If you’re into comic books, video games, and LARPing - with a side of teen romance - then this may be the book for you. Popular cheerleader Maddie tries to keep her inner-geek on the DL, until she meets and falls for comic book store nerd and hottie, Logan. Logan convinces Maddie to expand her horizons from only reading comics to trying out role-playing games, attending comic conventions and helping him DJ a college music radio show. But will Maddie ever let go of her cool girl persona around her friends to let her nerd flag fly? Not as good as Julie Halprin’s Into the Wild Nerd Yonder, but a clean, funny read. #summerreading #summerthrowdown

In October 1998 - the year most of my high school sophomores were born - Matthew Shepard left a bar with two men who proceeded to pistol-whip him over 50 times, beat him, and leave him tied to a fence in 30° Wyoming temps. Why? Because Matthew was gay. It was 18 hours before he was discovered by a passerby, and he died 5 days later. October Mourning tells his story in free verse from the imaginings of such things as the fence that held him, rope that tied him, the bartender who saw him last, the mother who lost a son, and the stars that looked down that cold night on humanity at its worst. A quick but powerful read. #summerreading #summerthrowdown

When I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie, I knew I wanted to read TSN before seeing it. If you combined romantic, overanalytical Lloyd Dobler with charming but self-destructive John Bender, you’d have Sutter Keely. So what happens when party boy/adventure seeker Sutter falls for quiet good girl Aimee? Like a John Hughes movie, it ain’t all pretty - and I could nitpick some plot points and character flaws - but also like a John Hughes movie, I appreciate teenagers written with some humor and depth. Also like a John Hughes movie, several of the secondary characters really shine. Not the best book evs I’ve read, but I’m still looking forward to the film. #summerreading #summerthrowdown