Day 59/640 Sungmin with a baby~ ^-^ yj._.l instagram update


Translation: sungmin-ie who came and went back from the Unit. Our prince has gotten more handsome

Admin J - I’m guessing this photo was taken when Sungmin was on his week’s break after his graduation ceremony




Imagine being a trainee in SM and a staff touring you around the bulding
  • Staff:And to your right you'll see a bunch of old men who are barely their 30's
  • Staff:who act like 5-12 year olds who like cosplaying as frozen characters
  • Staff:but it's ok
  • Staff:bc their mentally kids
  • Staff:and is still waiting to go through puberty
  • Staff:especially the one that looks like a fish

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5. I know Spanish and English
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Kyuhyun taking over his company.

Leeteuk: Now Kyu, there’s no need to be rash

Heechul: Lets talk Business 

Hangeng: I don’t know about this

Yesung: Let me control something

Kangin: This is not going to end well ‘forced smile’

Shindong: This should be interesting

Sungmin: How did this happen again

Eunhyuk: Let the world handle Kyuhyun for now ‘evil laugh’

Donghae: This is great news, Kyuhyun will soon be ruler of the world isnt that great ‘under pressure”

Ryeowook: Well, someone should save Donghae 

Kibum: I’m just gonna keep hiding. No more questions.

Zhoumi: You can’t say that you didn’t see this coming

Henry: Can I have a full album ‘acting cute’

Siwon: I can’t believe my baby is going to take over the world

Kyuhyun: Hyung, we need to talk