"I’m actually going to go see someone—" Sojin juggled her phone between her shoulder, speaking quietly to her manager. Constant talking about nonsense, basically numbing her ear about upcoming events. Pros and cons of what not to wear and what to wear, she was already stressed, taking mental notes about all the events. She was bound to forget them, leaving her manager talking. Her smile grew along her lips, picking up her gift for someone special. Sungyeol, firmly known as Sungflower. "Thank you for keep this safe, I’m sure that he will love it." Sojin bowed with appreciation before slipping out into the busy streets. Her mind had completely wandered, forgetting that her manager was on the other end. "I’m sorry—-I was picking up a gift. I have everything down, I promise." Lying right through her teeth, she knew from experiences that she’d regret lying. Nonetheless, her manager had finally end the call and Sojin was on her way. She was piercing with excitement, crawling with shivers knowing shed finally get to see his face. Almost deprived from Sungyeol’s face, why did they have to be so far apart? A sigh escaped her lips, knowing the answer to her own question.

The matter of time it took her to reach his job location was short, Sojin slowly entered the office. Puppies had been gathered with their owners, cats hiding in their cage. It was probably the cutest thing, she didn’t hesitate to walk passed the front desk. She was always around when she had time, playing with the animals almost begging to talk them all home. “Sungyeol?..Are you in here?” There was a silence in his office, giving it more of a homey feeling as she plopped herself on his chair, along with his gift. “Still looks the same, he never changes anything. I guess I’ll just wait for the princess to get here.” She hummed, awaiting his arrival.