Sunday's Horoscopes:
  • Aries:Is the light at the end of a tunnel or a barrel?
  • Taurus:You hate sunsets because they remind you of unreachable beauty.
  • Gemini:Forgetting a face is hard when you have to use a mirror every morning.
  • Cancer:You've always found comfort walking the highway, even after the accident.
  • Leo:Your childish fears didn't disappear, they just grew up with you.
  • Virgo:You always remember to close the door behind you, but struggle with closing words for people you've left behind.
  • Libra:Seeing an empty sky is uncomfortable, like swallowing water while swimming, or choking on their words.
  • Scorpio:You never felt right until you became what you promised what you wouldn't become.
  • Sagittarius:Everyone remembers their first love, but you remember when they moved on.
  • Capricorn:They never say "I love you" until it's over. Painful isn't it?
  • Aquarius:Baptised in cold rain on a city street. The holiest water he had.
  • Pisces:Fear isn't the problem, it's the seclusion. You drown alone.
It happens sometimes that team and driver have different views about certain events. Like has been after quali with us and Kimi. Then you have to sit down and clear it up. We have done that. Kimi has shown with his great comeback what a phenomenal driver he is. I could not imagine a finer driver pairing [with Kimi and Sebastian].
—  Maurizio Arrivabene (x)
waiting on dawn's chariot

We talk the same moody talk
over bitter coffee
every Sunday,
sharing the distress
of a long week’s routine;
faceless people and
misinformed promises of eternal love:
I will treat you well.

We are still waiting
for a miracle which won’t require a reason,
an act of stellar magic,
or supernatural strength
we are promised by hope
when we are born.

I am ready for the change
we say sighing
and savoring the last of the coffee
as if it was the stiff drink
we need
to keep us from becoming a pile of dust.

Winding Down

Going to be headed for an earlier bedtime tonight on the assumption that the little guy may end up waking up again in the night.   But he did really great while we were hanging out with friends again tonight, and was in a really happy mood, ate a great dinner, and was super-chatty and in grand spirits the whole ride home.  So I guess we will see what happens.

I have a fair number of things to do around the house this week (not the least of which is figuring out how to better cat-proof our seedlings), and plenty of sleep to catch up on (thanks to sick kiddo), but really happy for fun times with friends.  this weekend.