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I am really getting sick of seeing astrology portray Capricorns as these cold-hearted and power-hungry tyrants. Yes, sometimes I can be emotionally withdrawn (who isn’t?) and yes I am ambitious but it doesn’t take over my whole life.
They say we’re not artistic or fun or funny and the only love in our lives is money. No! My love is to many things just like anyone else! I love music and the trees that I walk by everyday when I go to work. I love when I’m out early in the morning and the smell of freshly baked bread hits me while the sun is beginning to come out of hiding. I love drawing and writing and creating stories and characters that represent tiny bits of myself and others around me. I love so much but I only keep that part of myself for either myself or my close loved ones; but that doesn’t make me a bad person! I’m tired of people telling me to be more open and more outgoing; because I am! But I’m selective and that’s not a bad thing because instead of 100 meaningless friendships I have 10 beautiful relationships with people that I will always cherish with me to the end of my days.
Capricorns see beauty and history and life in things; not just a paycheck.

Beautiful features of each sign:

Aries: Cheekbones

Taurus: doe eyes

Gemini: Youthfulness

Cancer: Emotive eyes

Leo: mane of hair

Virgo: gentle features

Libra: Dimpled cheeks/ cleft chin

Scorpio: Deep, intense eyes

Sagittarius: Glowing smiles

Capricorn: Bone structure

Aquarius: handsome features

Pisces: Hypnotic eyes


Aries: typhoons 
Taurus: dry and hot
Gemini: sleet 
Cancer: snow
Leo: sunny
Virgo: windy
Libra: cloudy 
Scorpio: hail
Sagittarius: wildfire 
Capricorn: thunderstorm
Aquarius: mist
Pisces: rainy

Spirit Animals for the Signs

Aries - Ram, Coyote, Rhino

Taurus - Bull, Buffalo, Turtle

Gemini - Wolf, Fox, Snake

Cancer - Crab, Armadillo, Possum

Leo - Lion, Gorilla, Tiger

Virgo - Deer, Mouse, Bear

Libra - Rabbit, Hedgehog, Elephant

Scorpio - Scorpion, Panther, Skunk

Sagittarius - Horse, Otter, Zebra

Capricorn - Goat, Camel, Puma

Aquarius - Giraffe, Porcupine, Moose

Pisces - Fish, Polar Bear, Squirrel


Sun:  The Majestic Life Force
Rules Leo. Is exalted in Aries.
Governs creativity, self pronouncement, the ego, identity, spiritual search, soul expression, desires, potential, destiny, inner radiance. Esoterically understood to be governed by a higher heavenly dwelling.
Archetypes: The Golden Child, Divine Child, The Healer, The Creator, The Father

Moon: The Mystic Midwife
Rules Cancer. Is exalted in Taurus. Rules Virgo esoterically
Governs the feminine rhythms, the hidden self, emotions, internal tides and moods, self reflection, indwelling welfare needs, intuition, mysteries, ambiguity, memories, creativity, nostalgia and is understand to navigate one astrologically through childhood
Archetypes: The Mother, The Goddess, The Maiden, The Innocent, The Nurse

Mercury: The Media Network
Rules Gemini and Virgo. Is exalted in Virgo and Aquarius. Rules Aries esoterically
Governs communication, speech, media, broadcasting, telephones, writing, journalism, transport, intellect, thought process, verbal acuity, education, mischief and reason. Mercury is the traditional cosmic trickster
Archetypes: The Journalist, The Child, The Salesman, The Comedian, The Librarian

Venus: The Cupid Cove
Rules Taurus and Libra. Is exalted in Pisces. Rules Libra and Gemini esoterically   
Governs pleasure, romance, love, indulgence, glamour, materialism, joy, charm, seduction, creativity, amiability, parties, socialising, friendship, partnership, unity, the collective
Archetypes: The Lover, Love Goddess, The Tease, The Seductress

Mars: The Fiery Battlefield
Rules Aries and Scorpio. Is exalted in Capricorn.   
Governs conflict, spirit, vigour, energy, impulse, passion, desire, adventure, combat, aggression, confidence, violence, physical strength, destruction, impulse, stamina, romantic pursuit  

Archetypes: The Pioneer, The Rescuer, The Soldier, The Warrior

Jupiter: The Lucky Charm
Rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Exalted in Cancer. Rules Aquarius esoterically
Governs higher intellect, expansion, travel, higher education, philosophy, favour, fortune, prosperity, growth, joy, blessings, honour, laughter, luck, excitability, politics, religious theology, wisdom, success
Archetypes: The Godmother, The Philanthropist, The Benefic, The Politician

