“Eos (Dawn) the yellow-robed arose from

the river of Okeanos to carry her 

light to men and to immortals.”

                                (requested by catherinedemedici)

House of Dream, part 5: The Curse

"This world will be floated with the tears I weep,

the door moved away while I was deep asleep

and now I am emptied, sorrowful and bared,

for this place has destroyed everything cared.

There is no beauty anymore in this starfall maze,

you were the only sun that ever warmed my face

and by this decreasing light I should be gone.

I have no sky on which to spread my wings on,

I know no morning and I can no longer fly,

in these darkened halls I am doomed to die,

yet in this despair I still remember your voice,

I will find you, even if it is not a choise.

In this madness I won’t curse myself just yet,

there runs fire in my veins, a whole new threat.

I will be a god and a foe to all of men,

in power I will force this door to open.

So you wait, my lady, it’s just a matter of time,

and when this world is in ruins you’ll be all mine.”