Want me to grab some dong bags?

1. Today was another beautiful day in the place that i now get to call home and even though I will probably end up here for good, I still feel the need to do as much as possible every single day. Also my hair game has me feeling boss. Because I am. Gotta remember that. 

2. Theres a pretty lady chef on the show I’m watching named Ruth and I never see hot people named Ruth. I feel cursed by my name. I mean hello, I could have been named something exotic like Pam. 

3. Tomorrow is my first trip to the dab bar, I still haven’t decided if I’m going to partake I usually limit myself to getting high when music and gingers are involved but I no longer associate with gingers. Still love music. I was gonna get a job, instead I got high. 

4.This dog situation really has me on edge. We tried to take the dog to a park and let her run today and someone had their really pretty husky malamute there and as soon as we arrived their dog went crazy on us and my poor little pibby was like nope let’s go home. But my dog is the one that has to be eradicated… okay. 

5. I meant what I said about Halloween being one of my favorite holidays and I no longer live in the South so I’m going to dress the fuck up maybe I’ll go as sexy diet coke or a bandaid or a used tampon something equally brilliant I was gonna have a legit couples costume but I’m no longer part of the couple hahaha jokes on you and I no longer am. 

6. Aubree and Mikey’s middle school is off the chain with awesomeness and they get to do so much shit that I never even dreamed of doing in school we had a gymnastics team and a salad bar and I thought my jr high was hot shit. Aubree gets to do modern dance and STEMS gifted girls who gab and I want to tag along. Don’t mind me I’m just a 33 year old in an 11 year olds body. That sounded wrong. Maybe I’ll stay home. 

7. I love when people tell me I’m a good mom with a beautiful family because it’s true and at the end of the day I’m so glad my heart got broken so that my kids’ hearts didn’t have to be.

We be jammin.

I said you look shitty. Goodnight. 

sorry so boring
  • I ran the Civilian Military Combine race yesterday. It was 4.5(ish) miles and tons of obstacles. I climbed walls, jumped over barricades, crawled through mud and sand, shimmed across a wall over a mud pit and a bunch of other really hard shit. It was scary and tiring and fun. 
  • My knee was KILLING me after the race. The last half mile or so was pretty rough. It’s bothering me a little when I walk down stairs, but otherwise it’s fine. But still, ugh.
  • Scott and I had a family meeting and set some good goals. I have high hopes for this week.
  • I’ve got a (beef) roast in the oven and sweet potatoes and zucchini on the stove. Mmm.
  • Scott did the laundry while I was at the race yesterday. Best ever.
  • Weird weekends are over. I’m now on a Monday through Friday schedule, and I’m pretty excited about it.
  • Tomorrow is 20RM squat day, and I don’t know if I’m ready. Stupid race.
  • I cleaned out the freezer. Things I threw out include: an old candle (?), a really old whole chicken and icy tomato paste.
  • Like I’ve read here quite a few times recently, I feel like I don’t have much to say these days. 

Cool and cloudy Sunday

Today was recharge day. Mostly TV, napping and laundry. Did a little bit of gardening and help deliver big pots to their new home. Nasturtiums are making a comeback with the cooler weather. There was a pretty green moth on the sidelight when we returned form the grocery store.