Saturn: The Rigorous Guide
Rules Capricorn. Is exalted in Libra.
Governs civilisation, obstacle, ascension, ambition, practicality, wisdom, boundary, time, order, convention, remedial lesson, reality, social systemization, consequences, enlightenment
Archetypes: The Wise Old Man, Father Time, The Judge, The Militant

Uranus: The Electric Bubble
Rules Aquarius. Is exalted in Scorpio.
Governs technology, revolutions, progression, eccentricity, electricity, light, intuition, the New Age, rebellion, individualisation, secularisation, alchemy, science, radical ideas and people
Archetypes: The Outlaw, The Untested Spirit, The Rebel, The Wildchild

Neptune: A Celestial Bathe
Rules Pisces. Is exalted in Leo. Rules Cancer esoterically
Governs the collective unconscious, dreams, psychic sensitivity, fantasy, illusion, delusion, deception, allure, intrigue, sedation, drugs and alcohol, trance, mental illness, photoshop, enlightenment, healing   
Archetypes: The Guru, The Healer, The Psychic, The Psychotic

Pluto: Toxic Wasteland
Rules Scorpio   
Governs the underworld, the occult, poltergeists, intensity, destruction, subconscious urgency, God’s will, demons, sex, transformation, rebirth, the conversion of energy the traditional gatekeeper of concealed universal insight
Archetypes: The Detective, The Guardian, The Shadow



How To Spot The Signs Of The Zodiac In Your Everyday Life

We all have an archetypal image of each other the sun signs.  However every individual offers their own variation of his or her sun sign.  So the archetypes that we have in our minds can be misleading when trying to figure out someone’s sign.  Here are some shortcuts that will help you penetrate each sun signs facade and see through to their true basic nature.

Aries- Look for someone who appears bored, Aries appears as though they are waiting for something to fire them up and get them excited.  Aries keep a rather quick pace.  Even the more introverted Aries, have an urgent tone in their voice.  Aries laughter is very contagious and inspiring.  Also, Aries tend to give the impression that you can’t do anything to knock them down.  You may find a few quiet Aries, but you’ll never meet a shy/gentle Aries.  Could easily be mistaken for a Gemini or Leo.

Taurus- Taureans have soft innocent eyes or what most people would refer to as doe-eyes.  Whether they are extroverted or introverted, Taurus seems very grounded.  They walk with purpose and move gracefully, with intent.  I’ve never met a Taurus with wondering eyes or anxious movements.  Taurus always has very clear voice, very pleasant to listen to.  Look for someone who possess a calming serenity and appears very able and capable.  Could easily be mistaken for a Libra or Cancer.

Gemini- Geminis are quite easy to spot in a group.  The person who has sparkling eyes, which dart in every direction, is probably a Gemini.  Geminis will check their phone about every 3 seconds and often appear fidgety.  Being ruled by Mercury, Gemini is quick.  Quick witted, they walk and talk fast.  There is often an air of impatience or detachment.  Could easily be mistaken for an Aries or Aquarius.  

Cancer- Simple.  Cancerians possess a classic “sweetness”.  I have said this before; they are the boy or girl next door.  Cancers are always laughing and telling jokes, to release those melancholic emotions that can be a heavy weight.  If you need Help, Cancer is the person who won’t only be the first to volunteer, but will go above and beyond what you need.  Cancerian women often have very large purses, which is filled to capacity with everything you would need in any emergency.  Cancer men usually carry a backpack or bag with emergency supplies.  Could easily be mistaken for a Taurus, Virgo, or Pisces

Leo- Leos look like lions.  It’s hard to describe, but think of any Leo you know and then imagine the image of a lion over their face and you’ll get it.  This works 100% of the time.  Leos are also known for their thick luscious hair.  The have an enviable vitality.  Leo men and woman have an abundance of energy and rarely do they appear to be tired.  Their voices are dignified, they have their personal values and they will not budge from these values.  Could easily be mistaken for an Aries, Libra, or Capricorn.

