sunday school ep

Best Albums of 2014 - 9. Kitten – Kitten

When this first came out I was majorly disappointed that “Kill The Light” had been changed since it first appeared on Kitten’s EP Sunday School and that kind of distracted me from enjoying the whole thing. But another couple listens and I was in love. As you can see below, I’ve even accepted the new version of “Kill The Light”! Kitten is 20-year-old Chloe Chaidez, who has been singing and playing bass since she was 10, and a rotating cast of back-up musicians. This is her first full-length album, after three EPs, and it’s awesome. My favorite track, “Apples and Cigarettes”, was written when she was 15 and still holds up. That’s a quiet track, making for a perfect album closer, but overall her sound is very 80’s pop and would be perfect for a dance party.

Favorite Tracks: Apples And Cigarettes, Sensible, Like A Stranger, Lia, Doubt, Kill The Light, I’ll Be Your Girl