sun in cancer

ARIES: you call me your little flower, when you yourself are an entire garden of love. your roots have found home in my tourist heart  and for that i am grateful. smile, laugh, and dance around to the sound of time because the future isn’t something you should worry about. you’ve got it under control, even if you don’t think you do. 

TAURUS: i gave you a piece of french bread for your birthday, and i told you bon anniversaire because it made you laugh, and i think babe, you should do a lot more of that. laughter, excitement, happiness - all my birthday wishes to you. you’re growing up, but i hope you never really grow up, because there’s so much of you i wish i could trap and save because i know one day you’re going to drive away, and i still won’t have my license. you’re sincerely one of the greatest people to know.

GEMINI: i feel such admiration for you because you’re so kind even though you don’t have to be. you’re a rare kind of person, never forget that. i want you to step outside in the spring summer weather and pick flowers for the ones you love. i know it’ll make you happy.

CANCER: you are the nicest person i know. i can see your shoulders sagging against the weight of a face both of us can’t name, but i will hold you up as long as you need me to. we’ve made it this far kid, and even if these lit rooms feel like darkness, i hope you know you’re gonna make it out alive. 

LEO: you’re gonna do it. you’re gonna be just fine. you’re gonna learn how to live again, and i can’t wait to be there when you do, when we both do, because you actually are a human embodiment of  Jackson Pollock painting. there’s so much to you, and it’s all so goddamn beautiful, and it’s going to be a masterpiece when you figure it out. and you will, because little lion man, no matter how many times you say you’ve messed up, you never really have.

VIRGO: darling, you should surround your room with plants and flowers and life to remind you of what you are every morning when you wake up, because you are art and life and color. but in a different way, than most people, and i think that’s pretty damn cool. you’re so you, and you should embrace that more. if there’s something you want to change, something you want to continue, something you just want to do, just go ahead and follow your pretty mind. the path you walk on will be paved with sunshine. 

LIBRA: there is a fine line between being good and being bad. you teeter totter along this line as if it’s a game, and honey, please stop playing. life isn’t a game, it’s life. we were not made as puppet strings and puppet masters, and i know you know this deep inside. let yourself live a little, and learn the definition of love. 

SCORPIO: there is so much of you i want to know, i feel as if i’ve made a new discovery from the very first “hello”. you write like obsidian dipped in chocolate and i wish you were all sweet and less pain, but i know life will never be easy for people like us. but keep writing, because you are poetry, whether you know it or not. 

SAGITTARIUS: things are not as easy nor as difficult as art, but i hope you know you’re entire life is a painting just waiting to be framed. every smile, every tear, it’s all color somewhere and that means a whole lot i think. take some time to love yourself, and take some time to read. 

CAPRICORN: i miss you, i miss you. i think you’re an artist of your own terms, and it absolutely fascinates me. please never lose this spark you have, and i know i worry like the mother i am, but the world is a shitty place, and you’re my little flame. don’t burn out, you’ll find it my dear. 

AQUARIUS: look at yourself, and hold onto yourself, and love yourself, above everything else. please. if you’re just even trying, i am so proud of you for that, because i know how hard it is. this is a first step, up a hill, past the tide, on the moon, this is a first step, and it is amazing. you have the entire strength of the ocean on your side, and nothing is going to stop you. it’ll all fall into place somehow, and yes you’ll get a little broken along the way but there’s nothing left that can’t be fixed. trust and tell the truth. 

PISCES: there’s spaces between you and i, but no matter because  love transcends it all. you are warm and sugar cookies in a black and white aesthetic kind of way, and i wish i could hold onto you with my actual arms. drive around to arctic monkeys songs and realize that’s what you are. write poetry about being the representation of a road trip and home.

You put up walls and paint them all a shade of grey,
and I stood there loving you and wished them all away.
And you came away with a great little story,
about a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you.

Taylor Swift “Cold as You" 

Break Up Song for Mars in Leo about a Cancer

aesthetics for the signs

aries: loud laughing and bruised knuckles
taurus: bath bombs and lazy buns
gemini: pillow fights and desolate playgrounds
cancer: bashful smiles and unused notebooks
leo: fireworks and picnics on sunny days
virgo: rainstorms early on sunday mornings
libra: winged eyeliner and messy sketches
scorpio: loud rock concerts and black clothing
sagittarius: long days spent adventuring in the woods
capricorn: dyed hair and sarcastic comments
aquarius: flickering neon signs in run-down corner stores
pisces: the feeling of silk and running mascara