Virgo- What you’ll quickly notice about Virgos is that they are constantly analyzing everything in their environment.  Virgos have a downcast, they give the impression that they are thinking over a very serious issue.  Or they will give the appearance of being rushed and a bit nervous.  Virgos can appear very uncomfortable out in a public setting and when among strangers, often because they tend to be very concerned with their physical appearance.  Virgo will constantly check their hair/makeup with their phone or check their reflection in a nearby window or mirror.  Could easily be mistaken as an Aquarius or Libra.

Libra- Libra is that individual who has an aloof look in their eye.  They often times look exhausted (after all they are constantly trying to keep their lives in perfect balance, so who wouldn’t be drained after all of that?!).  Libra voices are pleasant and clear.  Libra walks slowly and gracefully as if on an invisible cloud.  They dress in a way that is attractive without being too ostentatious.  Libra is constantly laughing, because it helps them release the anxiety that they accumulate from weighing everything out in their minds.  Could easily be mistaken for a Taurus, Pisces, or Gemini.

Scorpio- Scorpio has a presence you can feel and a tone in his/her voice that says “don’t get too comfortable with me”.   The typical Scorpio has an engaging and provocative charisma, which they use to hypnotize people into submission.  They blend their sensitive perceptions with dark humor, which makes them delightful in conversation.  Sometimes the things they say sound scripted, as if they are responding to be polite and aren’t really interested.  Also, look for someone who has a charged intensity in every movement they make, as if they have vast stores of energy that they are intentionally suppressing.  Could easily be mistaken for a Capricorn, Leo, or Pisces.

Sagittarius- Spotting The Archer is quite easy.  They have a large smile which they seem bursts across their face frequently.  They are clumsy, constantly stubbing their toe, tripping over themselves, dropping things, etc.  Sagittarius can appear rather disengaged and lost in thought and then without warning have a wild burst of enthusiastic energy.  They make “observations” about people and situations, which usually sound judgmental and mean-spirited.  Rarely does the Archer realize just how cringe-worthy their statements really are.  They are sunny people, who use sweeping gestures and animated facial expressions.  Could easily be mistaken for a Scorpio, Aries, or Aquarius.

Capricorn- Capricorn is the person who always appears to have it together.  Capricorn is not one is going to get flustered very easily.  There is a sturdy poise and gentle calmness about the Goat that gives him/her away, whether they are politician or a bartender.  Look for someone who is thorough in their conversations, meticulously groomed, and deliberate in their actions.  There is often a distinct loneliness or melancholy that surrounds the typical Capricorn.  More perceptive people will see, that the Capricorn secretly is longing for recognition and for their hidden dreams to come true.  Could easily be mistaken for a Scorpio, Leo, or Taurus.

Aquarius- The Water Bearer is one the easier signs to spot.  They often appear to be in their own universe.  Typically they have a disarming, almost naïve, and childlike friendliness.  Then again, there are the more intense and serious-minded Aquarians, who appear very withdrawn and aloof.  Yet even the more scientific Aquarians, looks as though they belong in a Wes Anderson film.  Aquarians are usually soft-spoken people, but be on the look for their erratic and bizarre bursts of enthusiasm.  Most of them dress in a very modern fashion; however there are those Aquarians who look as though they may have dressed themselves in the dark.  Could easily be mistaken as a Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius.

Pisces- Pisces are rather difficult to spot among the signs, because Pisces is a soul how has been through several lifetimes as each of the signs.  So with a Pisces you’ll observe traces of every sun sign, here and there.  However, Pisces all have an innate sensitivity and can effortlessly connect to everyone they encounter.  Just watch, as the Piscean persona changes depending on the person they are communicating with.  Then again, there are the less evolved Pisceans who feel dejected and misunderstood, and have a rather self-absorbed, melancholic disposition.  Could easily be mistaken a Gemini, Libra, or Scorpio.


ARIES - mysterious and exclusive underground bar with drinks flowiing

TAURUS - candles, a picnic and a blanket under the stars

GEMINI - take them somewhere they’ve never been, markets, festivals

CANCER - cosy home cooked dinner, movies and cuddles

LEO - dress them up for a luxe and exclusive night on the town

VIRGO - a drive though the country side with a cosy dinner stop

LIBRA - cool bars or clubs surrounded by cool people and flowing drinks

SCORPIO - somewhere dark, quiet and intimate for food and deep conversation

SAGITTARIUS - festivals, beaches, forests, horseback riding, lots of drinking

CAPRICORN - exclusive restaurants with impressive food

AQUARIUS - tarot readings, abstract art, midnight sessions

PISCES - carnivals or rom com movies followed my cuddles by the water