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what's ur full birth chart?

sun: Leo
moon: libra
rising: Scorpio
Mercury: Leo
Venus: cancer
Mars: cancer
Jupiter: Pisces
Saturn: Aquarius
Uranus: Aquarius
Neptune: Aquarius
Pluto: Sagittarius
midheaven: Aquarius

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Ok so this is my chart: sun in scorpio, rising in taurus, moon in aries, venus in capricon, mars in capricorn... Am I screwed? 😨

scorpios always think they’re screwed no matter what tbh

the signs as pretentious 2013 tumblr slang

Aries: too sassy for you

Taurus: fries before guys

Gemini: eat my shorts

Cancer: touch my butt and buy me pizza

Leo: 2fab4u

Virgo: can u not

Libra: 3000% done

Scorpio: i’m a lot cooler on the internet

Sagittarius: what’s the wifi password

Capricorn: frick frack

Aquarius: can u not

Pisces: how about no

Planet of the Day

☉ Sun ☉ 

The Sun is not technically a planet, as you may know, but a luminary. The energy of both the Sun and the Moon are the most influential energies to our daily life. So it should be no surprise at how much influence the Sun has over us and why the most common and popular form of astrology is Sun sign astrology. 

If your Rising sign is the toppings, and the Moon is the sauce of your pizza, the Sun would be the crust, the very thing that makes a pizza more than just a bunch of veggies, cheese, and sauce all thrown together, its what makes it a pizza in the first place. 

Today we will explore what the Sun means in our Sign of the Month: Taurus, and House of the Week: 1st House.

Sun in Taurus is Bold, Stubborn, Sensual, Possessive, and Opinionated. Someone born in the month of Taurus is the kind of person who talks loud no matter where they are, the one you have to keep reminding to use their inside voices. They don’t like to be rushed, and they can take their time about everything, and frankly unless their rising sign balances them out, they will hate the mornings. Like a boulder you are hard to get moving and motivated. But once you are going you are a strong force to be reckoned with. Being a fixed sign you are recognized as the most “Bull headed” stubborn signs of the Zodiac. It is also probably the reason why you are unstoppable once you start moving and working towards something. But be careful, because once you stop moving your butt will be fixed on your couch and you won’t want to move anymore. Something that is over looked with Taurus people is their real eye for beauty, this can be attributed with your connection to Venus. A Taurus is the type of person who can go out and at least one person will compliment your outfit or your make up or something aesthetically pleasing about you. You are a child of Venus, the goddess of love, sensuality, and pleasure.  You might be prone to indulgence for the sake of pleasure, but you are also a master of pleasure. Your partner will be pleased both by your fixed loyalty and your sensual pleasures. 

The Sun in the 1st House is a very interesting placement, this is the area in your life you will need to feel the most special, and self expression will probably be important to you. You want to make your mark on this world and have the most concern of how to present yourself, but beware of worrying too much about what others think. Also be careful of your Pride, it could be a downfall for people with their Sun in this House.

Pisces Compatibility 

Pisces is most compatible with fellow water signs Scorpio and Cancer. However, this is a generalization—and the most important indicator of true compatibility is the picture that emerges from a blending of the two birth charts. The Sun is but one component of many. That being said, Pisces needs to feel emotional rapport, to feel the soul, in its relationships—and who can do that better than the other water signs?

Air is often attracted to Pisces and vice versa. This is about some serious learning, and the universe seems to arrange these things—not to bring us unending harmony, but to test us. As mentioned under Aquarius, there is an “unusual” harmony in the attraction of this sign to Pisces—despite the fact it is air, and theoretically not a good match. When air and water get together, there are always going to be some obstacles on the river.

Earth has an affinity with Pisces, but too much water can turn earth to mud—so the balance needs to be maintained. Earth can be too dry, too materially oriented, for dreamy Pisces. On the other hand, Pisces can bring to earth a slice of something otherworldly, and that can be both healing and soothing to the earth signs.

The fire signs are theoretically not the greatest with watery Pisces— but there can be a lot of steam generated in a positive way. All depends on the consciousness levels of the parties. And again, on other elements in their combined charts.

~Linda George, Sun Signs & Soul Mates

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can you explain the "sun, moon, rising" thing because I'm so confused thankssss

okay so everyone has a sun, moon, and rising sign along with each sign the planets were placed at the time you were born.

like everyone only thinks you have one sign, for example: okay I was born april 15th im an aries. no.

however, that is true. if you were born April 15th you would be an aries, but you also have to know the location and the time you were born to know your full chart.

here are what the ‘sun, moon, rising and any other major planets mean in your chart’

sun: your core, your ego, its you you are as a person. (which is your major sign. like used in the example if you were born april 15th you would be an aries and aries would be your sun sign)

moon: this is where the moon was placed when you were born, this is your soul. your emotions, what hurts you, what you need to feel certain/stable in life, how you deal with things.

now we’re getting to the planets, and where they were placed

mercury: communication, how you analyze situations and talk about it. where you process things, intellectually speaking.

venus: what you do for fun, this is the planet of love and beauty. so this shows how you act in a romantic relationship.

mars: how you go after your goals, how you use anger, physical action. so this is how you’re athletic, and how you take charge. also your sexual expressions.

saturn: hard work
jupiter: where/how you find luck

neptune: humanitarian side of you, things you daydream about. it also is a blockage that keeps you from viewing how a person really is

uranus: how you seek to be an individual, things that you do differently. what makes you unique.

pluto: control
juno: this is basically your soulmate, who you will most likely marry

also theres a shit load of more things to learn, like the houses and constellations, just you need to do a shit load of astrological research. but im always open to questions :-) if you have anymore let me know, and this is how you will find your natal chart (birth chart) to find out which signs are in these planets/places

heres the link:

And while I’m on the subject of birth charts, when I was studying mine it made me realise why I am how I am - my birth chart is dominated by water signs. My sun sign is Cancer, my moon sign Pisces, my ascendant Pisces, Mercury in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Pisces. 
I also read this book my mum has, I forget the title but it’s an amazing book, it goes pretty deep into zodiac sign compatibility but also breaks each of the sun signs into different weeks - mine, as I was born in the second week of Cancer, is the Week of the Empath. 

It makes a lot of sense to me. I always feel like I am drowning in a sea of emotions - mine AND other people’s. It’s kinda awful and I see it as a downside. 
On the other hand, I have a real intuition about people, especially when they’re upset. It’s hard to explain but I just know, and feel it, somehow. What I need to learn is how to not let other people’s emotions control me.
Another thing is that I experience prophetic dreams, I guess, but 99% of the time they’re about mundane stuff! Still, it’s cool to be in a situation and then think, hey, I dreamed this exact thing a while ago!
And my gut intuition is very strong, about people, places, and things, and it’s NEVER wrong. I’m learning to not ignore it anymore.

Still, it’s funny. The moment I was born was when the stars and planets aligned to create such an emotional, sensitive little shit :’)