Reading the grand jury report of Penn States affiliate Sandusky, I realize there are really some sick people in this world and he is Sick A** F***!! It’s unbelievable the stuff people were ignoring and let happen to these kids. If adults couldn’t save them who else was there? I think they all should be held accountable for knowing even a little that something inappropriate was going on and never told the police. I hate that I have a visual of the shower scene in my mind. I feel so sorry for these kids and what all that had to be put through. The fact it took over 10 years for this man to even be charged is sickening. How can anyone just turn a blind eye to that kind of act especially Tim Curley? This is something I will never ever understand. I guess coach Paterno is the most recognizable name at the school but I don’t see why his name is dragged in the dirt worse than those who actually did the heinous act and those who witnessed the heinous acts.

*Pray 4 them all*


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I have never HATED someone so much.

"it isn’t what’s DONE TO YOU that’s important, its how you REACT to it" 

Jerry Sundusky, you are America’s worst person and you and PEEN ST. buddies are going to be in for it in prison. You are going to get all the ASS you can stand.