Sungjong:I’m really thankful for him being so responsible in taking care of us. All seven of us have different personalities - totally different people - and it must be tiring for him to accept us.. Really, he has lots of responsibility, and is a dependable hyung. I really, really respect him.
   Myungsoo:Sunggyu hyung is.. is.. he’s currently sitting here staring at me. [everyone laughs] But honestly speaking, he has a really kind heart and is a hyung who will listen to our troubles. There are also a lot of times where we have a private conversation together, and I have cried in front of him too. He’s a really special hyung to me, and I wish we could be together for a really long time […].
   Sungyeol:Do you want to hear good or bad words from me? [everyone laughs loudly] I got it, I got it! I’ll only speak good words! […] Oh, Sunggyu hyung.. isn’t he the busiest lately? He’s really busy representing INFINITE, and looking at his performance he really lets INFINITE shine. I’m really thankful when I see hyung working this hard.. […] But as for something bad, I can’t say anything! I love you! ♥
   Hoya:[…] Sunggyu hyung is the oldest, he’s really like a hyung. Not as a leader, not us as INFINITE, but as seven normal human beings.. He’s a really good hyung. Not because being a leader is his job, but as a normal person, he really takes care of us well; it’s nice.
   Dongwoo:I have a lot to thank Sunggyu hyung for. There are actually many differences between Sunggyu hyung and I; Sunggyu hyung is usually really efficient but I often delay things. There are also huge differences in our interests, even when it comes to what we want to eat! Usually under such circumstances, one would want the other person to change for him.. But I’m thankful to him for accepting me, understanding me, and guiding me well.
   Woohyun:For me, I’m the one who is closest to Sunggyu. He often helps solve my worries… and then tells them to others [laugher]. Actually, if INFINITE was without Sunggyu, the remaining six of us are just children. I’m thankful to him for taking care of all six of us who aren’t mature. Also, for him having to endure being scolded by the higher-ups in the company, and then even then speaking to us really warmly.. I have a lot more to say to Sunggyu hyung.., but I’ll tell him it all later at the dorm. ♥
—  about SungGyu hyung