“Eos (Dawn) the yellow-robed arose from

the river of Okeanos to carry her 

light to men and to immortals.”

                                (requested by catherinedemedici)

   ➢ a werewolf

“in her mind she is a caged bird / in her heart she is a free wolf
a howl tells her to go / a whisper tells her to stay
the human within her calls for the sun / the beast within her yearns for the moon
a curse keeps her trapped / a promise pushes her on
one day she will return home / one day she will break away”

Immortals || That Kind of Love Never Dies

Elena Gilbert had been a vampire for nearly two and a half centuries, though being alone felt like a thousand years had passed. She could still remember it, almost as if it had happened yesterday. She was the doppelganger, known to break the curse of the sun and moon to suppress Elijah’s youngest brothers werewolf gene. She had not known the truth at first, not until it meant anything. Elijah had always been a man of his word, so when he promised that no harm would come to her, she stayed with him. Elena would have found it difficult to stay away from him regardless as she’d fallen for him on their very first meeting. However, the secret and the hiding only grew more and more complex over the years. She’d turned into a vampire after only a year of being with him, determined to spend the rest of her life with him. She had, and in the moments that they weren’t running, she was a very happy girl. Elijah had given her everything she had ever asked for, which was never much at all to begin with. Though the fear of Klaus finding them lingered on a daily basis, it began to lessen. They’d been running for over a century when one fateful day, he found them. She knew she was dead the moment he laid eyes on her, but instead he took Elijah. The brunette was devastated, determined to find him and bring him back to her.

Close to 150 years later, hope brought new meaning. There had been times in the past when Elena had come close to finding him and freeing Elijah of his burden but Klaus was quick. He was always one step ahead of her. None of the witches were as bright and skilled as Klaus’s witch, who always detected when she was closing in on them. As if the gods had finally given her a break, she met a Bennett witch. Not only was she powerful, but the Bennett’s had been well known for it. Typically not one to work with vampires, the Bennett witch had her own personal vendetta against Klaus and couldn’t have been happier. She had found Elijah encased in a tomb in Paris. Elena knew that she had a limited time to wake him and get him out undetected and when she was determined, there was no stopping her. Hands gripped the cool metal of the dagger, shaking as she looked down at the desecrated body beneath her. She’d come prepared with plenty of blood bags, knowing it was far to risky for anything other. As she pulled the dagger out, she knew that the only thing she could do was wait.

goldcaught replied to your postgoldcaught replied to your post:as much as i did…

how da re


goldcaught replied to your post:goldcaught replied to your post:as much as i did…

also i’d like to request you still somehow make klaus The Most Powerful even with the diff kind of vampire thing just bc i’m old fashioned like that

i feel like he would have to be? because i mean. the one thing tvd has done has made it’s witches and it’s vampires very central to needing each other (especially with esther creating their vampires) where in tb that wasn’t the case? not really? and as such tvd vampires has daylight rings and can live largely normal lives and tb vampires don’t have daylight amulets? and get the bleeds if they’re awake in the day.

add into this klaus’ werewolf side and the fact that he’s a hybrid and it’s a new thing. we also have to add in the fact that there’s a second lineage of wolves and all of their strengths and limitations the fact that tvd wolves and vampires are just plain old enemies where tb’s use each other for mutual power gain. 

klaus not needing someone else’s power to make him strong and fast, not needing fae blood to let him walk in the sun, not having the blood of lilith in his veins, having his blood run in everyone else’s veins. it would put him very much at the top of the list.

i think caroline mainly wants to learn the tricks of the trade from someone who a) isn’t one of her friends, and b) didn’t use the things that she’s currently learning to torment her friends.

plus this way she might have some tricks that she learned from eric to teach to klaus, adding a few more things onto that already impressive list