signs favorite time of day

aries: 3pm when school gets the fuck out

taurus: dinner time mmmm 

gemini: when their favorite show comes on

cancer: 1am so we can look at the moon

leo: noon when the sun is the brightest

virgo: 6am to wake up early and organize my life

libra: they just want to sleep so it doesn’t matter

scorpio: sunset

sagittarius: when the party starts

capricorn: 7am because I need to feel productive or else I’m depressed

aquarius: lunch time 

pisces: 2am when people usually confess their secrets n shit

signs reacting to the royal baby being born

aries: screamed really loud, like really loud
taurus: made a cake to celebrate
gemini: “why wasn’t it twins? I WANTED IT TO BE TWINS”
cancer: cried with tears of happiness, then realised they didn’t have anything to look forward to now and started crying again
leo: told literally everybody they knew about how happy they were and will keep doing so for a week
virgo: already worked out the baby’s chart and tried to predict her future
libra: hourly updates on all forms of social media
scorpio: tries to work out what day Kate & Will fucked
sagittarius: hangs a Union Jack from their window
capricorn: tries to look indifferent but is internally freaking out
aquarius: wrote a poem celebrating the royal baby’s birth and then went and painted some abstract art
pisces: drank excessive amounts of tea and then went and cried with cancer

the signs as nice things
  • Aries:freshly bloomed flowers
  • Taurus:eyes shining in the sun
  • Gemini:rain
  • Cancer:dimples
  • Leo:rainbows
  • Virgo:the crinkle people get on the sides of their eyes when they're smiling really hard
  • Libra:laughter
  • Scorpio:a fully charged battery
  • Saggitarus:completed homework
  • Capricorn:freshly cut grass
  • Aquarius:butterflies
  • Pisces:puppies
If the Signs had Jobs:))

( just for fun! Don’t take it seriously)

Aries: President

Taurus: Interior Designer

Gemini: Marketing/ Almost anything ( makin’ me jello)

Cancer: Nursing/ archeology

Leo: Entertainment/ Engineering

Virgo: Journalism

Libra: The arts, Judge (duh, the are balance for a reason)

Scorpio: Detective

Sagittarius: Nursing, Business

Capricorn: Anything to do with science:)

Aquarius: science, inventing, Maths

Pisces: Medical field

the signs as punk rock bands
  • aries:all-american rejects
  • taurus:ramones
  • gemini:all time low
  • cancer:my chemical romance
  • leo:fall out boy
  • virgo:panic! at the disco
  • libra:paramore
  • scorpio:sex pistols
  • sagittarius:nirvana
  • capricorn:green day
  • aquarius:misfits
  • pisces:the clash
Best Sun/Mercury Combinations
  • Aries Sun:Pisces Mercury
  • Taurus Sun:Taurus Mercury
  • Gemini Sun:Gemini Mercury
  • Cancer Sun:Leo Mercury
  • Leo Sun:Virgo Mercury
  • Virgo Sun:Leo Mercury
  • Libra Sun:Libra Mercury
  • Scorpio Sun:Sagittarius Mercury
  • Sagittarius Sun:Scorpio Mercury
  • Capricorn Sun:Capricorn Mercury
  • Aquarius Sun:Pisces Mercury
  • Pisces Sun:Aries Mercury

anonymous asked:

Cancer sun, Aries moon I'm a walking contradiction

An amazingly perfect walking contradiction

the signs as spies

aries: the totally dedicated spy that will crawl through air vents to break into places and snapchat their friends at the same time
taurus: the dependable spy that shows up last minute to help finish a fight and also their fake accents are on point
gemini: the inconspicuous spy that tries to listen in on a secret discussion but their phones goes off and their ringtone is like a hannah montana song and it blows their cover
cancer: the clumsy spy that doesn’t see the red laser censors and just walks through them and gets caught but somehow escapes lol
leo: the badass spy that knows all these ninja moves but when it comes to actually fighting they resort to pulling their enemy’s hair but if the enemy touches their hair they’re dead
virgo: the analytical spy that spots details and clues that no one else notices and ends up saving the day almost every time
libra: the chill spy that flies their helicopter to starbucks before starting their secret mission bc priorities
scorpio: the seductive spy that stealthily collects the enemy’s secrets but can barely breathe bc their hot spy outfit is too tight oops
sagittarius: the irresponsible spy that somehow ends up with the task of saving the entire world even though they’re the type of person that would push a red button that says “do not push”
capricorn: the classy spy that wears sunglasses with a formal outfit and looks so professional that even james bond is lowkey jealous
aquarius: the spy that thinks they’re kim possible and says “what’s the sitch” too much
pisces: the weird spy that tells everyone to call them some wacky code name and accidentally gives out classified information

the signs when they're frustrated with someone
  • Aries:tells them what they did wrong and complains about it for like 8 days
  • Taurus:shuts down and looks pissed for the rest of the day
  • Gemini:yells at them and explains that they're trying to help
  • Cancer:walks away and complains to people about it
  • Leo:calls them dumb and leaves
  • Virgo:jumps right in and immediately starts yelling at them
  • Libra:gets silent and tries not to say anything mean
  • Scorpio:repeatedly asks them who they think they are
  • Sagittarius:calls them out on being stubborn and annoying
  • Capricorn:i feel bad for whoever got Capricorn over here frustrated 🙊 (& they don't get over it either)
  • Aquarius:gets all shocked because they can't even comprehend how stupid theyre being
  • Pisces:tries to explain what they're trying to do and ends up angrily crying