SummGub au where GHB gets too violent during one of their black trysts and accidentally snaps The Summoner’s neck and kills him and when the other subjugglators find them GHB is rocking with the dead body but sometimes snaps at him to wake up

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Adelio twitches, wings fluttering weakly a he shifts on the ground. He winces as pain shoots up his leg, slowly lifting his head. The sensation of having his leg caught in a trap is almost unreal, something fuzzy and far away. He shifts again, letting out a low whine and watching his brown blood spill. He lets his head fail with a thump, closing his eyes and starting to drift off.

He’s brought abruptly back when he hears someone sniffing at his face, hot breath making him wrinkle his nose. He lets out a weak growl, batting uselessly at the face in front of him.

There’s an offended snort and the animal pulls away, Adelio forcing a glassy brown eye open to see. A mass of hair, and a purple face streaked with white. The larger troll frowns down at him, horns curling up past what Adelio can see. “Get up, shitblood.” He growls, nosing his side. Oddly enough, the touch feels curious, not irritated. He groans, shifting again and listening to the trap clink. He drops his head, closing his eye once more

The other raises his head and frowns, walking over and sniffing his leg. There’s a loud creak, and suddenly the pressure is slowly lifted from his leg. His eyes fly open, struggling to sit up to see what’s going on.

The highblooded troll grunts in effort, slowly prying apart the trap that is covered in brown blood. Adelio’s eyes widen, but he grits his teeth, pulling together his wits and jerking free. He quickly tries to stand to run from the high blood but collapses, letting out a low moan of pain. He hears a loud clang of the trap snapping shut again, then his vision goes dark.


When Adelio wakes, he does so with a start, sitting up and looking around wildly.

He’s deep in a cave, body laid in front of a large fire with the skin of another animal draped over him. The behemoth troll is snoring near him, curled protectively against his back. Adelio frowns, looking down at his legs, frowning a little more when he sees his patched up leg. The highblood had saved him, for some reason.

Adelio sighs, leaning on the large body behind him. He’d worry about the highblood’s intention’s after another nap.

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It's funny, the way everyone else looks at the two of you. The Leader with the Mad Murderer, how does that even work? The brave ones ask you, Mindfang in particular wants to know if his dick is better than hers. You see the Sufferer look at the two of you and his lips quirk even as he lifts an eyebrow. You've never cared about the opinions of highbloods and the rest don't ask what you see in the coldest of landdwellers. If they were, you'd tell them the truth. You're just as mad as he is.