Dongwoo is one of the most underrated members In Infinite, competing head-to-head with Sungjong. He barely has solo activities. He can sing, rap and dance awesomely. He is cute, funny, nice, well intentioned, always positive and above all humble. At least Woollim gave Sungjong an opportunity to be a MC, Sungyeol has his dramas as well as Woohyun who also went to Jeju to play football, while the leader promotes his solo album and appears in variety shows like L, the visual. Hoya has drama, movies, variety shows and is praised a lot. Dongwoo doesn’t even receive praises. Nobody goes around saying “he can sing, rap, dance and compose, he is multi-talented” but they do it with Hoya.
But it also seems as he doesn’t care. As long as he has Infinite and Infinite H he seems happy. I just wish people would notice him more, and praise him more.