Harry noticed that his father had a habit of rumpling up his hair as though to keep it from getting too tidy, and he also kept looking over at the girls by the water’s edge. “Put that away, will you,” said Sirius finally, as James made a fine catch and Wormtail let out a cheer, “before Wormtail wets himself with excitement.” Wormtail turned slightly pink, but James grinned. “If it bothers you,” he said, stuffing the Snitch back in his pocket. Harry had the distinct impression that Sirius was the only one for whom James would have stopped showing off.

Finally finished the sketch I had for like half a year… well, more or less, maybe I’ll fix sth later but overall it’s ok, guess?)

There were 2 catalysts.

The first one - Sherlock s3 teaser.

The second one - this. And although I’m not usually a fan of these things (and even if I vote it’s Sterek only)… oh, my, Sherlockians (or better say Johnlockers), you’re awesome (and awaken obviously))), standing up to the huge Destiel fandom - I’m deeply impressed. And all this amazing fanart which is hard to find under all this dull pointless “discussions” full of negativity but possible nevertheless. Keep it up, guys! You’ve got my respect and love!~

Please, please, keep them coming, haven’t seen so much lovely Sherlock fanart in a long time *-*

Oh, btw, was watching this amazing fanvideo while painting. (while watching keep some tissues close by b/c… well, you’ll know when you watch)

PS: gotta do sth for AE fandom now to cheer them up^^

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sun-to-sirius said:

GImme Skyfall Fight Club AU. Your choice who is who.


James loses the line between waking and sleeping, dreaming dry and awake that he is sinking, and his body starts coughing until he is sure the water will gush over his hands, expelled from his leaking lungs.

Sometimes he coughs hard enough for the scars to ache, for his eyes to feel detached in their sockets and floating between the harsh scratching in his lungs and the top of his head which has come off drifting, attached by the thin strings of nerves like a helium balloon tethered to a child’s hand.

Then he meets Silva, somewhere between the bar and bets and scorpions that he dares because he knows they aren’t real, they aren’t real they’re made of dreamstuff and black dried blood expelled stinking from his lungs. Silva pierces the vibrating veil of reality, steps into his dream like something more real than he has ever experienced, and James supposes the angels must have come collect him home.

“I want you to hit me,” Silva tells him, his voice twisting silver as his name in the air, “as hard as you can.”

They are on the beach, in the dark, outside a rickety bar. James isn’t sure he dares this like he dared the scorpions, but he cocks his fist back and aims for the angel’s too perfect smile and he realizes in the same instant he’s punching the devil in the face and the teeth cut his knuckles and perhaps, perhaps he has been awake all this time after all.

anonymous said:

where do i find fics about hannibal? love your blog

oh man i am SO not the person to ask about this unfortunately. might i suggest taking this question to twerkinghannibal, howishughdancyevenpossible or church-roofs as i know that they read hella hannibal fanfic and can probably send u some recs. also drinkbloodlikewine, sun-to-sirius and ter0rr all write fanfic, so maybe hit them up too. sorry, anon!!

sun-to-sirius said:


sun-to-siriusyou are such a cheater. SUCH A CHEATER. Here you are, enjoy. 

Steve -
“Took you for the dog type,” Tony says, surprised, when Steve hoists the plastic shell of the carrier carefully through the elevator doors.

Within, a pair of luminous green eyes, a face that looks as if it had encountered the business end of a truck, in Stark’s opinion, and so much fur that it’s hard to define the actual shape of the cat apart from ‘round, large, perhaps legless’.

Steve looks vaguely embarrassed - the carrier emits a hoarse sounding rasp that could qualify as a Meow in a horror movie.

“The hospice got too many complaints from family members,” he says, cautiously, as if Tony was going to tell him to take his cat and shove it. Tony crosses his arms and considers it. “Peggy is really fond of her so I thought…”

“You keep that demon out of the labs,” Tony relents, without any further challenge.

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