“Eos (Dawn) the yellow-robed arose from

the river of Okeanos to carry her 

light to men and to immortals.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you think there is any chance Elena and Stephen will happen again? I see how that would be just falling back into the whole doppelgänger destined love thing, but they were my absolute favorite

I don’t know which turns the show will take in the next few seasons (if it gets renewed for many season), so… never say never, but at the moment I’d say no for Stefan and Elena.

As for the “doppelgänger destined love thing” it was a fake… kind of like “the sun and the moon curse” that turned out that it didn’t exist.

Here you can read about the actual prophecy of the doppelgängers, that Markos explained in later s5. What Qetsiyah/Tessa said at the beginning of s5 wasn’t the actual prophecy.

I can’t wait to rejoin the world of the living. These looming shadows once a shelter quickly became my prison, but I’m no longer at home with these ghosts of the past. To worship the moon and curse the sun has brought me only sorrow and heartbreak. Oh how the darkness taunted and teased with a comforting familiarity, drawing me into its crooked arms with promises of shelter. Now blood stains these walls that I built to protect, nails shattered from scratching at my own blockade. I erected these borders as a preventative measure, to shut out the monster that stalks me through good and bad. And with the last brick in place, through the smoke of the last bridge I burned I saw her and understood. I had not escaped that violent gaze, those wild eyes and sharpened fangs. She was not one I could keep at bay with lock and key. After all this time I understand. It was always me. The monster was me.