonchaser”

3. Curse Words (Washington, DC) - “Apparently the World is Ending” 

4. Indian School (Rosemead, CA) - “Rob Your House”

5. Troubled Minds (Mesa/Tempe, AZ) - “Chronophobia”

6. Culprit (Los Angeles, CA) - “Knock On The Sky”

7. CASTRO (Los Angeles, CA) - “Why Don’t You Find Out”

8. Nineteen Eightyfour (Los Angeles, CA) - “Wild Love”

9. Sunrunners (San Francisco, CA) - “Stars and Colors”

10. Chris Cron (Spring Hill, TN) - “I’ll Stand”

11. Sons of Strangers (Ardmore, OK) - “Fading Fast”

12. Broadcast Hearts (Trumbull, CT) - “Real”

13. American Thieves (Los Angeles, CA) - “New York City Girl” 


I get goosebumps when i hear him sing this! <3 Please reblog this. This is an amazing the best. rockish. cover. Of this song <3

Hotel Utah & Beyond!

There are only so many ways you can say thank you, so I will do my best. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show last night, and to Sunrunners, Briertone, and Please Do Not Fight for playing with us! It’s great to see good bands getting all your support. Also a big thank you to the sound guy Vince, and the rest of the staff at Hotel Utah who were very kind to us. If anyone has pictures or video of the night, please be sure to send it our way. We love to share.

More to come from Briertone, Picture Atlantic, and Please Do Not Fight later tonight at our super top secret acoustic house show with Rin Tin Tiger. See some of you there!


Apprehension had flooded his system when he first came upon Lady Asarial Hawkstream. He had remembered her from his brief interaction with Elenaris Eventide and had briefly greeted her a few nights previously. After a moment of hesitation, he had approached the robed woman and slipped into pleasant conversation. The arrival of Lady Eventide and Lady Covaya Sun’rael only seemed to bring forth more banter.

The chatter turned from pleasantries to a more somber pitch as Lady Eventide departed. Yet when it was Lady Sun’rael’s turn to bid him good eve, Arandael found respect blooming for all three women. From the somber tone the conversation yet again turned to a lighter note and Arandael discovered common ground with the quiet Lady Hawkstream. 

It seemed to the lord that the upcoming dinner wasn’t going to be quite as dull as he worried over.

Artists UnderaWare: Turn Me On Dead, Sunrunners & Wander

Estevan Herrera | At The End Of Radio

         Everyday new bands and artists are popping up everywhere and we know it’s hard to keep up with which one deserve your time.   We’ve decided to make it easier for you.  Every week we’ll introduce you to great up & coming artists from the Bay Area. We do all the hours of listening and searching so you can just sit back and enjoy the talent that is brewing all over the Bay Area. 


        San Jose’s Turn Me On Dead bring an exciting mix of electro/dance and rock that is heavily influenced by 80’s music. Their debut EP, Birth is filled with melodies, hooks and pure fun.  This band not only brings it on their album, but also with their live shows. Singer Rick Alexander brings tons of energy in his live performances and you’re always in for a treat when you see them. If you don’t feel the urge to move to their music you might want to check that you have a pulse. The entire band gives you everything they got and you can’t help but reciprocate that energy with their infectious music. Check out their songs, “Happi Face” & “All Things Fade”. Also check out an interview we did we them last year and get to know them better. You can catch their next show for free at The Blank Club in San Jose on February 12th. For more info click here.


        San Francisco indie rock band, Sunrunners use pop driven pianos, melodic guitar lines and calming vocals to create a musical haze that makes you feel as if you’re dreaming. You know that dream that’s so great that you don’t want to wake up from it. This band has lots of promise and it will be fun to watch them grow. We expect this band to make some noise not only here in the Bay Area but everywhere. Take a listen to their self titled album, and make sure to check out the songs, “The Writer”, “Save Everybody” and “Stars and Colors”. The latter is free for download on their site. Get on the train early and enjoy the ride with these guys because it just may never stop.


        San Leandro’s, Wander are what most post-rock bands strive to be. This band is somehow able to translate the full range of emotions without a single word, just with their instruments. Excitement, fear, pain, anger and love just permeate out of their amps and drums. If our lives were a soundtrack, Wander would be the conductors to it. Feel alive and listen to these guys now. They have a show coming up Feb. 27th in Berkeley and the info is here. You can download their latest album, “Mourning” for free here. Make sure to take in the tracks, “Oblivion”, “Valor” and “Alpha Space”, which is available on their previous EP, “Short Story Collection”. Enjoy the emotional musical roller coaster that is Wander!

Lord Aeviry Sunrunner;

It is with great pleasure that I contact you now letting you know that the Apex Battalion is being sent to make landfall within the Blasted Lands in roughly two days time while much of our members are still stationed there on prepping objectives.

From there, we are looking to take camp on the hill of the Sunveil Excursion as we feel it to be the best area of full coverage with the use of our Siege Weapons which will be arriving in the coming days via ship. I ask — if at all possible — if you or a few of your bannermen can keep myself updated in the coming days should the footholds change against our favor.

Supplies are being escorted to the Excursion point as we speak which will include food, water, bedrolls and tents along with extra weapons and armor. A blacksmith will be joining us as well as a small, portable forge to have on hand for patching up any armor that might require tending. Should you and the Guard not have found suitable camping grounds by then, the Apex Battalion would very much welcome you and yours along with any other Orders in need of assistance and the supply depot. Lady Eventide will be assisting us during our endeavours so long as she sees fit. It is encouraged on behalf of the Apex Battalion to protect her well being as well as yours as we work towards the same efforts in advancing and forcing out the Orcs from these lands.

Word has it that some other allies are acting with their forces to join us on the battlefield around the same time. Our offer will extend to them as well as we all work together towards this common, unified goal.

Please send word to myself or Elenaris Eventide should you require anything or need to convey information between our two Orders. We are very interested in working along side of you and your bannermen.

Best wishes;

Ambassador Covaya Sun’rael of the Apex Battalion